Working with Djinn and an increase in nightmares

I’ve recently read Practical Jinn Magik by Corwin Hargrove (and I love how he writes, but I digress) and have performed a couple of the rituals as per the book.

Since doing so, Ive been having nightmares every night. It’s not unusual for me to have the odd one here and there but 3 nights in a row is out of the norm.
They’re not scary in a horror movie style theme, they are instead emotionally focused - loss of a loved one, trying to save someone from dying and being unable etc

Are the two linked?

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Is there any other reason for the nightmares, other than spiritual reason?

Not to say it isn’t caused by something spiritual, but it’s always best to evaluate other possibilities first :slightly_smiling_face:

Tip: I had nightmares not long ago and I never have nightmares as bad as these, I always said a little thing before sleep: “Let me find peace as I sleep, let me have no nightmares.” Did the trick, might work for you.


It’s the only thing I’ve done differently as of late.
Life is actually going better than it has in a long time, and I typically only have them when stressed.

Saturday nights dream about a plane crash came partly true the following day, so I’d like to hope the rest dont :joy:

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I see. There’s not much advice I can give I’m afraid as I haven’t dealt with these kinds of rituals. Maybe someone else who has experienced this also can help.

Maybe keeping a dream journal can help determine if any worries from daily life are affecting your subconscious. Or meditating before bed to clear the mind and help it relax. Whatever works for you :slightly_smiling_face:


:thinking: maybe it’s a warning to have some protection!


If you work with negative forces you will get negative results , if you tried working with positive spirits what would be observed is positive fruit , perhaps you should stop working with them briefly and see if this clears up

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I do have some experience dreaming of JInn but it really depends on what you did and what you invoked them for, could you share more details? If not comfortable in public then perhaps on DM? I have dealt with Jinns a lot through my life

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Maybe @Harith and @Velenos would shed some light.

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Asmodeus does this to work through your shadow , they are horrible nightmares like a film , you remember them in great detail unlike regular dreams


The book that I’m using invokes the Archangels as a form of protection during the ritual, before contacting the Jinn.

I wouldn’t say I’m dreaming of the Jinn themselves, its more just emotionally draining type dreams.
Unable to stop someone from dying, bullying etc. Nothing of which I am experiencing at the moment or recently. They aren’t gory, demonic or anything like that, purely emotion based.

I’ve been using the various rituals in the book based on the appropriate days of the week, which includes calling to the archangels before speaking with the Jinn for protection.

@John_Wick my every day dreams are exceedingly vivid (like a movie) usually anyway, these have just taken a darker than normal twist.

Use your intuition to what the message lying there is

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One thing I can tell you, but that is related to my believes as well, now is the period of Ramadan and since most of the Jinns are somehow related to the Islamic culture, it is believed that during Ramadan their powers/presence is diminished highly. Now I don’t know how much of this is true, but it could be playing some role in it, I also know that working with Jinns is draining and induces nightmares especially if the work has been done to hurt/curse or manipulate.

The also tend to send messages to warn against possible events in the future, it is some sort of divination.

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Classifying jinn as negative forces is very foolish and new age type of thinking, do you have any experience with Jinn at all?
They like demons will try to have you work through your shadow side at some point.
Jinn before the bible came along and vilified them, were a type of nature spirit.

This may also be a test to see if @eosxo will stick with what she’s doing, the dreams may involve working through her shadow side, or old fears etc. I would try some divination and examining the dreams, seeing if there fears or something similar.


@Pandagoose & @anon33099313
These have both resonated with me. I had read about Ramadan having an effect on things, so that would make sense.
Some of the work has been baneful, and come to think of it, the target has been in my dreams as well, so that makes alot of sense.

I do feel like this is a test, will sit down with the cards tonight and see what they’re telling me :slight_smile:

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Okay so basically Jinn is the Islamic name for demons. Demons use to be called daemons. (Pronounced: DAY-mons)
This particular term was used as a full-spectrum word for all forms of non-human entities not of this world. As the definition implies this included good and evil spirits.

The fact that you asked archangels to protect you will make daemons think you believe they’re innately evil and they could have taken it as an insult.

My suggestion for the moment would be to cleanse yourself and your house and then promptly apologize for your ignorance. After which do proper research before trying to do a spell involving them again.

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I would go with what @Hyze said, do a cleansing, one that works fine is salty water. Ramadan does indeed slow things down, nevertheless they still work.

I am simply following the ritual listed in the book from the original posts - I dont typically work with Archangels, but Corwins method uses them as part of calling to the Jinn Kings.

Which rituals did you do? Some of them are to reveal things to you, and that very well could be the source of your nightmares.

If not you could always use the ritual to scatter the djinn. I imagine much like angels and demons, the djinn are not for everyone. In fact they scared me a year ago- had a real creepy vibe. I never had nightmares from them tho, and today they do not scare me.

One thing to remember is, just because the results don’t make sense, doesn’t mean they aren’t results. Seemingly unrelated dreams, could have deeper meanings.


I wouldn’t use archangels as a way to protect yourself when speaking to a djinn, all that will do is further agitate them and make them non-compliant as to what you are wanting from them. Angels and djinn have a very grim history.