Working threw the trees

How long does it take to work through the trees? Is there a specific time to switch from one side to the other? Whats the best method to work through them ( Soul Travel, Evokecing of the Main sphere deity another way that maybe isnt mentioned?)?

I personally am evoking the main deities but working sigils for some of these entities are hard as hell to find.

You can try soul travel + tarot greater arcana to open the way, but no personal experience.

Working through the Tree of Life and Death The Top and the Roots, is a tremendously great experience. Take your time with it. Make sure you get the best of it. Enjoy the new Power Flowing through you, and becoming you.

Dante Abiel

Is there a way to evoke elves instead of projecting over to their realm or would that maybe upset them? In all honestly is there a limit to the entities I can evoke or can I pretty much evoke anything to my imagination?

G’Mornin’ Nordichammer -
The Elves ARE prickly little critters, aren’t they?

“In all honesty”, methinks you be correct; You can evoke anybody - or anything - you can Imagine, provided you’ve got enuf Desire to fuel the Thought. You are as unlimited as you can accept & believe you are… Yeah, really. :wink: Z

Morning Zoe :smiley: and thanks again sunshine :wink: always brighten my day, now time to have some fun :slight_smile:

Fascinating topic. I have always felt some affinity toward the trees. I was not aware that there was some sort of pathworking or way to work through the trees though. This is new to me. I’m definitely interested. I’ve always just seen them as a sort of map or layout of the elegance of creation. But now that I know there actually is a way to work through them - I think I’ll have to keep an eye on this thread :slight_smile:

You mention Elves and trees together…Do you mean Dryad spirits, the spirits of the trees? If not where the hell do the Elves live? )

I used to be very interested in nature working in the Green Ray and works by say the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids, and in projects like Findhorn where they worked with nature spirits day by day.

I hadnt really considered that ritual Magick would have much truck with nature spirits so thats a pleasant surprise to hear I could! I wonder how happy a nature spirit would be though to be dragged out of the forest and into your smoky den ha

@ NeoPhyte: I have no idea what NordicHammer is up to - perhaps some link between the two in his Norse tradition. But I see no reason why you couldn’t incorporate any lifeform you wish into any ritual you wish…

As to your last point, I’ve always worked with the “lower order” (nature spirits) outside on open ground. But I’ve only ever called them up with regards to their realm - the indigenous riches of the Earth itself; plants, herbs, minerals & stones, weather, etc. :wink: Z

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Well we ment the tree of life and death and the spheres not physical tree lol.

Yea sorry blackpheonix we kinda went off on a bit of a tangent there :stuck_out_tongue:
I mainly know of this through bits of Golden Dawn I have read and works by Dion Fortune aka Violet Firth. But its so wrapped up in allusion and protection I have really little idea how it is methodically done.

@ Zoe: While we are off skipping through the trees on our tangent - I am still very interested in the lower order nature spirits as you call them, but I get the feeling that the sorcerous evokers that make up the forum probably see that as not legitimate work. But maybe one day we can get a Green Ray thread running on working with them )

Getting back to the Trees of Life & Death, I haven’t worked them that way. I did briefly, years ago, delve into Sephiroth for a few months (at that time I didn’t even know there was a counter-part… duh!) And my small investment there yielded enough good benefit that I would recommend it!

Anyway, it was highly beneficial at the time,and I may one day return to the Trees properly. But at present I’m disciplining myself to pretty much a single-pointed focus upon Becoming a Living God.

In my love of exploring the new & endless curiosity, I tend to scatter my mental forces and not reap the full benefits, so while I love all the dialogues of different practices (and obviously enjoy participating), I’m really holding myself steady in BALG in terms of study & practice. :wink: Z

The best way to work thru the trees is first to make a big painting. It`s a powerful magical picture. I work in all three trees… Kabbalah, Yggdrasil and the Qlipphot

In the Qlippoth, I only could get in two places yet. Litlith 10 and Samael 8. To come here foward I need very dark moods.

Might I ask how the latter two are pronounced? :slight_smile:

IG druh sill & qwi LOPTH :wink: Z

IG druh sill & qwi LOPTH :wink: Z[/quote]

i have heard a pronunciation of the latter to be

strange and i would have never guessed it, but i have heard it time and again. i don’t even know why i keep stumbling across that concept as i am not nearly ready to dabble with that tree.

Bahamuthat - And I’m not going to say that pronunciation isn’t a correct one. These words seem to have at least 2 or 3 accepted pronunciation variables. For example, I’ve also heard Yggdrasil pronounced egg DRAY sil …

As to your ‘stumbling’, well, you obviously know there’s SOMETHING pulling at you, wanting to draw you in … but Your Will for yourself is still your own to determine. Do it only when you can no longer justify to yourself NOT doing it. :wink: Z

well my honest justification would be that i don’t know how :slight_smile:

i am moving to a new apartment soon, which i chose because of convinient illogicaly set empty room. a perfect temple chamber :), where i plan to do evocations. and i have planned to draw a tree of life on a wall. so, any suggestions, considering what kind of a sorry ass newb i am, would be most welcome.

i have started reading Evoking Eternity, and by the description of the Sephiroth and the ruling archangels, it seems wise to gain practical understanding of the Tree of Life before i do anything funny.

so how to work with it? how to start? help a brother out :slight_smile:

@ bahamuthat: hey brother, I would point you in the direction of Dion Fortunes ‘The Mystical Qabalah’ 1935 revised 2010 as a thorough, informed, and readable way to tackle the symbolism of the Kabbalistic tree. Its a classic. For a more academic study of Kabbalah including the Qlippoth there is the acknowledged expert in the field. Gershom Scholem and the seminal work ‘On Kabbalah and its symbolism’ 1965. Its a very in depth area and for my two cents worth I would immerse myself in something like Fortunes work before embarking on practical working.