Will Lucifer get upset?

Will Lucifer be upset if I ask a different spirit or demon for help.

You’d be better off asking him, while he hasn’t gotten such from other people, I’m sure it depends on circumstances just as the LOA rather you work with only them for a while but then open you up to working with others. So, yeah ask him, because everyone’s situation works differently.

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Everybody keeps saying this. Im starting to actually get mad about it because noone ever speaks to me or shows up… I don’t know if they dislike me or what.

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How’s your sensitivity? a lot of people get into working with entities without first refining their clairvoyant abilities.

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How do i do that

Learn to scan, meditate on feeling, hearing, seeing, smelling, etc your own energy and the energy around you. There are a handful of ways to work your clairvoyant skills.

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Yeah ive been trying to do that. I used to feel Lucifer with me alot more but lately I don’t as much. Sometimes I do. Like today but I want to have a conversation.

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Even spirits work with each other. It’s all good, don’t worry about it. Also, most magi work with multiple spirits and even summon them at the same time.

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You can work with others too, as long as you have respect for him.


You can ask lucifer or tell him to suggest a good entity for you to work with next


Being upset is a very low energy. Gods have high energy vibrations maybe the lowest possible energy vibration they have is wrath.

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High=/=good nor does low=/=bad. Being upset is a natural thing for every God, Goddess, Demon, Angel, human, practically anything that can feel emotions.


Is there a list and ranking of each energy vibration from high to low?

There’s no energy vibration ranking, the idea that “high=good” and “low=bad” is severely wrong and misunderstood.

Good to know. If I was to take just matter into account like solids, liquid, gaseous etc. I’m sure some particles are more densely packed than others and all vibrate differently. And I’m sure the same applies to other things. Different but not the good/bad bigotry one is so used to from dogmatic religious influences. I can’t say I understand it all that well and I guess trying to put power levels and vibrational levels is just a human idea.

Why you should care what he or anyone thinks ?

dont be childish, and dont occult with control freaks.

As long as you’re not disrespectful towards him (ex. intentionally insulting him), then you’re fine.

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Definitely not ask him to lead you to the right one you can work with both of them