Working Through Helios Unbound

I recently finished my initial reading of Helios Unbound, but Nick Farrell. The purpose of the book is to do a seven month pathworking to connect to one’s Higher Genius. In simplistic form, it’s a Pagan overlay of the Holy Guardian Angel ritual, except it goes beyond that. According to Farrell, simply joining the Lower Self and the Higher Self isn’t enough. One must go beyond that to get to the Higher Genius. There is some ancient documentation to support his belief in this, but I don’t pretend to any of it remotely well enough to comment on it.

It’s a 7 month build-up of 3x/day rituals (several hours a day, according to the author) that prepares one to meet this Higher Genius.

Shadownomicon, The Necromancer, Kingdoms of Flame, and now…Helios Unbound? Yeah and it’s going to suck for the next 7 months to get it done. When I was working through the KoF spirits and just started the book, it got brought up in one of those sessions as something to consider.

I am not a ceremonial magician. I don’t want to be. I get why some of it works and as much as I would love to spout the rest of my opinions on it, I can’t very well do that if I haven’t gotten into it in a appreciable manner. If I have an appeal, a large part of it is that I’m not an armchair magician spewing theoretical nonsense while patting myself on the back. I make change on myself, my environment, and in the lives of others. This time, the change should be on me alone, but, if the book is to be believed, change will happen in all facets of my life. Any worthwhile practice will do that.

To be honest, if Hecate hadn’t come to me more than four times to ask me to consider working through it, I don’t know that I would be. Especially when I’m moving from Hawaii back to Maryland almost halfway through the process. So, I will be following the process within reason, as best I can, with more details about that emerging as my next entry to keep this concise.

I’m almost ready to start, but don’t know if I can start tomorrow. Some of the “month” lengths are a little flexible and run long, so it won’t line up exactly with the calendar month, unless I misread or misremember.

Screw It Let’s Do It.


One of the core things to complete in the beginning is the Oath. The Oath locks you into the work using the Roman God Orcus. Essentially, in the first week, you perform this Oath daily, along with a laundry list of other things that don’t seem to be used much (or at all) outside of the first week (and I suspect that they are in there because he knows beginners may be drawn to the book).

But there are some things in the Oath I cannot and will not agree to. Three areas specifically. One of them is about performing this outside of the gaze of the ‘outer and uninitiated world’. Sorry, I practice in my backyard. I will be doing some of the sun meditations on walks outside at work on break. No, I will not agree to that. There is a part where he explains that some wording can be done on a commute, but this would also violate that rule. So, no, I will not agree to that and it won’t be in my oath.

The next is “I will not abuse the great magical power entrusted to me but will always server humanity” on page 86. No, I will not agree to this. The tone is a moralistic one I will not agree to blindly “serve” humanity.

The final thing I will not agree to is where the author mixes politics and social issues with magical progression. I’m not even going to present what it is, because it has absolutely no place in a magical contract, even if I agree with what’s being said. This is a magical contract between myself and my own Higher Genius, enforced by a Roman God with (likely) different morals than what was stated. It has no place.

In support of this, I decided to call up both Hecate and Orcus. This Oath is repeated many times and that means it can have an affect on the end result - especially if the Higher Genius is simply a construct built over the 7 month process. If it isn’t a construct, then there should be some leeway in how some things are done AFTER the process is over, such as those restrictions listed above. But if it is, then not locking myself into nonsense I then have to untangle from is something I can prevent with some forethought.

So, I evoked Hecate and got her buy-in. Then I evoked Orcus last night (the entry’s wording reflects this).

Orcus: “You met your Oath”

Me : "I did (a working for another. One of several tonight. He gestured to my joss stick incense, approved, and I felt I should light another for him. I did)

O: "Thank you. (I nodded). The oath (as you know) is meant to bind one (self) to the practice. She (Hecate) has already done that (in a sense).

There are things you cannot do (at times, due to circumstance) and there’s more you can. The sacrifice (outside of time) is to do what you can, as you can, with what you can. You cannot burn incense on a plane, nor have open flames. This will (also) apply to hotels (stay, multiple).

Do the rest, to the best of your ability. Honest results for honest work. She (Hecate) would expect it from you anyhow."

I was left with the feeling that regardless of the actual words of the oath, this was what I would be held to account to. Even so, there are words I’m crossing out of it. There are some words of “the times” I will not agree to, as they seem to be the author’s beliefs and not necessarily those of the God/desses.

So, it looks like the God enforcing the Oath isn’t going to guillotine me and my spiritual progression over some wording, as long as the intent is there. Hecate said the same. This is actually important. because there is an entire month devoted towards Hecate and the lunar current (I WANT to suspect this is why she wanted me to do it, but…). While the author stated that genuine best effort is okay, the given oath also stated that you will do it all, as written, or your benefits will go away (oh, really?). I’d rather call up a few Deities and ask for the skinny.


For myself.
Month 1, Week 1. Daily.
Morning Invocation - pg 100
Noon invocation - pg 101
Evening Invocation - pg 102
Lesser ritual of the pentagram - pg 44 (requires Greek Cross on pg 43)
Sun breathing - 5 minutes - pg 77
Inner Temple - pg 76 (isn’t used elsewhere that I saw, seems useless)
Perform the confession - pg ~90 (wth…) - the Crowley one is on pgs 90-91 and seems cute.
(this seems like light shadow work for people that can’t do the heavy stuff, but I could be wrong)
Oath ritual (altered) - pg 86
Descent into Chaos - pg 87 (mis-named in the monthly ritual list in the book).
Perform the LVX ritual pg 53 (mis-named in the monthly ritual listing in the book).
Perform the Spell To Become a Magician - pg 103
Greek cross to close it all - pg 43
Perform the Prima Materia - which is a fancy pants way of saying to pay attention to your body and it’s processes for as much as you care to per day (1x at least).

The second week is almost as long. But the LVX ritual is replaced with a Godform one that alternates with who it is between weeks 2 and 3.

I seriously hope this is worth it.


The first (FIRST) day is finally done.

I did the morning invocation in my car, in my work parking lot. That’s when I could see the sun.

On my way into work which is about quarter mile, I started the Sun Breathing. Instead of quitting after five minutes, I continued. I entered the building and then drew from the Sun to breath in its energy and transfer it to the appropriate points over a period of time. If I felt there were still blockages after the ten breathes, I continued until I could feel the energy move upwards without issue. I’d done similar meditations in the past, so I didn’t expect to find MAJOR blockages preventing the energy from moving onwards.

I will say that by the time I was done, I was surprised at the level of trance I was in. I was pretty deep and could feel the solar energy running from my feet to my crown. I knew I could keep going, but didn’t feel there was any reason to do so, since I had achieved the object.

I started the Oath in the parking lot, but once I remembered that I needed “consecrated” water, I discontinued it. I did do the Inner temple meditation, which is really journeying to this place with not intent in mind. It may be decorated with a bunch of symbolism, but that symbolism isn’t put to use anywhere that I recall. So, it’s a glorified visualization exercise, as nothing happens inside of it.

There is mention of the inside reflecting the outside when overlaid the physical space, but this is only used in the beginning stages, so major changes will likely not be reflected there. Thus, it’s mainly an exercise in visualization.

I performed the noon…words… around 1300. I honestly almost forgot with the tasks of the day. The 3 x day…ritual is from a older text, where it was a singular ritual. NOTHING else is done with this ritual, outside of stating it an getting indoctrinated with the symbolism used that is then reflected upon the Higher Genius. So, the truth is that this singular ritual was made to be done as a single unit, but is broken up here to force the use to reflect on the Higher Genuis (and the author and historical symbolism for it.).

So…there seems to be no reason to do this 3 times a day, other than reminding the magician that they have an obligation three times a day. In my run through, the hours don’t have special meaning to me right now, but they were very specific in the meanings of them, so this is an indoctrination method to match specific imagery to the Higher Genius (and any given meanings of that).

When I did the morning and noon spoken text, it wasn’t coupled with anything to give it meaning. It was symbolic text. Nothing more. The important part is setting aside MEANINGFUL time to give these symbols meaning that isn’t inherently there. How each person does this is up to them. But the times of day have no meaning as written.

The third is a little different and that could be because this is where the bulk of my work is done. Sunset, that beautiful time when the Sun decides to fuck off and everything cools down and calms down… Not biased or anything…

But this is where I did the majority the remaining work. To do the Oath, I needed to consecrate some “mineral” water (what water is devoid of minerals that isn’t in some lab somewhere…). Rather than wasting time consecrating water every day (not explicitly stated), I grabbed three bottles of purified “mineral” water, consecrated each, and set them out in the sunlight to stay that way. This IS a path of Helios.

Things got little interesting with the Oath. Now, I had talked to Hecate and Orcus about this oath and the changes needed before I wouldn’t simply cooperate anymore (to put it nicely). It was agreed that doing the Oath more than once was nonsense, as it was a custom Oath, with conditions. So, we went about ratifying the conditions. But there were a few key words introduced that I wasn’t comfortable with. There was some back and forth and while is seemed like semantics, that’s important when I’m giving up 7 months of my life, whose end I don’t have a known appointment for. So saying it’s ONLY 7 months when I may only have 8 is something that needed clarified. No, I wasn’t asking for the end date, but the language got cleared up.

So, rather than waste a bowl full of consecrated water, I filled the cap, stuck my finger in it, and made the agreed upon Oath. From now on, I’ll use the amended version that’s been agreed upon, as we agreed that reciting the same Oath multiple times wasn’t needed if it REALLY was a binding Oath. And having called Hecate and Orcus, that made it pretty damn binding.

I used Crowley’s confession in the book, because I felt the whole thing is absurd. I get that this is a “purification” process. But somehow “confessing” my sins to Helios and them getting automagically reduced by doing so doesn’t ring true to me. Nowhere does it was Helios to do this for me and nowhere does it pretend that he accepts the tasks of reducing these things. So, there is no agreement for this to work in the first place, which means it’s either up to Helios’ good will to reduce them or the act of declaring them is somehow supposed to reduce them on its own. I think my opinion is clear. BUT I agreed to do it. So I shall and I did. But I do admit so smiling with some of them and didn’t feel guilty at all…

The “Descent Into Chaos” got interesting. By itself, it really isn’t anything more than setting the scene of the underworld and then using standard no-mind practices to let things float past your mind that don’t have any genuine context. The mind’s clutter, if you will, will slip by, but instead of it becoming silent like out one would expect from meditation, this exercise tells the reader that it will slow and then show things that are relevant to the current spiritual progression. So, it uses the standard technique with some preloading to guide the end result. Not a bad idea of all. It’s focused, measured, and arguable relevant.

But that’s not how I did it (of course). Instead, I saw Typhon’s photo in the book and, having just spoken with Hecate and Orcus, decided to call up Typhon. We had a conversation that he thought I should take down and share. Not Earth-shattering, but it is what it is.

Typhon : “These meditations are to help people remove Darkness. But this will not work for you You ARE darkness, among other things. Rather than fight against this (I saw references to Shadownomicon experiences), you have acknowledged and reduced them. They are never “gone”, only their “influence” and power reduced.”

At this point, I was thirsty, so I invited him in for a non-water drink.

T: (Thank you for inviting me in) Come to me in this space. Call on me and we will fine tune."

As he left, I was given the impression that I should continue this. Rather than blindly follow the 20 minute procedure given.

I thanked him and he said the meditation was done for the day.

The LVX and the Spell to Become a Magician were done, but not noteworthy. I finished with the Greek Cross as recommended.

That was it I did liked an incense disc for the evening ritual, with Frankincense resin, then a combination of that and Myrrh for Typhon, at his request. I can’t say it helped, but if I were a newer magician, it may have. Hard to say with these rituals at this point.


I did the morning invocation and decided that I would also do the journeying to the Inner Temple. While expectations were low, I did notice that as soon as I entered Hera’s room, the statue felt different. Almost like there was a sentience to it this time. And as I approached to acknowledge it, the statue turned it’s head to face me. All of the other statues in the room had the same reaction. I’m not sure if that was just the room becoming more concrete in my head or what, but I wanted to capture it before I lost the thoughts when I get ready to leave for the day. As I’ve stated before, this is only used in the first month, so I’m not sure how much, if any, relevance it has to the rest of the process.

If the Internet cooperates in the Airbnb, I’ll report anything else worthwhile tonight.


One day we’re gonna have a system where the magician reaches their Supreme Genius, through their Supreme Godform, through their Supreme Self, through their Lower Higher Self, so on so on…

Humorous comment, but great journal, I’ll be following this! :+1:

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Thanks. It’s one of those things were my analytical side says I have to prove or disprove it through experience. But I can’t REALLY disprove it, since it’s not 100% “pure”… But if it works, then I can at least show that it did. Or at least had an experience that aligned with the end goal… You get the idea.


Sounds like Farrell simplified Abramelin the Mage in pathworkings.
Keep at it!!

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Not simplified, as Abramelin is already the simplest form of theurgy you can do.

Farrell’s book is a pagan version, utilizing less Christian symbolism , and concepts.


Just got done with the exercises. I would rather have done them in a semblance of order, bit had to pick and choose based on time. I don’t have privacy here and that won’t change for days.

I did the noon sun invocation before making my son’s lunch.

I did the sum breathing while waiting outside for 30 minutes to board the plane. This meant that I stayed close to the state while on the flight, so I did the Oath, the confession, and the Spell to Become a Magician on the plane.

I did the evening invocation around 9pm, then the Greek cross, pentagram invocation, the LVX, the descent, and closed with the Greek cross.

For the descent, Typhon came around again and we chatted a little about the war, as that was the dominant theme of when my mind was winding down. Not of anything conclusive. There wasn’t anything visibly gained from it. It wasn’t therapy. But he did say it had something to do with the descent procedure/process. No idea at this point. I’m tired and ready for bed.


Finished up the day’s rituals. I did the morning invocation at the proper time, but spent almost the entire day in the car, so I couldn’t get anything else done until this evening.

Honestly, the worshipful nature of the text irritates the shit out of me. I feel like I’m being disingenuous when I’m reciting them. I’ll need to reflect on how I can reframe it so I’m able to get more out of the rituals themselves. Right now, outside of a few of them, the rituals themselves feel hollow. I’m inclined to think that’s not how its supposed to be. But I’ll leave that for another day.


Definitely going to track this thread, @norse900 you got this brother :muscle:

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Thanks. I appreciate it.


That made me think that maybe I should state what some if these things are.

The descent, for example, has a 20 minute timer in one part of it. I did almost nothing and thought almost nothing the entire time. Since I feel the presence of Typhoons and this falls under his area, where the things remaining as the mind slows is what he’s supposed to help you work on, I don’t see why he would need my help to know what these are. It it’s really just an exceptionally long winded petition to work towards something.

I honestly feel like this book was written for neophytes to magic in general looking to jumpstart their workings. And I absolutely think it would help with the internal work for that. There’s a lot of good stuff in it. I will learn some things that are valuable in the lo g term.

Instead of whining about the rest, I decided to call Hecate up, let her inside for some beer tasting, and then ask what was necessary.

The LVX is going away.

The confession needs to stay and she asked me to make it more concise, so that specific things can be worked on, rather than some more general categories (ex. I disregard the feelings of others would become I disregard the feelings of others when they oppose me or are inconvenient). If something comes off, something else must go on. There is always something to work on. Instead of psychologically
and verbally prostrating myself, the wording will be similar to, “reduced with the aid of Helios”. If my Shadownomicon work.taught me anything, it means the shadows get lighter. They don’t disappear. Neither do things from " confession".

She agreed that I should simply ask Typhon to continue working on me to assist with meeting this Higher Genius. By the time I’ve gotten to this point, I’m already in a deep enough state that not many intruding thoughts come. This isn’t valuable if things aren’t coming, since the book says this is what Typhon will work on. Doesn’t match anything in the spoken wording, though.

I’m not convinced that the journey to the Inner Temple is anything more than path working practice, but it only lasts a week, so…

Oh and before I forget, I haven’t been doing the purification and consecration after the confession. If the things in the confession aren’t “sins”, there’s nothing to purify or consecrate.


Finally got done with my daily workings. The morning prayer was done on time. The noon was done around 1500, and I finished the evening one around 1800.

Most went normally, but I can say that I prefer to do the sun breathing in the sun. I did it on the bed and had a harder time of it (psychologically). It takes me a lot longer than the 5 minutes listed, but I’d rather do it thoroughly.

In my journey to the Inner Temple, Hera stepped off the small pedestal to greet me, which I wasn’t expecting. The other statues were more animated as well. I feel like I should note these things, but I’m not sure if they have any real meaning.

I’ll have to make the changes to my “confession” when I get off of vacation. I don’t have the time to give it proper thought at this point. I’m lucky to get my daily work done without interruption.


I just completed the day’s rituals.

I was woken up way too early this morning and felt that tinge of shittiness which I tried to shake off as I tried to go back to sleep. I was almost there a few times, but not thanks to those in the household. Not getting enough sleep causes issues…

But I did the morning invocation and moved into the Sun Meditation which was almost an abysmal failure, if being honest. I had to count on my fingers to remember my numbers. I pretended to sleep as I did this, as I knew it would gain me a bit of privacy I wouldn’t have the rest of the day.

End result? I would zone out due to fatigue, not count it, and then had to try to struggle to get it right. The ironic thing is that when I pitched the concept to my subconscious (which I suspect plays the larger role in this working), I was told to not re-do the meditation. Granted, there were several times where I was almost positive I did it for that spot for that time, but if I wasn’t 100% sure, I did it again. Bottom line, let me sleep. It’s more efficient.

I did the noon invocation at around 1330, when the wife and son went in for ice cream. I begged off and whipped out the book. Before they came back , I got the Descent and the Inner Temple journey done, too.

On the plane ride back to Oahu, I did everything except the Evening/Sun-Down ritual, which I finished before I typed this up.

Getting close to the 7 day mark, where the workload will change.

I’ve had 2 friends either evoke or give me tarot readings for this working. I’ve been VERY thankful for this. I’ve not hidden my reluctance or reservations. Neither of them have followed this thread, but know I’m doing it and at Hecate’s insistence. I’m still waiting to hear from one to post her explicit reading, but the other let me know her thoughts on it. She’s not on Balg anymore, so her opinion won’t be influences by anything I post here.

It may seem petty, but starting on a 7 month working you’re unsure of doing isn’t something you do without some real trust in that Goddess. To hear someone else give similar feedback, without them knowing the extend of your workings with that Goddess, is encouraging. While I would continue onward, it does help to get her opinion.


I decided to try something different today. The author had mentioned that some of this could be done during a commute, but it wouldn’t be optimal. So, I decided to give it a try, since I have an hour plus commute.

I did the morning “prayer” and the sun breathing this morning. I sent myself photos of the noon one and did that and the Inner Temple at noon.

That left the rest for the commute.

The Greek cross was more like a dog leg than a straight cross, considering my physical position, but that worked all right. Since I knew I was going to be turning and the directions changing, I did the Lesser Pentagram and anchored it to the position of my car, so I wouldn’t waste mental processing power. I did the other rituals mostly at the.numerous red lights and my start and stops using my finger to hold my place.

In short, I don’t recommend it. I got it done and maintained my state, but it took a lot longer than it needed to and keeping the state took too much mental work gone worth it. I got it done, but it may be better to do it at home or do the heavier parts of it in the work parking lot before heading out.

I was pleased that it’s starting to flow a lot better, with the changes I mentioned and practice. There is certainly improvement.

Day 6 is done. 204 to go.


I wanted to get permission before sharing, but my friend @Mythopoeia did a reading for me for Helios Unbound. I thought it was interesting and got permission to share it with you all. Certainly is food for thought.

That theme of embracing it instead of resisting it is something I’ve seen before - during my work through of the Shadownomicon. So, it’s something I’m getting warned about again, but resisting it is my instinctual nature with things like this. I have taken it to heart as best I can so far and it is part of what prompted my call to Hecate for changes I felt needed made to assist in going with that flow. I feel like things have been much smoother since, but it hasn’t really been that long.

Thanks, Myth. I appreciate it.


Great work. Keep it going. We’re rooting for you.

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Day 7! Week 1 is done.
Here’s the line up for the next week.
Morning Invocation - pg 100
Noon invocation - pg 101
Evening Invocation - pg 102
Lesser ritual of the pentagram - pg 44 (requires Greek Cross on pg 43)
Sun breathing - 5 minutes - pg 77
Inner Temple - pg 76 (isn’t used elsewhere that I saw, seems useless)
Perform the confession - pg ~90
Perform the Nephthys purification - pg 95
Greek cross to close it all - pg 43
Perform the Prima Materia - which is a fancy pants way of saying to pay attention to your body and it’s processes for as much as you care to per day (1x at least).

I did purify three bottles of water, so I may keep one in my car, so I can start some of the rituals after work, while I’m waiting for traffic to clear the single road and abysmal traffic signals at that point.

I’ve been thinking about the guidance I got from Myth and that I got from another friend not on the forums, but concerned Hecate and her impressions about this work through. They don’t know each other, but both had insight to say that I should be using this as an opportunity, where I had been looking at it as a chore, if I’m being honest. A chore given to me by Hecate that I didn’t want, frankly.

My original intent was to work through the parts I found interesting and the rest could fizzle away. Journaling it wasn’t my intent, as I wasn’t really going to go through the entire process, just pick up a few things. This changed a little before I created this journal and has solidified a bit more since I’ve started it.

The truth is, this will be a journey of doing the best I could. That’s all it can be. I don’t honestly buy into all of the astrological things that are deemed important. I can do workings without paying attention to it now, important ones, so what value could it have, compared to the amount of work needed to get it “right”? And why should I believe them that these things matter, for the reasons they say it matters? I’ve been an analyst professionally and there’s a whole lot of assumption going on that I don’t agree is “fact”.

But Hecate asked me to do the best I can, so I shall.

Edit - I send these lists of the daily work and save them as a draft email I can access so I can pick it up and do my rituals as best I can to break the time up.