Working with Belial

My friend, who doesn’t have an account, intends to work with Belial so beforehand I would like to seek advice on his behalf.

  1. What should be done with the offerings afterwards? He lives in an apartment, so cannot put it outside. Would it be disrespectful to dispose of food items through a garbage disposal?
  2. Is there anything that should be avoided while working with Him?
  3. Very general question, but what is He like, what is his temperament and personality, the vibes he gives off? I have a general idea, but I’d like to know more.

Most of your questions have been answered on the forum. Belial isn’t a fan of laziness. You better be damn sure you have a backbone, or Belial will break you again and again and again… An element he is associated with is Earth, so anything showing earth-qualities is favorable. (I’m doing a consecutive 33 day evocation-meditation challenge.) My experience with him is that I simply can’t stand people choosing to be weak. Several people on this forum constantly mew and complain because they are to cowardly to do the worth themselves… so maybe add “being an asshole” to possible outcomes. It’s a hell of a ride, and worth every bit of it. Hope this helps.


Man, Ive never heard such a real answer about him. He takes NO bullshit about half measures, so you preddy sure to go all the way with him.
He also likes people who knows their shit, and don’t subject to no one. But NEVER acts disrespectful or as an asshole with him, he’s going to fuck you as never before.
He likes chance on the life’s of people, and specially the drive against a foe and a hard situation.
If you want to change your live and have the balls to do it, he will be your pall for life!

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