Working With Belly-Aisle

For those of you that don’t know me (SHAME ON YOU!!) I’m Sev, the forum’s souljack (like lumberjack but more insane) and resident god-of-darkness-in-training. I work a lot with Nidhogg, the Dragon Chewing Yggdrasil (Pssssssttttttt, there’s a thread by the same name I made.) who has been giving me guidance for my Ascent which has become really supercharged these path seven (As of March 2014) months.

Anyway, I’ve felt a calling to Mr. Head Honcho Belly-Aisle for a while, and by a while I mean practically two months. Didn’t think anything of it: my thoughts would wander to Belial, and I even named things after him.

Then Moira appeared. Moira, some sort of angelic-light goddess-trickster thing, pestered me for over a week. Stealing physical objects, annoying me, etc. All the while being mute, so props to Moira.

Yesterday when I started to work with Belial Moira just disappeared. Flat out GONE.


Didn’t think anything of it. Since I’m a jolly old lazy oaf, I’ll direct you to the Naos thread in Soul Travel, where I went through my first… uh, “zone” (?) with Belial.

In the shower I went through another zone with Belial. I descended through the rings of reality and appeared in a walled off temple, with him as a whirlwind, waiting. He immediately became the black knight again and greeted me. I returned the greeting and headed through a door behind him.

I had to be wary of things about knee height, barbed swords that could sheer my astral leg off. When I questioned him about this, Belial responded: “To stop the little ones.”

We entered a chamber with a high domed ceiling and staircase at the far end. We ascended the staircase and turned left twice, leading out into the room again on a platform.

Then Belial did a mini-possession and me physically and astrally recite an incantation I can’t remember. Below me, four humanoid shadows with yellow eyes took shape and bent their knees. When I questioned Belial on this, his response: “These are your four Knights. They will be at your command. I know of your memory issues, so you will be given their names when you can next write them.” I won’t disclose these names for personal reasons.

After that, Belial ripped open a gate to Naos and we walked in. I was asking him about what to do next when he led me to a green sphere. Through it I could see a tree- “Not Yggdrasil, far smaller.”

I was instructed to enter the sphere, and did so. I dropped about ten feet, landing on a patch of grass, and found myself in the middle of a huge forest with a yellow sky, big trees, white clouds, and lots of demons.

I willed myself to the biggest tree, and Belial followed. I saw on the tree what looked like cave paintings, but of men pointing to stars that didn’t exist physically- like Naos. Being dumb, I asked Belial about this.

“Humans exist on all planes, not just the physical. That is how you are here. The fantasies of men have brought about this place.”

Whatever that means.

We continued through a series of small clearings until we came to one wide one, and I was told to stand in the center. I did so, and a giant tube came down around me, and it was filled with blackness. Belial rubbed some of it away so he could see me.

“Take the shadow into you.”

So I inhaled all of the darkness and then shattered the tube, which was like astral glass. Proud, Belial then led me to the next clearing, which had red grass for some reason. I looked up, and in the center was Moira, but blonde.

She smiled at me, and then Belial told her: “Your work is done, you may depart.” She then compressed into a ball and flew off. I asked Belial about this, and he told me he had summoned Moira to pester me into working with him.

Daaaww, don’t I feel special.

So then he instructed me to fly, which came sort of naturally. I moved over the cliff and down towards the beach of a rather large lake. Flashes of a woman- my friend that I’ve mentioned a hundred times already, but older and certainly more attractive- entered my mind while on this beach.

Then Belial and I had a discussion about what to do about this infatuation. He deemed it necessary to let the attraction cook for a little while before deciding. Like it was a stew.

Anyway, then Belial told me to go into the center of the lake without getting wet. Confused, I asked him how to do this, but he had turned into smoke and fled.

I made a few constructs to sap the water, and opened my eyes. I figured I had time.

My eyes stung unnaturally, though. I felt like I had been stabbed, and the pain was only alleviated by closing them and traveling.

The thirty second mark which had hardly drained anything was when Belial told me he wanted it done in well under a minute.

Frantic, I made massive constructs to absorb the water and did it just in time. I told the constructs to go dump it someplace, and they did. Belial reappeared and gestured towards the lakebed.

I went into the center of the now dry lake, and found a black cube. Turning to him, I asked the Grand Demon just what the hell it was. He told me to open it, and all of the “panels” of the cube turned outward at a 90 degree angle. Inside was a glowing egg encased in gold. Before he told me to crush it, I did.

