Working Through Helios Unbound

Today was the first day of Week 2. I did most of the work this morning, sitting in my work parking lot. I only had a few things to do when I got home. One of those was the purification ritual, which felt pretty empty, since I had just done the evening “prayer” and it. Nothing else.

I almost felt like there was something else I should be doing, but I had done everything else at some point in the day. It’s not just purifying your ritual space, but also your spiritual body. I forget what the author’s term for it is now, but it’s essentially the aura with some other theory thrown in. While I was assuming the godform of Nephthys, Nephthys actually came, which was interesting. She didn’t stay for a chat or anything, so there isn’t really anything else to report about that.


I was about to go to bed when I realized I hadn’t make my entry for the day.

So, the work went as it does. Nothing special in most of the rituals.

The Inner Temple continues to get more refined and has a sort of life of its own, in some ways. I’m not evoking the entities that represent the elements, so I have to assume that these are strictly internal representations. And, if being honest, this means that I have trouble trusting that there is any external value being shown as these rooms get more complicated or shift and morph as I go to them daily.

There is a flimsy link suggested between the external ritual space when the internal temple is overlaid atop it. This is not cemented in ritual, nor anchored in any way, so the relationship seems to be entirely based on the individual and their ability to project this space over their ritual space.

Personally, my Inner Temple, small as it is, is MUCH larger than my physical ritual space, which isn’t dedicated strictly to the Occult. Maybe someone with the dedicated space would feel differently but without the anchors (at least mental ones), this seems less likely to be a strong connection. And even if it isn’t, the “final” rituals are done in separate spaces.

Which is why you can split the tasks up throughout the day in the way that works for you. The ritual space is temporary. “Purifying” the self is the real task and the environment is secondary.


Technically, I’m not done with today’s workings yet, but mostly, and I wanted to capture an experience I had before I forgot about it.

I did the morning prayer, the confession, etc. and found I had a quiet moment in the household to do the rest in my ritual space, without prying eyes. Once I got to the purification and taking on the Godform of Nephthys, she came to me again. So, I had assumed the Godform mask of her and had her inside myself at the same time.

As I did the purification and started quietly reflecting on my weaknesses leaving me, I could feel the water from the purification doing a sort of cycling, similar to what you’d see when they show wind patterns for a storm. There was a current on both sides of my body, cycling from the top of my shoulder (the height I made the equal armed cross during the ritual), entering my energy field, and “exiting” down by my hips on each side. The water current wasn’t getting recycled, but felt like new water coming in, almost like it was washing things away.

I wasn’t expecting this and stood there, letting it happen until I felt it start to lessen. It was a cool, refreshing feeling. I really wish I could explain it better than that.

Still to do for the day : sun breathing, inner temple, noon and evening prayers.


Only the noon and evening prayers remaining today. The rest of the work is completed.

There were a few notable things that happened.

Inner Temple:
Just before the temple doors, Hera stopped me and led me back out to the landing place. She too the position in the West. Zeus came outside and took the place to the North. Kore took the South position. Pluto the East. They all stood there, with me in the center.

This isn’t how the temple is laid out and they’re in different positions there. Hera in the North, Kore in the West, Pluto in the South, Zeus in the east.

I kept getting intercepted as I went to each Deities rooms, too. Eventually, I had to put my foot down, push past them, and visit their rooms. If they weren’t going to give any kind of explanation, I wasn’t going to let it get in my way.

Afterwards, I kinda just shrugged it off as just being “off” with that ritual today. I had issues with the Sun Breathing, as I did it when I first woke up and was still in bed. I got through it, but it took a lot more effort to bring in the solar energy into my chest, without a direct view of the sun to get me started.

The second thing was during the purification, Nephthys came again, and I felt those cooling currents on both of my arms. I reached out to start the current on my chest and back, but got a gentle hand on my arm, saying it should happen naturally, if it’s going to happen. Fair enough.


A little related to this thread.

I was just outside doing a few healing and well-being candle rituals for some friends and felt I should call upon Helios exclusively for this. I put my charge in, he put his charge in, everything was fine.

When all of the candles had been charged, he told me this - “You are not a child of the Sun, but your path back to the Moon requires you to walk through it (sunlight)”. I felt it was both appropriate and odd, in a way. I’ve never been fascinated or felt a connection to the moon itself, just darkness. In the book, Hecate-Selene is represented by the Moon. Or maybe it’s not related to that at all and means something I won’t understand until it happens.

I don’t know. Thought I’d share.


The rituals for the day are done. I like doing most of them in my car, in the work parking lot, because by the time I get there the sun as come over the horizon and is still low in the Eastern sky. Unfortunately, some of the more involved rituals later on will have to take place in my ritual space, which means there won’t be room in my driver’s seat, facing the sun in the early morning. Part of the reason this is a good time is because my drive is done, the idiots on the road have been dealt with, and I can get done with this part of my rituals and get some breakfast. My songs to my Deities/entities are also done, so it’s a really good spirit to bring to the numerous rituals from this path.

I did do something a little different tonight, though. A friend’s family member, very much a minor, is having troubles. As I went to call on Nephthys, to do the consecration work and I felt that I should expand this, but wasn’t given anything more than this.

First, I purified and consecrated the area. Then, I felt I should contact this family member. But I felt that evoking them would be too “harsh”. What could I do? I had already called on and made offerings to their ancestors for assistance. Evoking was too harsh (I did agree with this when I sent myself out to feel it).

I simply called them and asked a small part come to my space, that I may use my purified, consecrated water and the power of Nephthys to help them. I felt a little (part of a) spirit come. I dipped my fingers into the purified, consecrated water and flicked it at their spirit, “I purify with water”, with gentle intent, against whatever was ailing him. I did this three times.

I also grabbed some Sage joss sticks, blooded them (“I bleed that X may be healed and protected”), and directed the sage to remove the impurities making them ill. This was on top of the other workings I have done, but the Nephthys connection and urging would not have happened without going through this working. And she asked for nothing.


The daily work is done. Tomorrow is the last day of the second week. The third week is almost the same as the second, but calling on Isis, instead of Nephthys. The fourth week is the same, but calls on both. So…probably pretty boring. Thus is how spiritual development is done. One step in front of the other, with the importance only evident at the end.

A couple of things I’ve forgotten to include about the journey to the Inner Temple over the past several days.

The wall decor changes each time I go there, but I sense that the images themselves don’t have direct meaning, but represent simply the state of that element. This may change, but this is what I instinctually feel at this point in time.

During one trip, each held out their hand and inside their hands was the element they were representing. I shook their hands and took the offering inside of me.

The following day, each presented differently, being made of their elements in a different way. Hera was entirely made of Earth, instead of obsidian. Kore was swirling water, rather than being made of water, in her usual shape. Pluto was a living flame. Zeus was a gentle(?) tornado. I took part of their elements into myself.

Today, they were a mix of human looking and their elements and I was again given an offering of their type. Except, instead of getting it from their hands, they kissed me on the cheek and gave it directly that way.

In all of the offerings they’ve given, they were the same amounts, as far as I could tell, so I don’t know that this was a way to correct any imbalances. If this were an external journey, I would be more grateful for it, but this is entirely inner, to a space inside of myself, so…


Today marks the last day of Week 2. As stated in the above thread, Week 3 isn’t much different.

One thing I’ve been really thinking about is what type of workings I should (or shouldn’t) be doing in addition to this. It is a purification and preparation process.

Yet, this is measured against, essentially, more RHP standards and ideals. If the Gods and Self has taught me anything, it’s that the “morals” of Man and their Institutions don’t reflect the morals of the God/desses.

The truth is that there is a similar concept to this Higher Genius that you’re brought up with in Mormonism. They call it the “still small voice”. They attach Heavenly Wisdom to it, because they can’t see past their framework. This has helped me in both beneficial and baneful workings. I believe, personally, that it’s spiritually inclined (towards the individual person), but I don’t know that it’s much more than that. Is it the Higher Genius? I hope not or I will have wasted 7 months of my life when it’s all said and done, doing multi-daily rituals for no benefit. That would…suck… Only one way to find out.

But back on track, I’ve been debating if doing non-Divine rituals will cause issues with this. I’m not completely sure, if I’m being honest, but it seems logical that if this Higher Genius is here to guide me towards my Divine Path (however you want to spin that), then it should let me know if I’m about to shoot myself in the foot. Hopefully. I still have to live my life, so it looks like I’ll be doing “gut checks” before my workings until this process is completed. While the author states it’s possible to be done in, like 5 months, I’m usually not that type of person.

But hey, miracles happen to others and they can’t happen to you if you aren’t in a position to need one…uhh, wait a minute…


But aren’t the gods both beneficent and baneful? To be Divine is to be able to act in all ways, to raise up as well as to cast down, to heal and to kill.


Totally agree. The issue that is this Higher Genius is supposed defined above the Higher Self and all that. The daily rituals are more about attunement and purification all along the line and, since I can’t speak from experience on doing these sorts of ceremonial rituals for similar lengths, it introduces risk to stray.

Now, I don’t remember him saying that you COULDN’T do other rituals. But attuning to different energies may have different results. When you’ve been working towards something three times a day for seven months, the weight of your actions feels different, even if it isn’t in the grand scheme of things.

And I’ve been an analyst, so this causes me to look at things and give some sort of weight to them, even if improbable, and factor that into my process. Great for weighing approaches that can be adjusted easily. Part of me is dithering about how easily this can be adjusted without negatively affecting the end result (which doesn’t have a lot of data and reviews behind it that I’ve found).

What’s one of my favorite phrases? SILDI (Screw It Let’s Do It). I’m just going to have to roll the dice, I suspect.


You could always ask Helios and Hecate about it.


Didn’t I give advice like that earlier tonight… Thanks. I’ve been so caught up with healing and general well-being rituals lately that I forgot to do the obvious. Thanks, DK.


Any time, my friend :slight_smile:


Today marks Month 1, Week 3. Things went relatively smoothly. I fumbled through the Isis portion, since it was located in a few different sections and had information about the daily ritual that didn’t pertain to the starting period (incense for other months, times, but not this one). She came and was patient (and slightly amused).

Since I was doing the consecration by Isis (which makes reference to using fire and incense, but doesn’t actually call for any in the ritual), I did it first for this parthworking, then called forth and set the intent for a friend that has been having issues today.

I can honestly say, that I didn’t get a similar feeling from the fire consecration (which mentions fire, but doesn’t seem to require any in the base ritual or wording) than I did for the Nephthys water purification. I’m really hoping that I overlooked it and I will feel like some sort of idiot tomorrow. But since it didn’t call for specific incense, I lit a very fragrant joss stick (much spicier than the stuff I got at the temple). Since Isis came for the ritual, I got her clearance for it, but she seemed more amused that I asked that anything else.

Now, onto the unfinished business from last night… I did call upon Helios to ask about other workings where emotions and intents are MUCH darker. He felt I could do this, because I’ve done enough that I’m not normally affected for days afterwards. The general rule of thumb I got from his was that if it was going to affect me for a few days, maybe it shouldn’t be done, if not necessary. By “affect”, I mean have persistent, consistent presence that is resistant to cleansing or similar mechanisms. Have a “bad day or two” doesn’t fall into this, as these are largely not caused by some action you’ve done. But if you’re cursing someone and haven’t properly grounded and re-centered yourself and miss a few days of ritual, well, you don’t get a “pass” for that.

But this does bring up a conversation I had with Hecate as I was trying to reconcile all of the work travel related to moving back to the East Coast in September. Skipping a day due to not being able to complete the work is one thing. If it’s more than one, then you (me) should consider repeating the current week until it is consistently enough to move on. So, if I miss a day, no sweat. Repeat the day if you feel it’s important and adjust the timeline. If you miss more than that and are having a hard time getting back into the groove, then repeat the last week or two until the groove is reestablished.

Helios did tell me that the purpose of this isn’t to exclude anything else, but to better focus in a more purified manner towards a certain direction. In other words, if it doesn’t take away from your progression towards meeting with and getting influence from your Higher Genius, do as thou wilt.

Hope that makes sense. I’m really tired today. I’ve done well over a half-dozen workings of different types this week, on top of the Helios stuff. Mostly healing and well-being, which I find more tiring sometimes than some of my baneful things. All needed, so it’s all good.


Most of the rituals are done for the day. Just the consecration ritual and the evening prayer. I typically do the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram before the consecration, as I do it before the other rituals once I hit the work parking lot.

More strangeness when I visited the Inner Temple today.

As I entered Hera’s room, I noticed her hand was out, like the was holding something, but it was empty. She also looked like a statue, a life-like statue, but a statue.

I moved to Kore’s room and she also looked like a life-like statue. In her hand was a living crow, just standing there, watching me. Its head turned to follow me through the room.

I moved into Pluto’s room and he was also a statue. I overlooked what he had in hi hand, since it was laying flat.

I moved into the room of Zeus and noticed he has a marble…something that looked like a place to grip, with bush stems, leaves, and berries that were marble. I thought it was odd, noted it, and turned when he grabbed my shoulder. I got the impression I should grab what he was holding out for me, so I did. It turned into the living equivalent when I did. I got the impression that I should fan myself with it, creating a connection between the item and the production of wind, Zeus’ representation in this room. I left the room and felt I should lay it at the feet of the center altar in the room. I put it to the left side of the statue.

