Witches in my community hate light

I dont know where to categorize it. If you know where it will be better off you can move it there, but dont move it to the lounge so that all members can see it.

I know i am a Dark Magician but i still like light especially electric light. But the witches in my area keep spoiling the power supply and all the generators to keep people from using generators. They usually do it at night, so that everywhere will be dark and quiet for their astral meetings.

I know for sure that two of my neighbours are active participants. The first one uses generator when she feels like but doesnt want others to use. She transforms into an owl at night and starts disturbing. The second one is a Voodoo practitioner and when she isnt able to spoil my generator she brings her phone for me to help her charge it.

They are definitely very many in their coven and i am alone fighting for my right to electric power supply coupled with the fact that i am new to magick and voodoo. I am baffled as to how people will hate all manner of light and still want to charge their gadgets.



I just planted a charm to prevent the owl from flying in my compound. So far it is working but i dont know how long it will be able to keep up.


You could “empower” your generator. That might seem weird, but it’s not very difficult.

Give your machine a name. Spend some time working on it and cleaning it. Talk to it and develop sympathy toward it. Make it your friend and servitor. Lots of Americans do that with their cars and it works, even if they don’t think of it as magic.

The trick is to put some of your spirit into the machine. It will enjoy fulfilling its purpose and take on a simple living aura. Then, when your opponent tries to meddle with it, she will meet willful resistance.

Remember, you are struggling for your home and your rightful property. Your opponent is doing harm to a magician’s home without good reason. If it comes down to magical combat, keep that in mind. I recommend calling on the demon Andras. He sews dischord among groups of enemies and is very effective when dealing with people who think they are in control.


Thanks for your help.

Name of your country, man?


If these, as Raven explained it, are true witches that could take on any form to go meeting, who by day time has normal human form and shape but by night are thrice the size of Rick Ross, this trick is nothing to them.

I have been through such too. Our transformer always burn…especially if electricity lasted till 11PM, a big bird would be seen landed on it and the transformer make that day December 31st…it’s a big blast: boom! And all powers down.

Pastors pray till they have no strength to pray anymore, some Islam scholars and clergy did their best too…one herbalist who make an attempt to place something that is forbidden to them there lost a child. So back then there will be electricity during the day but darkness everywhere at night.

If the demon is not competent they will scare it away. These aren’t crafts, charm, talisman or sorcery witches, they are true witches; so powers.


Stewart…that may not be wise. Andras is also known to be hostile to those who evoke…maybe not best for a new practitioner.


Have you thought to ask them when they’ll be doing meetings, and try to cooperate with them on some level, perhaps find out a schedule so you won’t be surprised suddenly with no lights? Maybe use battery power lights on those nights?
If that’s not an option, build a security feature on your generator with a lock.

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you could just talk to them :wink:


What will he say, like: Hi! I know U are a witch and U affect my generator etc…

Or Hi! Please stop tampering with my generator or what?

There is a saying here: The day a child knows who a witch is they will show him what a witch is.

Talking to them won’t work at all, no matter what one got to say.

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Bro’ I’m a Nigerian too. Just by what U described up there I already guessed it.

They can’t understand the witches here…ahh aiye mo juba!

Do u use our traditional charms here? And do u know about herbs?


Have you thought to ask them when they’ll be doing meetings, and try to cooperate with them on some level, perhaps find out a schedule so you won’t be surprised suddenly with no lights?

They start around 8:00PM. They are always around all night so that would mean that i shouldnt use light at night.

If that’s not an option, build a security feature on your generator with a lock.

If you mean physical lock, then it would be no use.

Can you use non electric light?

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You are right. They dont know that the witches here in Africa are very strong and wicked.

ahh aiye mo juba!


Do u use our traditional charms here? And do u know about herbs?

No. Maybe you could teach me. I couldnt find any good source online.

Like torch light?!

Lamp, candle, lantern?

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U mean U see them go meeting around 8PM, or they hold the meeting around U there? Or They are some neighborhood witches? Can U make this clear?

I don’t know how bold and fearless you are. …I can teach you how to make a powder, but don’t know if you can get the ingredients around U.

This powder is used to report anybody to highest rank witches, be it their member or not.

After the powder is done…U would go out around 1AM, naked. And pour the powder on your palm, there is an incantation to call them forth, then you should report the ones disturbing U.

Then blow the powder to your right, left and front…ahh a cat of your height or a smaller one or a bird of your height will appear to you. I’m telling, ya, if these ones troubling U tamper every house in that area they will leave your house alone.

I will PM you the ingredients and how to go about it.


So, you suggest bowing down to a conclave of light fearing bully witches who invade your home with ill intent? Nonsense. You are doing the work for them.

Take the ground-wire off of your generator and leave it running. You might find out that some witches’ illusions are worse than their bite.

@anon50363245 Andreas is known to attack those who evoke him “without care”. From what I’ve seen, that means that he is dangerous to people like @Lord_Raven’s attackers. They use magic for trivial nonsense. They are a group of ill willed oppressors who have no loyalty toward one-another beyond the strength of their coven. That is exactly the kind of person that Andras eats for lunch.

Anyhow, I hope you find the right solution and teach those punks what their parents should have.


Light fearing? They don’t fear light, they hate it cuz it’s like a stain on their dark energies.

Nonsense? Lol you are not the victim and you haven’t come across these types. So it may appear so.

You want to lead him directly to his grave or what?

They don’t do magic.

Because you are yet to meet them.

Human is what they call sheep (food to eat), blood is what they call water. Infant are but calf to them. They would have shared a living man in their meeting and already ate him yet he would remain alive with his family but on a sick bed…and there will be absolute no cure for his sickness, he will only suffer silently till he sees death.

If Raven act according to your words, then he is starting what he can’t finish because he can’t fight them. He has to do something that will make them give him the honour he deserves.

And there is a talisman I can send for him to use but they would attack him right away…because they either vacate that area or vacate him from that area, that’s how the tally will work. And if he is not very strong they will hunt him down.

Don’t confuse witches on broomstick with the witches he is talking about.

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