Witch or Nightmare

In my village people talked about woman who was living in our village, one night she sleeps with husband. Husband hear some flie fly around his wife, and he was look and flie get in his wife mouth and wake up. Next night same only he talked with someone stupid who tell him that he turn her upside down that flie cant return in body. Flie come and she like crazy fly around body, he was ask for help some woman who was living close them help, then she say that he fast return her normal position that flie(his wife spirit) return in body. That woman know his wife secret guess,then flie go in wife mouth and wife waked up.Husband angry (christian brainwashed and in fear) tell her that when be mass in church that she go and tell priest her secret that he will go to priest and ask him did she say her sins and if she dont tell he beat her. She cry and say she cant say and betray other witches coz they will kill her. So sunday come and she go in church and tell her sins, when mass finished she go outside church and start scream that witches atack her,she was ask that woman who living next them that help her that they atack her. But that woman couldnt see nothing, wife keep runing to home. In morning husband try wake her up she was dead.

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in my village many weird things happen, one night 9 sheeps find dead in morning, then they was cut them and they didnt find heart in any of them. Then at midnigt close crossroad many goats black dance in circle. Then at night something like witches be seen fly but actually they was like torch over sky like body of light.

idk christians crush their own rules, is there in marriage mass is sayed that in evil and good you should be with your partner, here he pissed her off, that iam witch i would beat him hellish,turn his life upside down

I honestly think these are nothing more than mere fairytales to scare children.


There may be a true core to some of these tales, but some are just too wild.

i dont know thats people talked in village so guess not posible that all liars ??

No, not liars. Only repeating the same old stories again and again until they believe them themselves.


or guy when soldiers shoot in him and bullets just fall down on ground he know some charm or prayer

i thinked and reasearch about witches there is this high even mages who can transform self in animals etc, for witches there posible they with help of madragora etc traveled to astral world,which they think they with material body traveled there but actually just astral

but actually this so powerful mages,witches, that can manifest their astral form as on astral you can transform in many forms but this mean like bring that form in material world manifestation. Dont you think there is this who can take any form ? example Belzebub lord of flies

Excuse me, which is your village and country?

Just stop being so dysfunctional as a society, and sort your fucking lives out.

Hope that helps. :+1:


old times ppl be more connected with their source

Would say soul-eating sorcerers who transform the soul into an animal before eating them which comes out of their bodies at night which have demons in them which can cause accidents, block finances and so on they have ranks that are their age level in the spiritual world if it causes damage to the person family also it rises in rank and have more powerful spirits in them they can attack you in the physical rise with a simple gesture of their member I am already met

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Lady Eva you are super smart , you know power of darkness can do many things

Ranks I mean he can be 200 years old in the spiritual world for example

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Belzebub is lord of flies, Bael can take form of spider,frog,cat . Azazel can come as black goat.

villagers are bored so they make up stories to scare. lol. happen in all asian villages of the past. haha.

so all this ppl authors worldview who reasearch years and collected so many, so all around world with similar stories are liars ?

no. they exaggerate truth and add stuff to it to be more entertaining. No one likes boring stick to the facts story. lol telling stories is a skill that involve creativity and imagination.