I moved to Kore’s room and held me hand next to hers. The crow hopped over to it. I felt I should leave on the right side of the statue in the center room. I don’t know what the connection is between the crow and water, which is Kore’s room.

I went to Pluto and found a much smaller, flatter, black obsidian or similar stone of the one found in Zeus’ room. As I grabbed it, it lit itself on fire. I placed it to the right of the Crow.

I returned to Hera’s room and her palm was still empty. I was confused, but empty is empty. As I turned to walk away and leave the room, I felt a tug on my shoulder. Then I felt that the empty hand wasn’t empty. Just not visible. I gathered the unseen item into my hands and while I could feel it, I couldn’t get a sense of any characteristics of it. I then left it to the left side of Zeus’ marble bush fan.

I have no idea what this was about, but I was “allowed” to leave afterwards.


As this has progressed, I’ve noticed that Helios isn’t just the shining sun blinding my eyes, burning my skin (sometimes), and being annoying in the mornings when I want to sleep in. He’s become more…involved…as the rituals have gone on. I’ve started noticing a presence listening when I was doing the “prayers” , even when I wasn’t calling him forth (with the same intent) beforehand, like one would with a petition. As this has gone on, I’ve felt him (androgynous) more.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of targeting a specific POS that would drug people and… That behavior, free of consequences, doesn’t fly with me. For some reason, I felt I should “sit” on it, despite having entities available to task it to. After some time my fire was still up, but I wasn’t feeling any particular pull from a specific entity or two to task it to and felt I should delay a little longer (which really isn’t my style when guilt isn’t in question).

Finally, I (literally) felt Helios’ rays come to me, despite being done with the day’s rituals long before.

H: “A (worthwhile) target”

M: “It is. (I already knew he was interested). What do you require (offering-wise?)?”

H: “That you continue.”

(Of course I will continue, but a seven month process for whacking an asshat once or twice upside the head a few dozen times is asking a lot, given I could ask other entities)

H: “No, continue (with your path, this was separate, but added into the conversation). For that task, (I desire that you) sing and speak to me honestly. Tell me you desire, call me by the names, speak to me plainly.”

So I went outside after making and eating dinner. The sun was still low in the sky, but even if it hadn’t been, Helios was there and listening. Most of the conversation wasn’t relevant to this task, as I was given some understanding as to why I was on this path.

But it turn back towards the task. I stated in plain language the case I was making. A lot was said. Most relevant was the task at hand, the “justification”, and how I felt I should approach him towards it. I stated how I wanted the perpetrator to suffer, the type of suffering I wanted to see, and, true to myself, I made the condition that no children would be harmed or traumatized because of this request (that other mechanisms should be found, in place of that).

I also make it clear that I would act on my own if it wasn’t handled, but, with conversation, I was persuaded that things would be met. This type of thing was part of why I made the above post about doing other things that may cause issues. There are a few other scenarios, but this was the main one.

So, in appreciation, I blooded some incense, dedicated it to Helios, lit it, and went back inside. Now it’s time to let the Sun scorch who it will.


Nothing crazy to report today. I still have the evening prayer to do in the next hour or so.

To be honest, I’m a little hungover today, so I wasn’t sure how that would affect the overall experience with the daily recitations. I did wait until late afternoon to do most of the tasks, minus the morning prayer when I woke up. I felt I should wait to be able to give them the proper focus they deserve.

I didn’t get any sort of dressing down by Helios or Isis and didn’t detect any sort of disapproval. I’m sure that would be different if I did it more frequently, but once doesn’t seem to have caused issues.


I did the Evening prayer a little early today (1717 at the moment). Nothing struck me down or I likely wouldn’t be typing this.

I’ve started looking ahead towards the second month and realized that I needed more candle colors than I have at present. I ordered this variety pack, as it contains 10 of 10 different colors and I was already looking at having to buy 4 packs as it was. I will have to get more, but I’m trying to buy only what I need prior to the move in September, so I can get the rest back East, instead of lugging it around in my two suitcases that I’ll have to live out of for a month or so.

That’s about it. Nice and boring.


One thing I’ve noticed about my Inner Temple journeys lately is that the doors change. Sometimes, they’re simple house front doors. One time they were sliding doors. Another, they were the thin, sliding Japanese doors with paper coverings. I’ve had some doors in the house with the knob on the left, but mostly on the right (m left-handed).

