Working with Bael

Is it common for him to challenge you, not answer you right away, or to want you to rethink things first?

I had never considered working with him before Lucifuge Rofocale gave me a vision of his name. I had been walking around with Lucifuge’s name in my head for a week, and at the end of our time together, he gave me Bael’s name.

I have summoned Bael twice. The first night, I begged him to help me see and hear him, and for a brief moment I could.

The first night, he asked me if help communicating with the demons was really what I wanted, and then my head was flooded with visions of the task I really wanted help on (reuniting with my ex). I asked him if he would help me with that task. But our connection was broken before he answered.

Last night, I summoned Bael again. Immediately, I asked again if he would help me with that task since he didn’t answer me last time.

Instead of answering me, he asked me, “Are you sure this is really what you want?”

My mind was again flooded with visions, but this time they were of all the negative moments and all of the negative emotions and thoughts I’ve had since the situation happened that broke us up. There was no fun in rehashing these same things again, months later. They still hurt.

Bael left and the connection ended. Again, he didn’t answer my question. At first, I thought well maybe Bael really doesn’t like this guy and thinks he is wrong for me. But ultimately I doubt Bael cares that much on a personal level.

I am now assuming that Bael wants me to take time to make sure what I’m asking for is what I really want… because internally I am still conflicted in a lot of ways. I have love for him but I am also angry and hurt about how things were handled.

Last night, I told Bael several times during the visions that yes, this is really what I want. But he still gave me no answer as to if he will help or not.

I will say that I am very drawn to Bael and already told him last night that I loved him. His energy was very warm and fatherly. He could have exposed truths harshly, but he was very gentle in how he shined a light on the areas he wanted me to think about. I want to continue working with him and potentially make a pact with him.

IME Bael is excellent and really cares about you. He doesn’t half ass anything. He’s easy to love because it’s obvious he loves you first.

Sound like this is what’s coming through the strongest in the connection. Maye give it some time and let the emotions settle a bit.