Will people who kill with magic suffer karma?

I am curious… I have seen people boast about killing the mentally ill or some other kind of vulnerable people. It just doesn’t sit right with me and I was wondering if karma will eventually get them? Personally I would never kill with magick, I’d rather forgive.

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There’s plenty of topics on here about this. A lot of people don’t believe in karma. This forum is all about self empowerment so do what you will.

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I know… But I’ve read some knowledgable people on here say karma does exist, so I believe them.

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Don’t follow what other people say. Make up your own mind


karma is relative. Like everyone else in this world, I do not believe in karma and prefer to be responsible for my own actions and deeds here and now in the present tense. I don’t think there is anything like karma, purgatory and other places where the soul resides.


Currently my stance: Karma exists and if I were to kill someone with magick, it would go back on me. Personally I have seen too much proof that karma exists, like those instant karma videos are proof too. Whatever the case I pray for all the people who were killed for petty reasons.

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Not sure why you’re asking again then? :thinking:

But consider that the mage may BE the karma for the other person doing bad things. karma is not punishment, that’s a misuse and often an excuse to abuse people used by petty humans imo, such as is used in the caste systems, to stop them standing up for themselves via guilt, not dissimilar to how JCI religions tar everyone with being of “original sin” and evil by nature, even babies that did nothing to anyone. This concept in itself is evil mind control, imo and an excuse for committing horrors that if karma was real should be punished, except it very obviously and evidently isn’t if you just look around.

And if you think about it. what’s the mechanism?

So the mechanism of it is the consequences of mixing up your energy with others… and they with yours. Most often, it’s not you that started it, but as a mage, you can stand in your power and get to finish it. And maybe in the doing you are saving others from what happened to you, which is also “good” karma, no?

So the answer is, well, it depends. Look within yourself for what toy want to do, study the lows of energy involved, including emotions that can blind you to the other flows, and decide if you are the hand of retribution, protection, or just being petty. Are you building negative energy attachments or clearing them? There’s your karma and how to understand and control it.


Karma is real but it is not what most people think it is. It’s not some sort of mechanism of cosmic justice or anything. It is simply cause and effect. You do this action, and you cause that reaction. That is it. If you kill, you will reap the guilt and assorted emotions that often come with such an act. If you have no conscience, then you still reap an effect. Maybe someone will try to kill you in turn. Or a family member will carry the guilt on your behalf.

Everything we do carries karma of some sort. Most of the time it is negligible and doesn’t have much of an effect on us. However, if you go around punching people, eventually someone is going to punch you back. Or shoot you.


Yea I asked this question because I needed clarification. I understand now, good to know killing someone for petty reasons does not go unpunished.

I didn’t say that. People who commit heinous acts often live long and prosperous lives. I simply pointed out that what you do has an effect, but I did not say what the effect is.


Maybe someone will try to kill you in turn

can you explain this part, I misunderstood it

Oh I think it absolutely can do.

So I wouldn’t say that. Again it’s NOT “punishment”. Consequences are not the same thing as punishment. They are different words for a reason. This is where “words have power” comes in: they have power because of their meaning, and you need to use the right words with the right meaning, not just use the words you wish were true but see it as it is and use the appropriate words.

Don’t forget, energy is not good or bad, the universe doesn’t judge it like that… human judgement has to apply that value to it. Humans must choose to make judgement based on their values within the context of the situation.

A lot of how it gets applied is also through the humans manifesting energy around the situation. A killer may feel guilt and be longing to get caught, and they will manifest that for themselves. But the killer who is fully psychopathic and believes the target was only an object no more important than the chair they are sitting on, he can get away with it as long as he doesn’t make any mistakes.

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It is just one possible effect that could be set in motion by killing someone. However, it’s not the only possibility. Good things happen all the time to bad people, and bad things happen to good people.

Damn, that’s so unfair for all the people who got killed… I wish there was some kind of justice system in magick (mainly those who got killed for petty reasons)

How do you know?

Probably, sure, but maybe not, it depends who got killed and what they signed up for… again could be their “karma” acting on them as like attracts like, maybe they are all killers too.

Again this is a value judgement you have made as a human on the ground with a certain background and a lot of unstated assumptions. As far as the universe is concerned it’s all just experience, there’s no good or bad and there is no “unfair”.

“Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so”. - Shakespeare

When you try to alter or force the free will on someone, you are weakening your own Sun :sunny:. You are basically telling yourself and the universe that you cannot function on your own as an individual. When Sun gets weak, troubles come because you cannot keep the things you have alive so the person will have to keep on doing rituals after rituals, adding more powerful spirits.

Those who alter others free will always end up bad or the things they get never sustain at all.

And it’s really a bad idea to kill through magic and the end you will be the one that will be sacrificed and the spirit that will torment you will be the one that showed you how to kill


There is no karma, only consequences, so there is only cause and effect. Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Salazar, why didn’t karma come to them? A homosexual does not enter heaven, but they do, where is the karma. A child is born without resources in some lost area of the world and barely has enough to survive, there is no karma. From what you do there is cause and effect.

When they talk about karma, they are really talking about cause and effect.
The only way there can be a bad effect is if you believe that what you have done (cause) is bad.
What defines bad and good are the rules.
If you change the rules you redefine good and bad.

So how do you change the rules?
Rules are defined by language
I must ________
I need to _______
I should ________
I ought ________
I have to ________
I’m supposed to ___----------
I shouldn’t
I mustn’t

From this point on, irrational thoughts are formed that take the following structure
If _____________ then ______________
And if that is true
If _______________ then ______________
To infinity

Then let’s take an example
A person likes a girl or a boy
His rule is always to be gentlemanly

The rule: I have to be a gentleman/A man always has to be a gentleman.
The irrationality: If I am a gentleman then he will see me as someone special, if he sees me as someone special then he will care about me, if he cares more about me then I will be unique to him, if ______________ then _____________, if ___________- then, etc.

Your beliefs with karma reflect rules
And an irrational way of thinking.
Just like this man

This can be easily eliminated
I’m not going to teach you how to collapse this in your head
I don’t want to create psychopaths
But realize that both of you are just as irrational.

I have to be a good person
If I am a good person then I will be the universe will understand that, if the universe understands that it will value what I have been asking for, if I do more good things then I will be more likely to get what I want, if _____________ then ___________

The universe doesn’t care about you
As long as you don’t have the will
Change the rules
Which will change the perception
Then good and bad won’t exist anymore

I may delete this


Fairness is such an ambiguous concept. I think you’re only reading into it what you want to hear rather than listening to people’s posts. There is a difference between punishment and consequences and if you kill somebody there is no guarantee that you will face punishment or consequences. There are too many variables to consider.

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I have always been hesitant in doing death curses because I don’t know if karma exists or not. It’s not enough for me to say I believe nothing because I could be wrong. I performed a kind of curse ritual to liberate myself from my rage and thirst of revenge 16 years ago. Coincidentally I overheard people talking about he went through a car crash and hit an old lady. I have also assumed it was a coincidence because I did no proper ceremony and invoked powers of darkness. All what I did is to draw a picture of him and stab it with a knife in my fury. If that is enough to release magick and it was truly my magick that caused his accident then karma must not be the case because I’m still here without any broken bones etc…