Working with a Pendulum

Hi everybody,

Now I know for some divination starts as fast as they hold a pendulum and ask. What is yes? What is no?
For me that isn’t the case. And some say some won’t learn it. Others say with daily practice everybody can learn this/ Now I meditate, do third eye exorcise and I do rituals (evocation, invocation), but what would be a good start to learn to work with a pendulum? Just empty your head and practice it everyday or do people here have other tips? And how you cleanse them if you want to work with different spirits? If you have videos on it, they would be welcome!

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The best way to learn is through experience, anyone can learn it. Try using your non dominant hand, don’t hold it tight, just relax your hand and hold it lightly. Really the only way to get good at it, is through just doing it. Have confidence in yourself, and clear your mind, and after you do it enough, you will begin to get decent results!

For me it worked the first time I picked it up, so that’s the bast advice I can think of. I hope this helps!


@Robert Thanks. The non dominant hand I didn’t try yet.


You’re welcome! Best of luck, friend!

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so your pendulum isn’t moving?

are you working with a particular spirit?

first time I tried it, it just moved after asking the yes / no signs.
my yes seems to be the same almost always but the no changes from opposite of yes to just standing still.

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Print the spirit’s seal. Consecrate it by redrawing over it with your own blood. I use a chewed match foot as that way there’s saliva as well. Use pendulum over the consecrated seal. I did this using a Ouija board.



@_M_13 Michael, I think it needs more practice then because it moves a bit. And same here with yes and now.

Thanks for the method @Uncle-Al. Good tip to use it over your own drawn sigil or printed sigil with offering

I tend to go for the cheap, quick and effective (sometimes nasty). Of course you can use any bodily juices or waste, even urine and faeces. Buy an inexpensive Lancet device from you local pharmacy, chemist, drug store to get pin-prick blood. I find blood and spit works a treat!



I have a girlfriend that bought a pendulum and the moment I saw it - I said shes a fucking Diva she will not work for you. She will not move - I asked my girlfriend to use the pendent of her dogs ashes and over the phone I said Boys show me yes- show me no… I asked Is the pendulum momma bought a Diva? Yes they said- Will she work for Momma - No. She has blessed it - cleansed it and even gave her a little alter. Open you mind and practice - I drew circles with possiblities on some questions and the pendulum went in the direction of the answer…


@damia2hell, thank you for the tip. How do you cleanse the Pendulum?

@borgy I start out saying show me yes and show me no. I ask if it is cleansed and then I ask how it wants to be cleansed . Florida Water, fire, incense I wear on of mine around my neck and have asked it to shield me… His name is Moby… I have also made Pendulums for certain gods and dukes to communicate with. I have a really sick looking pendulum w/ copper for Dantalion and when I chant his Enn hit spins around toward me. I have one that I created for Baal has well.

I started using 4 quarters for divination with my ancestors. Its a hispanic household if you count all my ancestors that hang out with me. They are not afraid to show me they are mad at me.