Woman in the red dress

Hello guys I hope you are all doing well,

I want to share a dream with you guys and hope you can help me understand, I am a newbie in magic.

Some weeks ago, i fall asleep chanting samael mantra I found on a YouTube channel I follow, the chant is ‘ samael, samael ishtinu nenaa’ i chanted it till I fall asleep during the night for two night in a row, the third night. I dreamt there was a big and nice house, it was really beautiful and I wanted to go play there awkwardly I was a kid in the dream something like 10-11 years old boy,

I went to play in that house, I saw a beautiful white woman in a red dress. She was initially kind to me, she wanted to teach me something, I was excited to learn and stay with her. she gave me a black stone to work on it, suddenly she was no longer so kind, she became strict as if she was forcing me to stay in that house then my mom came, she wanted to take me home, I refused and we started quarrelling. I noticed that when the woman in the red dress looked straight in the eyes of my mom, we quarrelled then I told my mom to leave the house together cause she was the cause of our dispute. We left the house and I woke up.

Please guys how would you interpret this ?

Nobody should be trying to tell you this, imo, though they could divine what’s going on to get more info, conscious analysis without knowing you very well is not likely to be meaningful.

Many accomplished Tarot readers don’t give readings free, but I moved this to the Divination section in case anyone wanting practice sees this.

To give my two cents, and probably as an example of why you can’t trust other people’s UPG - it sounds like you’re nervous and conflicted about using magick and have mommy issues.:woman_shrugging:
Trust your own inner knowing about this, and if it takes some time to come to you, that’s ok - write all this down in a dream journal to reread later.


Okay got it, thank you for you advice