Witches in my community hate light

Lol I hear ya, you are not there. We are. And I won’t talk about this any more.


Yeah. But isnt there any other way than succumbing to their wish and not using light at night.?!.

But when you used it you werent able to use light at night. And they kept on removing your bulb.

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Wow I am really impressed by your speech. :+1::100:

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My advice is there is likely no quick fix for this yet. You have to train and refine your abilities and faith in yourself and your power through practice and experience before you can act.
Rely on your own power and not just those of the spirits you evoke but use your own power and will to perform tasks without thinking or calling on those spirits. Use that power to further cement your bonds with the beings you work best with as they redirect individual power and ability more than they do those who can give a fine offering or follow instructions to a task. You should also branch outside of your practice a bit interact with new spirits and elementals. Look at other paths of magick and see how they are similar and how they differ. Find a practice that truly speaks to you and get good at it but learn to incorporate other techniques and your own personal power and not just those attributed to a tradition or spell.
Books by Franz Bardon are a decent starting point on realizing your own personal power and are practical enough to be taken in a neutral view. Practices dealing with qigong and internal alchemy are good too. The skills and refinement from that set the foundation for anything else you might want to branch out too and if you have other instructions that speak to you by all means include those.
You will know when you are ready and will feel it within. Until you can properly act take the darkness as a lesson and opportunity to grow skills that do not need the light. Work on your astral senses and basic energy work or projection techniques just keep your projections on levels of the astral that you feel are safe to start with. Keep yourself balanced and aware while you work on progress and you will do just fine.


I think most, if not all, spirits are drawn more to personal power and potential than to offerings and sacrifice. EA dropped a book about voudon that supposedly was information only certain people had access to. How did he get that knowledge? He approached the spirits directly. I have had experiences with entities I have not ever even tried to communicate with before. I’m not very powerful, but I’m working on it. For spirits, they see us as we are, potential and all. If you approach some spirits that aren’t loyal to these witches, you will be able to make allies that can help you grow in power and defend yourself.


Thank you. I have been trying to work on my astral projection but it proved futile. I now even use binaural beats but I end up sleeping or feel a great need to swallow saliva.
And also I will start reading my copy of one of Franz Bradon books.

I work differently with the Vodoun and Voodoo spirits. EA is a white man and can never know much about the African way. In Africa we rely solely on the spirit for our needs.

No disrespect, but if you want to change the way things are, you have to be the change. Those witches are powerful because everyone in the region fears those spirits and their power. I can tell you from first hand experience that if a spirit can get you to fear it, whatever power you have is useless. Same thing with any entity, person, or group.

You have the potential to be more powerful than any spirit those witches rely on. And there are spirits that can teach you how to turn that potential into actuality. Or you can build it yourself using Bardon’s books.


Thanks Man.

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No problem. :smile:
Keep a journal if you go through IIH by Bardon. I might get back into the Elements in a short while. Would be cool to compare notes.

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Alright. :grinning:

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For goodness sake! Are you for real???

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Lol yes, I am. What’s up?

Witches have better things to do with their time.


African Witches don’t have better things to do.

Yes i am.

Can I dm you?

Lucifer has helped you before! Why not ask him about them? Or try papa legba?

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