Working with Angelic intelligences:

I thought I would have to post here as the RHP section is looking lonely… I am actually keen to learn about summoning and working with Angelic beings but there seems to be little posted on it. Would someone like to share a successful summoning - or even an unsuccesful one - of an Angelic spirit?

And after all the debate about Angels, fallen angels, Nephilim and so on…Dont the Angels themselves, or the Demons, venture an opinion on the advisability or otherwise of evoking them? Or is it like the first rule of fight club is…Never talk about fight club!

People recommend terrible books, I’m sorry to say that but it is true. Just work through evoking eternity

I’ve had massive success with Enochian evocations, mostly in the realm of spiritual development and the gaining of knowledge.

I’ve found angels very easy to evoke, but less inclined to do things quickly than demons and other spirits. More methodical and with an almost ‘limited’ feel, but that could have been me just projecting my opinion of their abilities onto them.

In regards to the spirit’s opinion on being evoked - it’s been my experience that most of them want to interact with humans. I’ve assumed that the ones who don’t simply ignore my call, because I’ve never had one show up that seemed averse to working with me, and there have been some who refused to show.

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@ NeoPhyte: I recall posting a couple of examples of how I summon the four popular archangels in Mastering Evoc - evoking Michael - June 29th. I hope this helps ya out!

With regard to success - I always consider my evocations successful! The angel-entities I’ve worked with always show up, never argue & results always come. Having said that, I’ve also done my homework so that I understand their individual offices & authorities, just like you would do with any other nonphysical entity you call on for a purpose. Fortunately the internet is chock full of information on these guys - our western culture is rich with details on angels. :wink: Z

I’ve had a lot of success evoking the Angels listed in Evoking Eternity. Raziel and Deggal have been tremendous teachers and my life has transformed around me just by calling on these Angels! I’ve seen them show up in powerful ways! They have been more than willing to help me, push me and guide me. I think that because I have a generally good and unselfish attitude toward magick, people and life the angels have been willing to work with me. So I highly suggest evoking with Deggal talk to him and take it from there.


@ darkness thanks for the reference I will take a look but I have a lot of reading waiting is the problem there ha.
@ Zachd sounds just the ticket. I am working through evoking eternity now so after that and before the boa project I will try evoking Deggal.
@ ridgerunner I guess it’s logical they wouldn’t show unless they were interested…glad to hear you have had success with them that inspires me to try.
@ zoe thanks I did read through your posts there a couple times. I have read a lot in the western and kabbalistic tradition on angel symbology including Violet Firth and Crowleys work and I have invoked Michael Raphael Gabriel and Uriel before after using the middle pillar ritual and opening a circle. For sure that energised me and I had a strong feeling the ritual space was ‘open for business.’ but I was interested in hearing about whether people had gone beyond this themselves to physical manifestation or hearing angels more directly. There’s been a lot of detailed postings on demonic evocations but Little on angelic.


I had a vision of Angelic beings last night shortly after writing this post. As soon as I opened my astral vision I saw one land at the corner of my room. Wings folded I then saw him reach forward over me with both hands like he was shielding me from something, I looked around the room and saw three more angels standing in each corner doing the same thing. Then I was flying with two of them, right behind them. They had a man each one grabbing one of his arms golden staffs in their other hands. They were lifting him higher above the city, but it was not to enlighten him, the angels were pissed at him. They dropped his punk ass and mocked him as he fell to his death. Splatter! I saw it all. I tried to go to sleep afterward, and I could see them standing around my room guarding me like before. I wasn’t sure what they were guarding me from. Then I saw a shadow in my corner that kept changing shapes, and crawling up my wall, peaking over my half opened door. It was spying on me. I told it to fuck off and immediately it went away. I Guess they were waiting on my command to run it off…anyway, like I said earlier, I’ve seen the Angels show up in powerful ways, I’ve also appreciated the extreme boost to my business and opportunities that have opened to me because of their influence.


When I call the Angelic Quarters, I don’t just do it to make myself feel good - they show up, stand in their designated spot and we have discussions. I’m so attuned to these guys, they pop up all over the place; Michael is particularly fond of startling me in my rear view mirror while I’m driving. Gabriel is a frequent visitor in my bedroom after lights out. I don’t have as frequent contact with Uriel & Raphael, but the always come when I call. Just call, no ritual.