Nothing happened, so I diverted my full attention to Belial and asked him about this. Amused, he told me to look again.

It became a sword. Massive, black, and with Belial’s name in the hilt. I loved it immediately.

“Use this to call upon me in your times of need, and to strike with all my power when you deem necessary.”

Then I was back in my body.



I fraggin’ love it, man! Keep it up!

Excellent!! Thanks for sharing, I love reading this kind of stuff.

Things are just getting more and more interesting with Belial. Will post later.

Be sure to post what exactly the sword does when you find out.

Ohh, I’ll tell you all right. Be sure of that.

Hello again, mateys!

So Belial and I have been working together over the course of the day. Him giving me little tips on what to do, and I generally feeling empowered by this. At about 7:10 US Eastern our work began in force.

He told me that I was to select a target for a natural disaster. Anything I wanted. Because I could.

Well, I won’t tell you exactly what’s happening but it has do with a lot of fire. So I selected the target, did a little thoughbombing and made a thoughtform to get the disaster going. Belial’s also instructed me on another interesting way to go about it- if people believe the disaster’s coming, then it will because of though. So if I can broadcast to them that it will happen, their machines will see it as well.

Why use myself as a power source when I can use the sheep?

Anyway, so after that I decided to send my four Knights on a mission. They’ve yet to return, but Belial guided me in the sending, which was interesting.

I raised a metric ton of energy and reached out in front of me, pulling open a gate to greyness as I repeated an incantation. In front of me was a living fire, the color of cement, with the demented head of something that looked like Medusa in it’s center. I raised the Belial Sword and spat an incantation in a voice that wasn’t quite my own when I penetrated the portal and stabbed the thing in the face.

I didn’t see anything, but heard an astral scream and a wave of power came through the sword and into me. I drew a six pointed star over the portal with my weapon and it closed.

So, the Belial Sword is a magic weapon, to say the least. Haven’t tried using it in combat yet, but it appears to be extremely effective.

ANYWAY! That was when I named my four Knights and gave them their objective, pointed my sword forward, and felt them rush out of the room, leaving it very empty, as I repeated the objective again and again. When I felt bored, I lowered the sword and it turned into smoke and went inside my body.

Loving the new weapon, Belial. I know I told you that but figured you’d want it in writing.

So after doing some reinforcement on my defenses, I was called to by Belial and proceeded to soul travel. I found Belial as a dark whirlwind, and I can’t say much of the beginning because I don’t remember it. All I remember was Belial and I “going home”, as he called it.

I was in a massive astral temple. The floor and ceiling were painted with a crimson sun, and in the four cardinal directions were staircases that were comprised entirely of tombstone-like effigies. The lights were only at the top of the staircase, the bottom floor was shrouded by darkness. Belial became the black knight again and led me up one of the staircases, where I was immediately met by an average height, long wooden door with a bar in front of it.

Belial removed the bar and ushered me inside. Inside was blackness, so I conjured a light and blasted the dark away. Immediately the entire place came alight, which was only a small room and hallway to the left.

What caught my attention was the shrine on the opposite wall, which was only a few feet away. It was gargantuan, with crates of candles of varying colors stacked around a marble slab with the names of all of my friends engraved in gold cursive.

I asked Belial about this. His reponse: “A shrine, for all emotions associated with your companions.”


We progressed down the hall on the left, where upon turning right I was immediately met by an open path, but above me like a catwalk was a blue path, and on either side it stretched into nothingness.

Belial: “It is a gateway for the transportation of legions.”

So we went down and up more paths, moving over the tunnels of darkness, until at one point we faced complete shadow. Belial opened a portal to Naos, and we stepped through.

Immediately I noticed the red blob in the distance, glowing with heat. Belial tossed it towards me, and I noticed he was a whirlwind again. When I protested entering, he insisted and I went into it.

Mount Vesuvius, erupting six years from now. All of my friends, myself included, stood gawking at it, taking pictures and running. I noticed time had been stopped. Belial led me to the volcano and in the center of the eruption.

Inside was an orange dragon. It was being birthed from the destruction, solely on the astral however. I blinked multiple times, and Belial simply led me towards a platform in the volcano. I observed the dragon and saw how massive it was, and that the orange coloration was merely the light- it was really a dark red.

Stairs appeared into the lava. Belial, now the knight again, walked down them underneath the lava. I, curious, followed him and moved through the lava, which increased my physical body temperature momentarily but subsided immediately.

The dragon had been created from a red, pulsating, corrupted, sick thoughtform. Oddly enough I could see through the lava as if it was not there. The dragon’s tail was still forming from the thoughtform, and I knew it was running out of power now that the egg had hatched.

“Men will not be able to slay the dragon you’ve fathered,” Belial told me, looking at me from a few steps below me. I turned to him, but the helmet relayed nothing, as he was turned to the dragon again. “But one day, you must.”

Than he led me outwards, back to Naos. I asked him the purpose of this lesson, to which he responded:

“That was merely a show of your power. You are much more powerful than you think you are, my brother. This is merely a display, imagine the capabilities if you had been enraged? Do not doubt yourself. The likes of men are nothing compared to the pantheon awakening in this world.”

“You are not like the rest. There is a frozen flame within you, unmatched by majority of your lessers. Those that surpass you shan’t for long. Every day you evolve, almost past my capability to track it.”

“This world exists as your playground, nothing more. Do not take it seriously, brother.”

“I hope to awaken you with these images, and guide you with my thoughts. My sword is your sword, my knights are your knights. I am placing quite a bet on you.”

“Failure in my care is impossible.”

Then I opened my eyes, and my body was steaming with energy, and Belial’s words.


Fascinating stuff!!

And that’s Day 2 out of 30!

This will be quite the adventure!


I really am pondering the “pantheon awakening in this world” part.

Who the hell has actually BECOME a god already, and still holds flesh? How many people could be in the pantheon? Would it be led? Would it emerge as a new religion?

So many questions.

Oh, and I just realized I might be the Wendigo.

It matches up. Except for the naked part. I am fully clothed most times.

Means it was asleep. Trace back to the beginning of the end of polytheism as a significant global force, you’ll find Akhnaten, then Zoroaster, Jesus, and Mohammed, each one building in force, dogmatism, and the violence they generate against their enemies - maybe a few others but those are the heavy hitters, who denied the existance of humanity’s divine nature AND the existance of other gods. That’s been my UPG for the past decade or so, and the implications are interesting.

I seek to destroy as many gods as I can, as you know.

And they censored humanity, those monotheistic religions.

I LOATHE censorship.

Belial just revealed in an interesting nugget of information about the “awakening pantheon”-

He told me that specifically on this forum, “one will who act as the head of the awoken” lies. I interpreted that as the leader of the awakening pantheon is a member of the community- he also told me that such a position was not taken by I.

Thought I’d share that with all of you.

Interesting stuff tonight.

For one, when I was descending the rings of reality, he quite literally snatched me off one and onto a platform. We greeted each other and then he opened a portal Naos, which we stepped through.

This time, a yellow bubble in the distance. I move towards it, and it’s forming and flying through a bunch of different stills.

“Wait.” Belial demands, and when the picture stops it stops at a rocky ledge running side by side with a yellow lava river underground. “The Falls.” Belial said. “That is where we are headed.”

So I jumped into the bubble and fell about thirty feet, landing smack in the middle of a rocky ledge path. On my left was a sheer rock wall, to my right the lava river and a ways up a continuation of the falls. Belial appeared next to me.

“We need to work on your sorcery,” Belial told me as we progressed on the path. “And thus I will be putting you through a small series of tests, before the more pressing work begins.”

As we progressed, well above the ground, I noticed a red lizard hissing at me from the ground. Belial told me to slay it, without using the Belial Sword. So I reached out with my left hand and a Chaos Mine formed underneath the salamander (that’s what Belial called it) and it actually melted into the mine.

Belial jumped the ten feet to the ground, where the salamander had been. I followed suit, and underneath the path we had been walking on was a smaller path, only wide enough for one at a time and hardly high enough for Belial to walk in. I followed him through the tunnel, noticing the torches with yellow fire on the walls, until we came out to the other side.

The other side was another ground level, but across and up was the same path we had been following before. A humanoid of yellow crystal locked on to me immediately. Belial taught me to kill it with just my astral skills.

Then I was next to it. I believe I teleported, I’m not sure how, though I believe it is Belial’s doing. Then the fight commenced, and eventually I pushed it off into the yellow lava beneath.

I squinted at Belial, who shrugged, then I noticed the two long claw-arms that had hung on to the walkway. I raised my weapon overhead, and as the thing, which was no longer a humanoid, came back up dripping with lava, I cut the arms off and it felt in again and this time, it burnt to death.

Then Belial teleported me back to him, and we progressed on the bottom floor for a small while before halting. Across, over the yellow lava, was another tunnel.

Belial then taught me how to tap into the specific energy of an area to manipulate it. Hint: it has to do with the color of the energy.

Anyway, so when I connected with the energy of the Falls, I was able to make a bridge out of it to the opposite side. Except for where I stopped planning, and fell into the lava. I climbed out of it a few seconds later, steaming astrally, and Belial chuckled.

“Keep a clear intent.”

Needless to say, after that I managed to build the bridge entirely and got across to the other side. Belial had beaten me there, however, and then he said: “We’ve had our fun, now time for some work.”

I was back in the temple that he introduced me to in the last post, with the crimson sun as a floor and ceiling. Standing in pentagram formation with a hollow center were five entities comprised of fire.

I asked Belial about this. He told me to “Perform a ritual, any ritual, and let it become empowered by them.”

So I started a baneful working, standing in the center, and opened a rift in the area above. I took the Belial Sword and bathed it in the darkness, before staves that looked eerily much like Nidstangs of some kind appeared in their hands, and they banged the staves on the floor in sync. I could see a blue pillar of fog rising from each.

When I took the Belial Sword out of the shadow, I spun, standing in the center of the pentagram, and unleashed the shadow unto the entities. The staves merely incorporated it into the working, and as they chanted and banged the Nidstangs into the ground the fog slowly became black, and rose through the ceiling.

Belial has applauded me on the job, and despite how little time we spent today, he is letting me off for the rest of the night, and I am “free to perform ritual and adventure as I see fit.”

Tonight was fun!

Soul traveling to Belial led me to be in the center of the crimson sun formation on the floor. and we went up a different staircase this time, and Belial opened the door as a whirlwind. At the start it sort of looked like the first, and then that faded away to a long red hallway with candles on the floor.

And of course, the other end was shrouded in darkness.

As we approached it, the candles lit, revealing a huge pentagram on the opposite wall with many smaller ones covering the ceiling. Impressed, I asked Belial the purpose of such a room, and then the elevator activated. I was being transported downwards into yet another red hallway, but this time with a variety of bottled potions and elixirs on the left, and crystals of varying kinds on the right.

Belial called this the “Experimentation Hall”, and guided me to a particular area in which I grabbed a blue crystal and a red, cloudy potion. He told me to pour the potion on the crystal, which I did (noticing that none of the potions had caps) and it immediately turned the crystal pink.

I turned to Belial.

“This is cool, but why am I-” Then was answered by the sudden weight in my hand.

This was a big ass crystal shield that covered most of my body, shaped like the common kite shield with a more wide bottom. It proceeded to turn coal black.

I whistled as it made a strap over my forearm, meaning I didn’t have to use up my hand to actually hold it astrally.

Belial- “Use this to guard attacks, so that you may wield the sword in one hand. If you find yourself needing a quick spell, you have the open hand to directly manipulate the energy.”

Thanking Belial, we moved on to YET ANOTHER ELEVATOR. Seriously, how big is this place and why have I gone through TWO ELEVATORS??

Anyway, so then I was led into a really dark room where the opposite wall wasn’t too far away but the side walls stretched into infinity. Belial made about a fifty foot circle of light in the center, and I realized that all the shadows down there were DEMONS- all rearing to watch the coming fight.

So then Belial told me to prepare, and he summoned a few spirits, including one shaped like a gray person but with huge crab shoulderpads that stuck up like mountains, red eyes, and an upside down bill. I killed it relatively quickly, but the next thing Belial spawned was annoying.

It was a stack of three eight foot tall things shaped like fat humanoids with stone skin. They would all attack at once, and the ensuing battle took a few minutes so I won’t bother describing it, but eventually I bested all three, then designed a quick identification spell that’s still working.

Then Belial, applauding me again, opened up a portal to Naos, where again he directed me to a colored dot in the distance. This time? Brown. Like mud.

Upon seeing it fully, it was a fork in the road around a big mountain. Simple enough, I thought.

Until, when I entered the portal, I realized how goddamn high it was and that was roughly fifty feet off the ground. I smashed my face on the astral road but for some reason didn’t feel anything, so I stood up. On the right hand path were many mudmen things, but Belial guided me away from those, saying “We’ll deal with them later.”

So we went down the left hand path (Shockingly enough) until we came to a gargantuan depression where the road ceased to exist. Two layers, and the first was akin to a cliff, with more mudmen working and cages. Belial explained to me that the mudmen harvested the rocks, put them in cages, which then went down this weird railroad doohickey. Deciding that it was time I learned how, I sort of just jumped the hundred, maybe two hundred foot drop to the bottom of the depression.


