Will I see scrying images with my imagination or physically?

Getting into on the go snappy scrying. I want results, and so I guess I need to get this.

I’m flipping a coin and constantly checking to see if I’m right. I’m so fricken bad at this, I get it wrong all of the time.



Good possibility it’s all chance that I got those right.

It depends on how deep you go into the process. Sometimes you can get so caught up in a vision or what you are scrying that you lose association with your body and it feels like youre actually ‘there’. Other times its vague mental impressions. Scrying is not just limited to your visual sense, but can play on all your senses. So keep an open mind when you are attempting this.

When I scry, it starts off as mental, but images can superimpose themselves on your scrying surface. However, when I first started I doubted a lot and didn’t think ‘it was working’ because I focused too much on the ‘I have to see it in the mirror’ aspect. That held me back for a long time.

Im rambling here…



  • You may see things physically, but it is far more common to intuit things with your magical imagination.

  • Do not limit yourself to just sight or images, but feelings -sells, tastes, sounds, etc- can be just as relevant. Even emotional feelings may pop up depending on what you are trying to divine.

  • Write down everything. Things that you see might not make sense now, but will come in handy in the future looking back.

  • Relax and don’t try too hard. That will only hold you back xD

Another exercise you might want to try is to try to scry what your friend or family members are wearing. Shirt color perhaps. Jeans or shorts? Black socks or white :stuck_out_tongue: Write down your prediction BEFORE you get confirmation.Text to verify - hey man, what color shirt are you wearing? lol My friends get ‘weird texts’ from me all the time.


So far? Not good. Pigs with hairy backs, weird Gruntilda witches catching projectile spit from the pig and turning it into this weird light ball they look into, freezing them and making them shatter into pieces something something giant t-rex with a bomb on it’s head

IS it heads?


Fuck this actually.

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It may help if you have an actual target or something verifiable other than Y or N, heads or tails, to focus on.

It could be the future.

It could be the past (something someone never told you).

It could be what so and so ate for breakfast :stuck_out_tongue:

It could be where a person IS currently. Their location.

What I have in my room under the black box. (there actually used to be a remote viewing group that used to rotate members putting things in boxes and then people trying to peek inside)

You can get creative with it and have fun while testing your abilities.

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That leads to me embarrassing myself. I am trying to grow my abilities to find y/n answers. To find 1/3 answers. To find, oh, which racehorse is going to win answers.

There is nothing wrong with ‘embarrassing yourself’. Shouldnt feel that way when practicing anyway. Its nothing silly, even though it may seem so.

They dont have to know that you are guessing their shirt color. Just tell them you are doing a survey or something xD My friends just never even ask anymore lol and if I dont want to tell them, Im just like, tell me plz xD or I use the poll excuse. There are weirder things in the world.

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The method I’m using is more accessible. You may think it sounds fun but to me it sounds like five minutes of me trying to explain I’m not crazy. I said I’m not doing it.

I don’t know what to answer as the title says one thing and the text in the OP (opening post) says another, however I’ll go for the title as it is a question I can actually answer. Part of my answer has already been covered by @Ryce when they said:

My answer is intially you’ll likely, unless you are a freak of nature or extremly gifted experience things in your imagination. You’ll likely get flashes of images entering your mind when you scry with a target in mind for example if you’d spy on a fictitious lover or an actual neighbour; you may see them doing something for a brief moment perhaps handling a garden hoose, then your mind intuitively start fill in the blanks with gut feelings for a bit and until the next flash until the flashes and impression stops. Many people stop because the flahes of images may seem incoerent or doesn’t make sense at all at first. If you are anything like me, my visions at least when I started out weren’t literal, a lot of the time they were symbolical and when picked apart and examined symbol by symbol they answered my question 98,99 % of the time. Your senses is going to fill in the blanks initially when you start and the more you relax and don’t judge your experience, in due time, it will likely start intensifying and becoming less symbolical in due time, at least that was the case for me.

Eventually you’ll reach a point where images and even sounds and other sensations, like smell and presences in the room, etc will become quite real for you. Then you can if you have advanced enough move your attention from the mirror while keeping the scrying vision up; to a nearby wall for example. This is a turning point when things will start to go from just an intuitive or sensory thing to become a very tactile and surreal experience. In order to get there you must allow yourself to see and the best advice I ever got was this:

For the moment when you begin scrying, don’t think, don’t analyze just experience the flow of the vision, it is when you do any pf the aforementioned that you’ll impede the scrying process effectively sabotaging to whole operation. That’s from Namaah, one of Qliphoth, she gave me that nugget of information when I came to her struggling learning how to scry despite knowing how in theory I simply couldn’t do it well enough. However that advice helped me kickstart and also develop my scrying abillities far beyond what I had initially thought myself capeable of doing.

When it becomes more intense don’t freak out, keep yourself grounded and in place because scrying has a tendency if taken far enough to become pretty intense, as when practiced on for lone enough or held long ebough it sort of becomes a crank that turns the wheel of your omniscience that can feel like an assult on your senses meaning you can become a bit tired, but normally you can just keep scrying until you feint basically. Not many people mentions this at times it seems, like talking about the different stages one might start experiencing development in this particualr branch of divination.

P.S - when scrying whatever you see, say it outloud it helps, a neat little mantra presented by E.A in his Mastering Divination course which is: “see it, say it!” - it helps.
Hope my answer helped out a bit and that it answered your question.


Plane? Sky? Flying? Thrusters? Clouds? Dog?

Something to look through. A metaphorical or actual window. Maybe like a portal.

How close am I?

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A key? A sword?

The first thing I really saw was a green book.

Sorry it looks like I derailed your thread my apologies, I’ll remove my posts and make a new thread about it somewhere else for those who are intrested.

Max I saw your many posts with spectacular things you do. I thought you had this.

The things you can do you discovered you could do naturally, rather than following a study path?

Yeah I derailed too. I’m sorry.

You’re right. I did all of that my own way. When I wanted to project, I didn’t lose consciousness or move it. I split it, focused my consciousness on my spiritual body.

I suppose the way I do this is to invoke some power and peer into it. Maybe make a mirror of truths in my internal world.

Maybe. I’ll keep you updated

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The easiest way to understand scrying is like this…
Ever look up at the clouds and say, “hey! That cloud looks like Abraham Lincoln giving a blowjob to a fire hydrant”!
And that’s how it works, you see images but your mind gives them the meaning.


I’m trying this “spinner in the sky” thing. I imagine there’s this little wheel spinner and if it lands on green, the coin is heads. If red, the coin is tails.

Better method, release a dart (just loosen my grip) and the dart flies to either green or red

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