Sorry, I didn’t realize you were looking for verification, or validation, or whatever … I thought you were wanting a ritual for calling them & working with them. My bad … :wink: Z


That’s really cool! They have always showed up when I call them to their corners as well. I feel a very strong connection with Raphael and Michael. Question for you. Do Auriel and Gabrielle show up as feminine entities to you? I know EA mentioned Gabrielle as a female angel in one of his books. I have trouble picturing those two angels as men or representative of masculine energy. Maybe it’s just my need to have balance in everything. But I like the idea of 2 male 2 female power supplies. Air = positive Fire Negative, Earth Negative, Water Positive…maybe I have that backwards. but just a thought.

Zach -

In regard to their appearance, I’ve always found angels in general to be androgenous; but in terms of personality, charactistics of thought & the general “feel” of them, you are right. Uriel & Gabriel have predominantly Feminine Energy & thought processes, including graciousness & wisdom, fury & vengence, depth & range of emotion, nurturing, fiercely protective, cool & responsive. Raphael & Michael have overtly Masculine qualities: boldness, logic, order, wrath & justice, driven, teach & provide, encouraging of strength & independence, action-oriented & heat.

On their polarities, you’re half right: Earth & Fire are negative poles; Air & Water positive.

As a unit, the 4 are perfectly balanced & all-inclusive.

Others have likely had different experiences of them, but these are mine and they have been consistent. :wink: Z

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Just to chime in from a hermetic point of view, fire would be positive having its root in the electric fluid representing light, expansion, etc. water would be negative having its root in the magnetic fluid representing darkness, contraction. Air would be neutral representing the communications, and interactions between fire and water, and Earth would be tetrapolar representing the result of the interactions of all three, solidity, organization, etc.

Pretty sure there is no one right way to view it though, all a matter of perspective.

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Hey Zach: Wow that sounds like an intense angelic vision you had (presumably just before sending the post :p) Were you meditating at the time? Fascinating comments about the masculine / feminine energies of the archangels. I allways seen Raphael and Uriel as feminine and receptive and Raphael and Michael as masculine and generative. So sounds like I am not alone in that at least!

Hey Zoe: thanks for the extra info. I dont know about validation but as someone whose astral vision is non existant currently I was keen to hear more about those who actually see or hear the angelic beings so thats great feedback! I have been reading more on evoking eternity and Eric said there the only true gold of evocation was seeing or hearing entities so i gotta work on this as I agree otherwise I am literally flying blind. Then he also said astral success will increase your ablity to see teh entities around you massively so maybe my work in this area count for both and I will get a ‘twofer’ ha.

Hey Neeros: Interesting idea about Air being neutral in force. I had never considered an archetypal force to be able to be neutral in the past, so althought it strikes me as unlikely its interesting to reflect on.

After re-reading my post I can see the confusion over the order of events. I had written a post about working with Raziel and Deggal, then after writing that post I was meditating on the angelic beings. That’s when I had the vision. I’ve been working with those angelic entities a lot and it’s easy for me to call them into the astral and mental planes. But yes, it’s intense, and I’m almost addicted to talking with them.

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Yeah, I thought it was odd too when I first started practicing bardonian hermetics.

Its not really considered an element proper by hermetic initiates, more of a mediator that creates a spectrum between the active and passive activities of fire and water. It inherits warmth from fire, and humidity from water which in turn allows life to exist, so in a way it is both neutral and bipolar.

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Good point Neeros…I have Bardons IIH sitting ready to read when I ever get to it so I will get his take on this at some time soon…

And btw typo - I meant I see Gabriel and Uriel as feminine …repeated Raphael twice…Maybe thats because I regard watery emotional energy as feminine, certainly the cup image is feminine. And earth…earth goddess…No brainer.

I’m working with evoking eternity at this moment and I like to try out the angels E.A. mentions there. Now I am doing my homework so I’ve been surfing for info about Deggal, but all I can find is info from E.A.'s works.
Although I found one article mentioning Deggal as “the antichrist”?
So, if someone can help me out with more info, or can point me in the right direction, you would make me very happy.:slight_smile:

Best thing to do is just jump in head first and evoke Deggal. I found his teaching to be very helpful. I didn’t spend any time researching him on the interweb, just did the evocation EA gave and boom. He showed up and taught me, about himself, and light. I haven’t really considered him the antichrist and most likely people who would say that are Baptists or something similar. Good luck.

I started with EA’s work by working through works of darkness,('twas the only one i could’ve gotten a hold of) did the initial ceremony (entering the darkness) and has been trying to go on from there. Will i still have success in angelic magic?

Of course you will. Angelic Beings are utterly free of judgement toward you. But like their Dark counterparts, they put alot of stock in Strength, Respect & Clarity of Purpose. Z :wink: