William R. Wraithe

Looking for anyone with experience with Morphosephram: The Handbook of Shadow by William R. Wraithe. I already have the book, and am hoping to find a sense of community with anyone else who has it

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I have it but I wish to inform you that William Wraithe has updated the Morphosephram system. The new book is called the Shifter’s Bible and this is offered as a more direct way to shift. However in my opinion the Morphosephram is still very interesting about vampyre path ( Mobloch ).


Ive read the book on Celtic sigils and seals, and i know that @Yoheroyo and i discussed about the book prior, maybe he can weigh in some about this topic.


I’m aware of the new book. Right now, I can’t afford it, so I plan to use Morphosephram

If he can, I’d like to hear from him

His books took my attention, but I can’t afford to go through another disappointment. Sounds too promising and that started to make me feel sceptical. So easy to fall into that mindset.
I’m missing my Fool phase, when things where much more interesting and I’ve had some unbelievable results.

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Regarding Morphosephram It takes a lot of training and preparation before to undertake the choosen shifting ritual. You have to choose between were creature/vampier or shapeshifter.

It is an amazing system and probably the most difficult one that I know because the only purpose is the permanent physical shifting ability so it is not to taken lightly.

The failure can be fatal here at least at mind level ( seizure). Most of the time even advanced practicer of occult arts disbelieve the possibility of physical shift into were creature or vampier. And further between those who have strong believe it is needed to unlock some unconscious/subconscious blocages to have success.

As I have said the training phase and the making of your oils/ tools are of utmost importance also you need a full third eye opened ( as it is used to empower the rituals and to see the beings etc) It is not advised to disclose any information from Morphosephram book as the author has put a spell on it as stated at the beginning pages.

The Shifter’s Bible is even more amazing as it allow to choose an astral source and shift between were- wolf/dragon/bear/naga/bird/snake/angel/demonic being.

In my opinion the shifter’s bible is more easy to do than morphosephram. This is just my point of view and I think that William Wraithe is agree with that.


I’ll keep that in mind. I don’t know when I’ll be able to afford The Shifters Bible though. I’ll be doing the training phase in the meantime. If I can afford it later down the road, then I will get it

I see this book brought up quite a bit but I never see anybody even try and bullshit their way to convincing anyone it works, much less be sincere about it. I forget how much it costs but that’s a good chunk of change for something with very specific results that can scarcely be believed.


From what I’ve heard: they’re junk.


That’s what I figured. Hell, if I (completely legally) found a PDF or something and it worked, i would buy three physical copies and send him a fucking fruit basket. But some expensive but relatively easily acquired time with the secrets to physical shifting? There would be werewolves all over the damn place. Furry conventions would never be the same again :joy:


I have read the Morphosephram book it is not an instant system in which you do a ceremony and receive immediately the shifting powers, it needs a lot of training and preparation before to be able to do the ritual step ( last part) and even after this step there is months of transition state who can be painful according to the author.
I have found many concept very interesting into this book regarding the training phase, shadow/dark matter manipulation and other things.

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As someone who owns the book it’s legit. It is very in depth and dangerous magick though. You need special materials and ages of practise possibly years before you will get what it promises you. That being said you will get what it promises you. Anyone who thinks it’s not legit clearly doesnt own it because I assure you it very much is. The warnings at the start of the book are legit as well and not to be taken lightly. I just started working with the thing so feel free to dm me if you want to talk more in depth about it with someone.


Thank you

Resurrecting this thread. Has anyone here actually attempted the methods described in either the Morphosephram or the Shifter’s Bible, and if so, what were your experiences?

Pinging @Cerberus_Spotty, @F.DominusUmbraNoctis, and @Thatonememer who have a copy, but I’m also looking to hear from anyone else who may have used these methods.

I haven’t even begun the methods in the book because of how dangerous they are. However I have looked into some of the exercises and I can verify the magick legit as hell and dangerous too. It’s for advanced practitioners who have their 3rd eye open, who preferably live on their own, who can go out of their way with a car and money to retrieve their own materials and find their own locations. This is not the type of magick you want to be doing in your parents house. With all that being said. It’s real. I don’t doubt that for a minute, and it’s also scary so those are my hand full of thoughts.

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@Thatonememer Do you believe the part of the Morphosephram that claims the PDF is ‘cursed’ when obtained illegally?

Yes. Given all the operations are real magick and some even involving demons theirs no reason to believe that the curses placed on pirates are weak spots of the grimore. You want this book pay for it.

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