Today, the front door to the temple had a screen door in place of the single door, with a regular household door after that.

I noticed as soon as I entered Hera’s room that the place felt cluttered. I saw a frog on the ground and several potted plants in front of the pedestal she was standing on. One of the potted plants was a long grass of some type. Another was an orchid.

Her hands were at different heights, both outstretched. On one, sat a frog. One the other a white rat. The frog confused me, as it was an mainly aquatic animal. As soon as I noticed all of this, she told me to back out and type it all up. Must be more to see. But I did also noticed that there was a screen door and regular to to get to the center room.

As I entered the main chamber, I noticed that it seemed “fuller”, but I can’t say with what. Lower things were lining the room, almost like plants, but they didn’t feel…alive…nor dead. I couldn’t get details of them, either. Not really.

I entered Kore’s room and it was mostly dead. For some reason, the quadrant to the back right of where I was standing felt a live, but the entire rest of the room was dead. Nothing in it but Kore’s statue, which also didn’t feel “alive”. Why that back right area felt alive when the rest didn’t, I don’t know. I only know it was lit up like I would expect, yet the rest of the room was almost in a light shadow, with the statue motionless and not paying attention to me entering the room as it usually does.

Pluto’s room was full of things. Some were designs were flowing like lava being cycled through them on the ceilings. Pluto’s statue turned its head as I entered but was otherwise motionless. In his outstretched hand was a piece of charcoal of something that had been burnt in it (I know that’s not the process for charcoal). I felt that if I touched it, it would disintegrate. But why the word charcoal came to mind instead of ash or similar, I don’t know. But it was definitely charcoal. There was no door when I cam into the room, but as I left, there was a screen door and standard door to get out.

I went into Zeus’ room, which had no door. Here his outstretched hand held a white bird. Could’ve been a dove, but I wouldn’t really know. The back left portion of his room felt "dead or in shadow, but the rest was full and bright. Plants were swaying in a breeze, a small on was hitting my right cheek gently, a whirlpool in a bowl of water, and a small tornado (not a dust devil) was floating above a pot full of dirt, which was undisturbed by the tornado. In his right hand, he held a stringed instrument similar to a lyre. It looks like one, but when I asked myself if it was one, I wasn’t told it wasn’t. No idea.

I moved back to the center chamber and the four offerings from the previous entry were still here, but had all been moved to the far left side of the platform, with nothing on the right.

I’m going to chalk this up to the jumbled Monday Morning Mind and call it good.


When I entered Hera’s room today, both hands were outstretched again. in one, was a white butterfly laying on its side - until I realized it was a butterfly and it stood up on at that point. In her other (right) hand, was a black butterfly. Its wings were moving from the closed to about 3/4 open and back. The white was not moving its wings, but was moving it’s antennae and head. The pots from yesterday were still in fron of her, with the addition of two other pots, to the left of each planted pot. Both of the new pots were empty, but I felt like something was planted in them. The dirt looked undisturbed.

Kore’s room was (about) half lit, half dark today. From the door, the right side was lit, “alive”, the left half empty. One of the statues’ arms was in the light and that part of the statue felt (more) alive.

In Pluto’s room, half was lit, the other half was in near-complete darkness, splitting the statue halfway. No recognition or anything from the statue.

Zeus’ room had fewer things in it and I could feel him looking at me, but no recognition from the statue. I wish I could state what items weren’t there, but in most of these rooms, I can feel things in them, even if I don’t look at them. It could just be that my mind fills the space where it feels appropriate. Otherwise, I wouldn’t ever be looking at an empty. I don’t have any other way to explain it, which seems like the perfect time to stop trying.

In the center room, I could see the four items from yesterday, but between them (to each’s left), there was a shadow item I couldn’t identify or get any information from.

I guess odd stuff doesn’t just happen on Monday.

I didn’t get to my “noon” prayer until 1500, as I was teaching my replacements for my position. I will likely wait until just before going to bed to do the evening prayer (at dusk or before bed).

While I don’t feel anything particularly happening when I do these prayers, I think the intent is to keep part of the mind occupied with the task in the background and spacing them out may help those background tasks to run for longer. Pure speculation, but the prayers were originally one prayer he broke up into three, done at morning, noon, and evening. The simplest reason for this was to spend more time turned towards that pursuit during the day.

The cleansing and evening prayer are left to do still, but they will get done.