Working with Aphrodite

I’ve recently began to work with and speak to Aphrodite, I wanted to ask how I would go about making contact with her through out my day casually without an entire ritual. Would I just do things with intention with her in my mind or would I just be able to speak out loud my purpose etc.


just talk to her, pray to her

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Thank you.

I think Greek Deities can use proxy thoughtforms. I am not entirely sure though.

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Proxy thoughtforms? Tell me more?

I talk to two egregores regularity. They scan like Greek Goddesses, but they don’t want me to address them by those names when I talk to them directly. They want me to help them obtain stronger physical presence. It could be psychic censorship on my part though.

Interesting, sorry i am a bit lost I understand what you’re saying but i don’t get what proxy thoughtforms are

I think avatars may be the correct term for them.

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I flipped through Black Magick Manifesto again. Timothy says Gods are egregores, so I guess they just want their next manifestations to be the avatars they gave me.

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You don’t need a formal ritual to establish a relationship. What would you do for someone who’s important to you? Or for someone you have romantic feelings for?
Offer her simple things like a pretty shell you found on the beach, or a pretty trinket, or a flower, anything that you might connect with her. Write poetry or songs for her or just think about her.
Traditionally we offer wine or water each time we drink, just spill a little on the ground while saying her name, but if that’s not possible then do anything from the above.


Thank you for your advice I have been doing just that!

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Be in love with everything you do, because everything you do is magick.


Do you have any tips on how to receive clear messages from her? Like through dreams etc. How to heighten that. I have just been speaking to her through birds and wind


That’s beautiful and I completely agree <3

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Usually they choose when they will appear in a dream, you could probably help it by simply thinking of her before sleep. As the time passes and you connect more, the more often she will appear. You can also use a picture/image/statue, even if you simply stare at it before sleep or while you’re falling asleep, just set the intention to have her appear in your dream.
I’ll leave this here as a small help, it’s from a Greek order than follows the Hellenic religion.


@babyblue Ι was also working with her, she has a very sweet, loving energy. I used to have her sigil and a beautiful pink rose, i believe she loves roses… bht nothing more she doesn’t require fluffy things.
Repeat her name outloud above the candle, try to focus on the calmness of your mind and you will feel her presence immediately.
Good luck :hibiscus::hibiscus:


This music can connect you with her.

Her different aspects.

Also don’t pluck flowers for her. She prefers them on the plant. She likes chocolates and strawberries.

She is supportive and sweet but also a warrior. She can be playful. She also has a Dark Form which is known as a “killer of men” but she told me that she’s not anyone’s personal assassin.

If you want to know anything, feel free to inbox me.


Thank you for the tip I am trying this tonight x

It’s funny you told me about the flowers, I kept going on walks to pick flowers for her but Everytime i would come across one I would be filled with this guilt or doubt about plucking it( even tho I always pluck flowers)

I did pluck one rose from a Rose bush and two days after I went back to the same bush and all the flowers were DEAD! I don’t know much about plants but Im sure plucking one doesn’t kill the rest of the bush.

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Yeah it happened to me too. She told me that it’s pretty but she prefers it on the plant.

Nah it does kill the rest of the Bush.