Working Through Helios Unbound

Today marks Day 21, end of the third week. As stated above, there is only one small part added that was done in Week 2, but not Week 3. The godforms of Nephthys and Isis are both used for purification and consecration.

Nothing crazy in the Inner Temple today. Things were pretty much back to normal.

My candle pack should get here in time before I need the blue candles I don’t have enough of at the moment for Month 2 Week 2. I have the needed black ones for Week 1, so that will buy me some time.


Since there were infrastructure issues at work today, I did my morning ritual work at home, while waiting to hear about when it’s time to head in. This was going well, until my wife came into my ritual space mid-ritual, as I was purifying the space with Nephthys. No, I don’t have time for a (cold) phone call with a realtor that can wait for ten minutes.

I got back into state as best I could and finished up most of the ritual work, leaving the two other prayers, the Inner Temple, and the Sun Breathing. I’ll wait for the sun breathing until I hear back about having to go into work or not. I find it more pleasant and easier to do on the quarter mile walk into work than standing in my backyard, literally over the flight path to the Honolulu airport.

The Inner Temple had more oddness today. Hera’s room was normal and she wasn’t in statue form, but looked human today. Kore’s room was almost pitch black, with only a few shadows visible, including the upper part of her statue. It felt empty, but I don’t believe it was. Pluto’s room was the same. But Zeus’ room had the vibrant feel that Hera’s did and he also looked human.


We have company, so I did most of my rituals after they went to their hotel for the night.

In the Inner Temple, I noticed Hera’s room was almost pitch the others had been. The room felt devoid of life or anything similar. The center room was the same. Kore’s room felt like her presence was there, but that was it. Zeus’ room was like Hera’s.

Pluto’s room was vibrant with energy, fire, and much more active than I was used to. If you’ve ever seen one of those huge rotating spheres they turn with water, Pluto had one that was using lava to turn it, though it was much smaller, like a desktop version. Other than that, nothing else was alive enough to interact with.


So, tonight turned interesting and not in the best way.

I got through my daily rituals at around 2000-2130. So, the daily work was done. From here, stuff went…real…

It really belongs in another grimoire, since it wasn’t recorded. I will provide the link. Really. To keep this one concise.


Just finished doing all of the day’s work this evening, even the prayers for the morning and noon. It will be that way tomorrow, too, as I’m still out all day with our company. I really don’t like doing them all at once. I feel rushed and also feel like I can’t do it when I feel I “should”, by my standards. I make conscious efforts to not try to hurry through it, to give it the same effort and intensity, where appropriate. It just activates that part of me that has a tendency to think of what still isn’t done.

In the Inner Temple, I didn’t recognize the outside of the building. The style of the door changed to a rustic, almost log cabin look to it and I was thinking of Christmas for some reason. Not any specific event, but it was painted red, had fake Christmas garland strung in certain spots, and I swear I smelled fresh cut pine. There was a large picture window and I was pretty sure I saw someone walking by in it. That window’s never been there in the past.

Hera’s room was cluttered, though I can’t remember anything in it but her. It felt cluttered. Maybe it was left over from the busy visual display when I entered. She looked normal, though.

Kore’s room was completely dark and I didn’t feel anything in it. I forced light into the room and this lit it up, but as soon as I wasn’t concentrating on that, it went dark again and I felt I shouldn’t be doing that, for some reason. Pluto’s room was also dark, but I didn’t try to force any lighting.

Zeus’ room was normal. As I turned to leave it, he handed me a little, miniature whirlwind, and I felt it was either a sort of familiar or a pet. Which seemed strange to me, since I was inside my own head. I do have to admit it was a bit cute. I felt I should take it to the center room’s altar and set it on that. I did and it stayed on it, just moving around the large area. I really don’t know what the point of that was, if there was one.

At this point, I left. I didn’t look back to see if anything was peering through the window at me. Kinda wish I would have, but it’s a little late for that now.


Just finished up my workings today. I was reminded by Helios during the day that there were things I could do to shorten the load at night. So, I did the sun breathing and Inner Temple (more on both in a bit). Later, I did the Noon prayer, as it was the only one I had on my phone as I was out and about.

I got home about 2030 hours and was done with the rest by 2115. I did want to point out that tonight, Persephone-Nephthys came as mainly Persephone for that part. Isis was Isis. When I was done with the consecration and purification, I could feel both the water currents I’ve spoken of before and now I could feel a firey…updraft(?) that alternated with the water, as if there was a cycle there. I hadn’t felt that with the fire before and, being so tired, I wasn’t expecting to feel much of anything. But I did. Maybe I’ll find a better way to describe it if it continues.

The Inner Temple - Hera and Zeus were normal. New whirlwind…thing…that I was supposed to place on the center altar. I did and the two merged into a larger one. Kore’s room was still dark, but I could hear running water from a fountain and it didn’t feel entirely dead and empty like last time. Pluto’s room was silent, but I could feel like a magma fountain was quietly churning along in the darkness.

The sun breathing. Helios came to me and reminded me that I could specifically do this and should while I was out hiking today. So I did. I’ve noticed that I fill up quite quickly and don’t need the five minutes to flood the centers and my body with solar energy. But that wasn’t the entire point of today.

I’ve been quietly working on helping to heal (in many forms) 5 friends lately. Some of these are physical, some emotional, some both… Today, once I was full of solar energy, Helios told me I should connect to them (I have permission) and feed them the additional solar energy from my heart center. Got it, so I spent quite a bit of time today, pulling in more solar energy to top me off and sending it to them for the various issues that are going on. I did it until I was losing focus more than I was keeping it. I’ll have to keep an eye out to see if they say anything, but since he’s said it once and told me to use it, I will likely be expected to practice this technique as time goes on.

That’s it for today. I need to shower and head to bed. Up early again tomorrow.


Good day, more or less.

I got the morning prayer/invocation, the “confession”, and magician prayer done before leaving the house.

Since I knew I would have an hour where the others were going on a guided tour I had no interest in, I used that to my advantage. I got the sun breathing, Inner Temple, and Noon invocation/prayer out of the way. I also did the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, and the Greek Cross, knowing I would do them in the evening.

So, when the wife was driving them home, I only had the cleansing, purification, and the evening prayer/invocation to do.

Yet, those moments throughout the day had meaning.

During the Inner Temple, I finally asked about the Blackness. Hera’s room was black, More’s was black, Pluto’s was normal (for him), as was Zeus’.

I finally asked Zeus about it “work is being done there. (Kindly) Don’t interfere (to get the most benefit).”

All right. I wasn’t getting more than that and I would really like to know why I sometimes feel those deity’s external influence, but that will have to wait.

Persephone-Nephthys continues to come in a bubble Persephone form that throws me off a bit. I literally called and asked Hecate to verify. Nephthys seems a differentore somber aspect than Persephone when I interact with her, so there was legitimate concern. Having the entity verified helped. I am the paranoid, cautious sort. Just because they don’t mean harm, doesn’t mean they’re going to help…

But things were fine. My “sins” were further purified. Which seems silly, since the “ego”'s since aren’t the higher spirit’s… Clearly, I’m going through this, but I consider some of this purification a bit…much. Still not convinced we’re not creating a personal “god” or “godform” - and imbuing it with all of the supposed ‘purity’ that one or a few RHPers determine are “right”.

Yet, Hecate has asked me to for his for my own benefit and not hers. To my knowledge.

Sorry, my natural paranoia, honed by the Infantry, is coming forth. Valid questions and concerns. And I won’t be able to answer them without doing the work…

Regardless, the day’s work is done.

Helios did up to help someone with a similar technique to yesterday, one step removed for safety’s sake. I spent about 30 minutes on the sun breathing, instead of the 5 it calls for. Excess energy collected got dispersed to different people in need.

After all, skills that aren’t used get rusty or break. Use them for the change you want to see or watch others create the world you live on.


I’ve completed the day’s workings. Since I was back at work, I split the activities up, leaving the lesser pentagram, confession, cleansing, and purification rituals for the evening.

I didn’t make notes when doing the Inner Temple, so I know I’ve forgotten some of it. Hera’s room was dark today, as was Kore’s. I got another whirlwind from Zeus, which merged with the others. Nothing crazy today.

I’m getting ready to start Month 2 and I will unfortunately be traveling through half of it. I’ll bring my candles for that time period, but really don’t see how I’m going to be able to burn them. I may just continue the week 4 stuff through the first ten days of August. I’ll have about a month left here when I get back. Month 2 is five weeks of work, so I’ll miss the candle work when in the air. It’ll just have to be good enough.


The day’s workings are done.

I got interrupted when I was about to type up a draft email about my Inner Temple. I’ll do what I can from memory. There’s a reason the spirits I work with let me take notes when we speak… I have a tendency to forget conversation specifics once my mind has gone elsewhere, even in a ritual.

I noticed I had trouble going through the front door. I was gently, but forcefully blown out of it, blown backwards. My mind did think about those whirlwinds that Zeus had been giving me, but I decided to let that thought go and see what I could and analyze what I knew.

I was blown out again before I decided I wasn’t playing this game and gently, but firmly pushed past it. This was MY Inner Temple.

Hera’s room was half in shadow and half normal, as was part of her statue. I nodded to her and her head nodded back.

I went into Kore’s room and it was similar. While I could sense where her head was, her left hand and arm were visible. For some reason, I was thankful enough to see signs of her that I kissed the back of her hand. I could feel a sort of appreciation and I left the room afterwards.

Pluto’s was in shadow, but not completely black. It was hot, really hot. Like a dry sauna and I could feel the movement of something like magma or similar in the room itself. He was aware of my presence, but said nothing.

Zeus’ room was normal and I was given another little whirlwind, that was absorbed into the singular one on the middle room altar.

I remember having some trouble with the doors, like they were being difficult when I went to open them, so I removed all of the doors for this visit. They’ll be back.