Working with Duke Sallos and Duke dantalion?

My ex broke up with me out of the blue, he says his feelings for me has died down but he isnt sure about it yet
i’ve decided to request from duke dantalion to change his mind about the break up
and duke Sallos in order to bring back his love for me
i’ve also requested for this to happen in a 2 months time frame, and offered small offerings for when my wishes have come true (i dont have a lot of money to buy big offerings so i offered things like flowers,apples and cigarettes as well as sharing gratitude online)
my question is, is there a problem working with both of them at the same time? (i do a ritual for each one seperately)
also is there more tips for the evocation since im not the most spiritual person cant tell if it worked or not or if they didnt hear me ,but i asked for small signs to make sure my requests has been accepted and heard and i did get the signs i asked for within a few hours of the evocation ,so thats a good tell right?
Are there more things that i can do to show Duke Dantalion and Duke Sallos that im very committed and serious etc? ive seen people do daily offerings of cinnamon for 7 days to duke dantalion, would that help?
also what can i offer duke sallos apart from alcohol (since its hard to get in my country)
sorry for the long post


i also like to add that there wasnt any problems between us whatsoever ,so there’s nothing i can do when it comes to working on myself or solving a problem between us since i have no idea what the reason is
also we were in a long term committed relationship for about a year prior


Yeah I have the same problem;)
We were happy together for 3 months and then one day she just flipt out of the blue…
Few days ago I’ve sent my request to Duke Sallos and just like you I don’t know if He accepted

Best of wishes to you;)


Only way to find out is to try! You can also ask Duke Dantalion for surveillance and insight on your progress.

Emotions and clarity w your request, like holding strong the visual image and feeling the emotions as if, can give your ritual strength.

Good luck!



Probably stupid question but I ask stupid question so I don’t make stupid mistake;)
And maybe one day share that info…

How can I know for sure if my request was accepted?
(Since I can’t hear them)

Is it ok to ask somebody that can hear to ask the questions I have?

Do Duke Sallos and Duke Dantalion work well together?


When i couldnt hear yet, I would proceed and complete my ritual and get on after, believing the spirit came, heard me and agreed to work on my request.

Another way is to divine with tarot cards or a pendulum.

With practice, in time, you will be able to hear, if not sense the spirit and know how the spirit responded to you. Be attuned to the energies, sensations, sights and sounds during evocation.

Sometimes, the spirit sends a sign that he agreed, or is at it already. Signs may be in the form of animals, an image on tv or he net, words or a song, etc.

I see no reason why Duke Dantalion and Duke Sallos wont work together.

Hope that helps @DanijelM

Good luck to you and @Carmen.roses

@anon25000386 you may have better advice on the spirits and methods.


Yes @anon85112775 they work fantastically in tandem. I think I would tell you that the best thing you can do now is stop yourself from doubting if you’re request was heard or not. Be confident and positive that it was heard and will be acted on. When you catch yourself in a moment of doubt immediately replace the thought with an empowering positive thought. This is good to keep in mind.


@Dragon_Empress20 @anon25000386
Thank you;)

For now I’ve been working only with Duke Sallos,
Working with bouth of them are on a same thing requires 2 separate rituals?

All the advices are more than welcome
Again thank you


Yes you would need to evoke them both. This is called a layered Goetic working. Each spirit approaches a different angle of the goal.

I wish you good fortune.


Thabks a lot for the info
I dont have physical tarot cards… is there an online website that could substitute that or would that not work?

Ill read more about the pendulum and try to use one in the meantime

Also is there big nonos when it comes to evoking… like mistakes that might make duke sallos dislike me or not accept my request? I tend to just verbally ask him to help me solve my problem whenever i feel overwhelmed or sad throughout the day… would that disturb or annoy him? Sorry for the long questions i just want to make sure i dont do any mistakes

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I’d do divination first, before doing this working and to figure out what you can change and what happened, also check out Robert Green’s the art of seduction. Good luck


thank you! will try the divination tonight


Treat the spirits with respect, be clear w how you word your petition and make sure to give them your promised reward in a timely manner.

Prepare for your evocation like you would prepare for a special visitor.

Make sure to cleanse and banish before and after.

Theres a lot of evocation for beginners threads here that you can find using the search bar - i did a lot of reading from here and bought some kindle version grimoires to learn.

Research, learn, ask questions, prepare and try! Keep it simple and keep practicing!


Okay sorry to bother u but i just tried a pendelum divination and it just wouldn’t give me any answers regarding my request

If i ask yes/no questions which i know the answer of(like is my name___/am i___ years old?) over and over again (to make sure) it always gives me the correct answer
But if i ask a question regarding my request it keeps giving me very mixed answers (as in if i got a yes then rephrased or repeated the question i get a no) im very confused what should i do?


First of all, thank you for contacting us. We wish you to proceed upon your path.

I do not mean any harm, but I want to ask you this: why did he leave and does this mean the end to you?

Remember, who taketh will giveth and so forth.

As above so belove.
Take care.

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I assume you know how to use the pendulum correctly and that it has been consecrated and cleansed.
In my case it is not the pendulum or my higher self that gives the answers, but the entity or Daemon that uses it to express itself.
Ask the Daemon to answer by the pendulum, and don’t forget to set the option “maybe”

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Try this

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Thank you… ill try

I actually didnt set the naybe option … could ve why
But i did qctually feel like the pendulum was moving with more force than what would be natural so i was sure that someone was with me

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