Why would God need others to do their bidding?

The whole point of being God is knowing the power is all within you. Why would you need to reach for something outside of your self?

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My best guess: you’re forgetting the BECOME part of become a living god, mate. It’s a process.

The mythologies of gods don’t show that at all though, they interact with other gods, compete, have victories and triumphs etcetera. :smiley:


I’ve learned everything I’ve ever needed from myself. The problem with getting answers from outside of yourself is that it’s someone else’s answer and not your own. Gnosis. Inner knowing.Know thyself!


Competing with others is pointless. Trying to show who is better is from insecurity. I know the stories, it never seemed very Godlike.

Why is it?

If food ran out, would you still think that?

If someone you loved was injured and screaming in agony, and a junkie was about to recreatiuonally swallow a bunch of pain pills for the buzz, would you not compete for possession of those pills?

Not really, stags have large antlers to show they can dominate in a fight, and by so doing, they actually avoid fights. Showing power usually prevents problems, instead of inviting them.

“Talk softly, carry a big stick.” :smiley:


@Deniseer please don’t forget to introduce yourself properly. The post you made does not meet the requirement because it literally says nothing about your or your experience in magick.


In my experiences there has always been another way. No need to take from someone else. Food is not going to run out because the planet is regenerative and growing food is not that difficult, it can be grown anywhere in any climate with certain methods, except in somewhere with too much pollution or radiation. Protecting yourself is not the same thing as competing. Competing is stepping over others to get what you want, not caring what happens to them. You can protect yourself from being stepped on though.

But with respect, your experience does not reflect all of human history, and all possible scenarios even just for our species. Humans are hard-wired to compete, which is why we enjoy sport, and playing games. A game where no-one wins or loses is generally less engaging. :slight_smile:

All of the things we enjoy naturally are based upon the things which helped us to survive. People who enjoyed other things failed to pass along their genes, and were deleted from the universe.

“Food.” :thinking:

You compete for life with plants and vegetables every day and you win that competition, they lose their lives so you can continue to live. Even if you’re vegan, animals and insects are killed to protect crops with poison and traps, and are caught up in the harvesting process.

Your “food” is you are feasting upon the corpses of beings who could not out-compete you, and feast upon yours.

And your immune system is in a constant life or death struggle with microbes, parasites, its sole purpose is to kill intruders and anything in your own body which begins to act in a hostile manner.

Life is war. :smiley:


Forcing people to follow stupid rules isn’t Godlike either. My answer would’ve been that I AM ALL. I don’t practice magick. I AM ALL. It’s all within you and me. See? It isn’t up to this forum’s standards lol. Peace :v:

Okay I’m not sure if you’re serious, but this is our rule, please check them and let me know if you’re going to have any problems with them:

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And yet you perceive our rules as external. :wink:

Whatever, dude. People call themselves many things to make themselves feel special, but that doesn’t makes them true, nor does it exempt them from following the forum’s rules. This forum’s founders do not grant metaphysical exceptions for delusional titles :man_shrugging:

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Holier than thou? Any and all Gods throughout their lives more than likely had help, had struggles with one another, competed and so forth. Another way might exist but doesn’t make that way better or really lesser than the other depending on circumstance. However, then again I wouldn’t even call everyone Gods, some maybe, demons others, Angels others, humans others, expansive existence and all.


Evola emphasized the point of the individual, the “I” acting only with its power; fair POV and he’s one of the authors I study, although indeed it’s often a case of getting there, and doing evocations/stuff may be more fun.

Not necesarily to do their bidding, but work conciously to some direction, since god cannot affect your “setting” you know you have free will. to be somekinda and act like something on some situation, which even “god” cannot change without you letting it change.

@Deniseer, while your question is valid, it feels like your doing the very thing to others your questioning.
If your looking for the feel good, love everyone and self sacrificing hugs and kisses this is not the place for you. Although that does happen here on occasion LOL

If your really searching for a deeper meaning and understanding the mechanics of the world you live in, pull up a chair pay some attention and drop your inner preacher.