Anyway, Belial guided me through one of these railroads, which didn’t exist long in the darkness before coming to a few metric tons of lava. On the opposite side the cages went as well, but what intrigued me was what came from the lava.

A huge, worm shaped, red and orange, hairy, gaping fiend.

I thought to slay it, but Belial told me it was a product of my actions to destroy an enemy. When I questioned him on it, what do you think his answer was?

I’ll give you a hint, he told me I created this to destroy the enemy called love.

Which I found ironic, considering the rather phallic shape. But then Belial bestowed upon me a vision.

I was talking with the same female that keeps coming up when I work with Belial (seriously, can anyone tell me why this is? He won’t let it go!) We were discussing something. In the kitchen of the house that my first working with Belly-Aisle took place in.

I told her she had to hide, and that I would deal with “the monster” and come back for her. Eventually she accepted, and Belial appeared at my side, fast forwarding time.

I came out of what looked like a basement, and I could see on my face that I had just done a ritual. As that-me closed the door, I saw her in a shimmering blue cage/trance. Impressed at my abilities, I turned to Belial, who forced my vision back to that-me.

Spirits were gathering around me. A female spirit with red hair and violet and yellow armor. A gargantuan biped with two snake like arms sticking out of it’s shoulderblades, with no eyes and a fanged mouth. My Knights.

Things flashed. I viewed a battlefield briefly, and I atop a literal field of bodies, pulling the Belial Sword from a shape that can only be defined as undefined, but I knew it was a monster.

Then the vision distorted and changed.

It was her again, with someone I didn’t know (his face was covered in darkness) at the door to a fancy house. The doctor from my first working answers the door. During the below conversation, she and the doc move into the open kitchen, sitting at it, while the unnamed male looks out from a huge window at the sea and setting sun.

The conversation:

Her: “I don’t know where he is, I lost him.”

Doc: “How can you lose a person like that? I think he’d leave quite the trail.”

Her: “He hid me from something, told me he’d back, and then never was. Jason found me a few hours later. I know he’s alive, but I don’t know where.”

Doc: “How do you know?”

Her: “One of his Knights, (Knight’s name) or something, told me. He couldn’t tell me exactly where he was, though.”

Doc: “Then why didn’t you interrogate further?”

Her: “Something massive pulled the Knight back before I got a chance.”

Doc: “What of his project? Will it go uncompleted then?”

“Jason”: “No, I’m sure he’s still working on it. He never could pull himself away from it.”

Her: “Don’t be so judgmental, he means well. Especially if he fled. It could be that it’s getting out of hand.”

“Jason”: “I wouldn’t have guessed, that growing a god is getting out of hand for him.”

Doc: “Growing a god? Does he not already have (silenced)?”

Her: “He wanted to see if he could. He’s killed them, so why not make them. That’s what he told me, at least.”

“Jason”: I don’t like him. Occultists. Make my skin crawl."

Her (whirling on him): “Just because he put that tentacle inside of your chest that ONE TIME-”

Doc: “That’s something for you two to discuss privately.”

Her: “What can I do to find him? I’m going to need him. I don’t know how to operate the defenses or machines, or how to keep the systems running. He only taught me the traditional stuff, not all of this technology.”

Doc: “He’ll find you. If someone as chaotic as he cleaned his trail, it means he does not want to be found. He’ll return, and when he does he’ll find you. In the mean time, start your own work.”

Her: “My own work?”

“Jason”: “I don’t like the way that sounds.”

Then Belial gave me the briefest vision, of I in armor, standing in a violet, glowing triangle, in the center of a beam that was shooting into the stars, out of the stone room from the triangle.

That’s all, folks.

Also, for some reason throughout tonight, I got a maddening crave for roast beef.

Dunno if that’s related to it, but that’s the first time I’ve craved roast beef in my entire life.

Fascinating stuff - sounds a lot like the things that come up for people working with ayahuasca, some of it’s almost familiar to me, not so much the specifics but the pace and the symbolism.

[quote=“Sevarn304, post:17, topic:2812”]Her (whirling on him): “Just because he put that tentacle inside of your chest that ONE TIME-”

Doc: “That’s something for you two to discuss privately.”[/quote]

This made me chuckle! :slight_smile:

Funny thing is, the heart chakra is where I tend to feed off of most people when I’m going for sheer lifeforce.