Will demons attack a false prophet

I have a situation where a prophetess ruined my life when I was younger by giving me a false prophecy about my husband. I did an expose video on her in 2012 (as a former Christian) and many people contacted me and shared that their lives were destroyed as well. I took my video down in 2014 & closed my channel. I forgot about her until a video popped up of her yet speaking more lies. My blood is boiling thinking about all of the damage she has done and continues to do without an ounce of sorrow. Do demons attack false prophets or should I call an angel?


Hello, I think it is up to you. You should call the entity/entities you are most comfortable working with, the entity/entities you are most connected to.

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Many thanks!

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I would consider that you are the agent of the universe, or whatever you call that, that is the mechanism by which she is prevented from causing more harm. Many entities tend not to intervene unless sked and “given permission” to by humans.

There’s entities in the Goetia that can force a betrayer to reveal themselves and expose thieves. This person can only operate because people do not know.


I appreciate the insight. Thanks.

Kindly list Which entity (s) of the Goetia can do that??

I am following a situation unfolding concerning some individuals who claim to be “spiritualists” who possess “special and powerful spiritual knowledge” unfortunately, these people have successfully managed to fool lot of men and women, since stumbling upon these folks, I’ve been pondering about touching them but not like killing-harming them or anything like that…

just removing the mask they’re wearing and take down the illusions of which regular folks are not capable of seeing through - expose their blatant ignorance and their lack of understanding of the subjects they’re pretending to know sooo well

These people have been “PROPHESYING” some really bunker shit… and OH! Did I mention they are “PROPHETS” too??

These individuals are talking about topics they know nothing about while giving the false impression they are masters

If you are familiar with some goetic spirits who can really deal with these dickheads like teaching them a lesson in addition to expose them as the fraudsters they are and their ridiculous lies, I’d like to know more of them

Thanks in advance :pray:


Oh I forgot. I encourage you to try the search for “goetia betrayal”. This forum has 11 years and most subject have come up before, you’re missing out on all the opinion of you don’t have a browse through. Also get hold of a reference, like Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove, and add an exercise leaf through and see what’s available, you’ll be surprised what interesting options starting coming to mind.

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