Why? When I’m drunk that my magick is the strongest

Why is it that when I’m drunk and casting a curse or any magick for that matter…is it the strongest and most effective?

It always works when I’m drunk. But when I’m sober and clear minded…it struggles a little. But holy crap…when I’m drunk…I can hear and sense and feel everything. Scary thing is, I’m not the kinda drunk that forgets things.


You Let go of any exeptation (I killed the word :joy:) and you just do it anyways.


When we are drunk feelings and senses are stronger because fear goes aside and of course logic, that’s my opinion !


It’s simple. Your inhibitions are lowered when you’re drunk. Your cerebral cortex is put to sleep and your primal “reptile” brain takes over so your emotions are heightened. Because your brain is, in effect, poisoned, it puts you in an altered state of consciousness.


Drugs and alcohol have been used for millennia by shamans and witches to induce altered states of consciousness, and enhance the ability to do magick and commune with the spirit world. It is STILL used by many for that same purpose. And these substances are used for a reason… They work! Although they do have a habit of becoming crutches in ones development.


Yeah those those are lost

You are right, greek priestess Pythia used to do the same when she wanted to channel prophecies from Apollo


Alcohol is called “spirits” and associated with dionysian cults and the cthonic underworld for a reason. It affects your spirit as much as your body and mind, in a way which is a massive augment to black magic.


I was wondering about that too !
At first I thought drinking would hinder magick but reading these posts it feels like it’s the opposite. And it makes sense because of the “logic mind” being shut out and everything.
But I’d be wary of the emotionnal state drinking put you in though. I think it might cause issues depending of what kind of thing or people you’re trying to attract trough magick.
Depends what kind of drunk you are :joy:


It does hinder the ability to perform certain magics and a drunk occultist is often at least as dangerous to himself as anyone else.


Maybe I should have preface with I’m a super lightweight. I took one shot of whiskey or a swig of beer and I’m happy and giddy buzz. Never passed out drunk slurred speech drunk.

I recall when my hubby was driving my buddy and I back to the hotel in Vegas and a motorcyclist was riding dangerously to other drivers on the rode. I verbally chanted, and have him wipe out so he’ll stop putting others in danger. But to not get hurt. And right when I finished…dude wipes out, unhurt. This is only one account. It’s actually very very creep to me how often stuff like this happens when I’m drunk.

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Have a quick look at this, basically saying alscohol makes you focus more on just one thing and that intense emotion comes along for the ride:

It’s mostly talking about alcohol abuse but the principle should be the same for any intoxication, no matter how infrequent.


Oooh interesting… may have to try drunk magick. I always put myself in an altered state of consciousness for magick now… super easy via Wim Hof breathing and bineaurals but I might take advantage of the time I’m merry too :laughing:


My friends mom can only do rituals, divination, ANYTHING magical related when she starts to drink. I personally like to smoke when I’m doing magic but not always. I think since our mental state is altered, we can connect more easily?? i dont know, just my two cents lol


One of the strongest psychics I know only does what he does when he drinks, though he claims it’s because he active suppresses his spiritual side when he’s sober.


I used to drink a bunch of caffeine before I gave readings in middle school, stopped it for awhile.


you made me laugh…


Any subconscious blockages/walls both mundane and spiritual are suppressed to the point your will overrides them. It’s like when a little kid goes for a cookie out the oven knowing damn well it’s gonna burn like hell. But, they endure the pain chewing that bitch with a smile knowing damn well that cookie was well worth the hassle.

The most hardcore curse I did I had to do piss drunk when I was 15 cause my fear of collateral damage would’ve fucked it all to hell. Once the Everclear kicked in and all blockages gone I became a demon in every sense of the word. I had a friend choke me out once the ritual was finished. Alcohol is a hell of a drug when used right

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Transient Hypofrontality (Neurology term, have fun reading if you’re a nerd like me.)

Same thing happens when people are on LSD or stoned. To power up the brain you must power down the part with the parking brakes so to speak. This is how TGS works

Drugs are facilitators of all magickal processes if you use them as such


not bad.

Alcohol is a cellular poison.
It changes your physical state.

Alcohol is also called “spirit”, isn’t it?

That’s because,
it can be used as a medium,
for pushing spirits into,
or out of a vessle.

correct. :slight_smile: