Working with demons consequences in afterlife?

People that regularly work with Lucifer and various princes of hell, have you ever wondered or asked what happens after you die and where exactly will your soul go. I was wondering could working with darker energies have the potential to leave an imprint or a mark on your soul perhaps? Or leave you in some kind of service to them in the afterlife? Since their are legions under control of Kings that would mean theirs lots of lesser spirits could they be ones in debt to them?


Sounds like a great job


not unless you make a blood pact, but ive wondered this myself tbh


Why would that be a great job lol. Thats like being a slave and isn’t the whole point of so called luciferianism or left hand path to become free?

I’m not LHP nor Luciferianist, nor I have seen that those paths make people free. If I was to be part of a legion, I would be put in a place where I could serve better and my existence would have more meaning, and so the others, otherwise the system would fail. In fact, if I was able to choose what to do in my afterlife, I would prefer to have a place where I could do my true will forever than the idleness of the so called eternal freedom

“I would prefer to have a place where I could do my true will forever than the idleness of the so called eternal freedom” Isn’t a part of eternal freedom being able to exercise your free will and being able to do things how you see fit where as serving someone your will is limited ? And what makes you think that eternal freedom would be idle ?

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True will is a Thelemic concept, “do what thou wilt” is not the same as “do what you want”.
Demons are idle sometimes, they will do things to amuse themselves, such as pranking humans, and they have things to do, imagine if they hadn’t things to do. I can’t imagine an existence of doing whatever forever, I would probably reincarnate out of desperation


I don’t think anyone can really confirm that for you , too much speculation and hearsay

In a way yes it’ll leave an impression on you but nothing serious, not unless you take in some of that energy.

Some people will follow Lucifer and Join the infernal empire in this life and go there in the afterlife, however, that’s a self made choice not a consequence to this.

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I think the only real danger is in picking up some of the Stuff (that many people may not be Experientially and Observationally aware of both in LHP and RHP hence the danger for Most), which is like a poison or a negative attracting and anchoring esoteric substance, which also covers the veil/s and prevents proper use and knowledge of powers or other reality, (that many cultures have seemed to agree upon existing across the world).

As well as due to the inclinations from beings with too much of it (people or entities), or use of it to cause such (obstacles/dangers/circumstances to distract), to try to keep one away from the methods or ways that work to clear it properly, which can Guarantee proper, Evident, and most powerful ascent (entrance into the better parts of the spirit world/after life).

Yet even now I do not know what lies ahead,
How is My time to seek the glory of My Goddesses and My Gods
That I will one day walk with Satan
In His world, with His Bride
And that I will become greater than the mortal I am leaving behind
The mortal which must die
That a God will be born!

Hail Myself that I seek to be!
Hail Satan!



I second that

Well its believe that we go to whichever spirit we are most connected to. This changes with time and off course changing your Patron effects it.