Why trust demons?

Oeps most people would be tortured in hell because they use condoms or masturbate.
Only if you are a Priest than it’s no problem to touch young choir boys against their will


i’m not talking about the church. im talking about trust. what made you think i was talking about church?

I think the question is what you’re ultimately trusting them with. Are you talking about making pacts or asking them questions about your life? I agree with what @wisemanecho says, demons gain nothing from lying or deceiving you; you have to keep in mind that Satan IS wisdom and power. All of Satan’s demons all operate on the principle of knowledge, free thinking, and independence. This explains why sometimes people have somewhat unpleasant or frightening experiences with demons (I know I have!), sometimes the unexperienced magicians may feel unprepared or overwhelmed by the information they receive. Many times, whether the information is coming from a spiritual entity or not, we are simply afraid or unprepared for the truth of the matter. I work with Sallos, and some of the things he has revealed to me have been hard to swallow or unpleasant, that doesn’t mean he’s trying to harm or deceive me, its just him presenting what I am not able to see or understand at the time. Pacts, on the other hand, are a different story. Can you 100% rely on ANY spiritual entity to carry out everything you’ve asked for? Well, I think the answer to that question is a bit more complicated. If you aren’t holding up your end of the bargain or are in some way hindering the work the spirit is doing for you, you cannot expect real results. Pacts/deals are completely different and whether or not you feel like you can trust a demon to help you achieve your desired goals, is totally dependent on how you feel when you contact the demon you’re working with and whether or not its a relationship you feel will suit your needs.


Dante’s inferno is not from the church

Because you where referring to torture most dogma about burning in hell and torture comes from evangelical churches


“Their demons”

The fundamental parts of your reason seem faulty to me.

For example, what do you define as a demon? If demon to you just means an angry torture machine, then yes, perhaps not trust them until you know them.

“Torture for fun”

Humans do too, as do animals, ever seen a cat play with their food? Or seen children torture animals?

“No reason to think of us as anything more than germs and help us out for unknown reasons”

Why wouldn’t this apply to gods of all kinds from your understanding?

“Good reason to want our souls”

What is this reason? And why don’t any other type of entity have reasons for it?

Basically, why would you trust demons any more or less than anything else?


Please see the following:
Mileage may vary.


That is not what I’ve gotten from any spirit. And they are capable of caring about us. If you look around here you’ll see it happens all the time :+1:

You’re not going to loose your soul. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I see several responses about trusting them being the same as trusting people. Good parallel but I have to add that without trust and making ourselves a little vulnerable we can’t have good relationships with anyone, human or otherwise. The better the relationship, the better the results of your workings .


Very well put @JezebelleMoon.


Errr… and why you should trust humans? Or angels? Go with Budda: " Try it first, then if it works, believe it".


Well, actually, there are demons who are even in romantic relationships with humans, and the love there is totally real.
Like, if you haven’t noticed by now, I even talk about my relationship with Azazel 24/7. It’s because demons can care so much for whoever they’re with. The love is there – they care.

It’s not just for romantic relationships either. They care a lot for their human friends too. Demons will even do a good bit of protecting for them. It’s like a legit friendship. They are living beings with feelings too, and sometimes they even feel really happy to help.


Why trust people? People are the cause of war, disease and destruction yet we trust other humans. I don’t trust anybody, it’s how i live. UNTIL it’s proven that I can. And I’ve never had a demon let me down. It’s like making friends, the more time you spend and the more you know them it just develops.


Because the infernal divine was in trusted with mankind’s ascension long ago.
We formed an ancient covenant.


To be fair, spirits in general aren’t always trustworthy, so this is a healthy mindset to have when interacting with one for the first time. Not every spirit wants to be our friend, be they demon, angel or otherwise. I can say this though: as long as you show respect (as in remember to say “please” and “thank you”) and don’t harbor any ill intentions toward them, then they won’t try to harm you.


Because you’re bringing up souls. No spirit, demonic or otherwise, wants your soul.

It’s Hollywood, and church propaganda. Demons are no different than Angels (for example).

Someone here explained it very nicely but I don’t remember the post. They likened Demons to energy and all energy wants is to move so by working with them you allow them to flow.


I would say “thinking of us as germs” is giving them human bias which I’ve never seen. These are entities that have never been human, they are unhuman and don’t see things through our lenses.


This. While they’re all for making sure your soul is properly cared for, souls are completely useless to spirits. If you offered yours to one, they’d be like “Great! What the hell am I supposed to do with this?”


@anomalous Why should you trust demons? Because they have a consistent record of giving accurate and verifiable information without necessarily speaking in terms of a single belief system without using dogma. You not only get valuable information from them, but they can do some very impressive and kind things for you (for example, I smoked cigarettes for the past 3 years, 10-15 cigs per day, Lord Belial helped me stop smoking, haven’t smoked for the past 12 days, nor have I felt the urge).

You say “but still, they’re demons”; I must address this misconception: first off, the word “Demon” is derived from the Latin word “Daemon” which means “A divinity or supernatural being of a nature between gods and humans. / An inner or attendant spirit or inspiring force.” Which is derived from the Greek word “Daimōn” which means “Deity/Genius”. Therefore you’re only skeptical due to the perversion of the original meaning of the word. Not to mention the fact that almost all of the entities you would call “Demons” are just ancient Gods of other cultures who were demonized after the culture was overtaken by another culture that wanted to convert the people of the defeated culture to the religion of the ruling culture; they would tell them that the Gods they worship are “demons” to scare them and belittle their spirituality, some converted willingly, others had to be threatened, many were tortured then converted, and some refused to convert and were killed. The ones that truly are “evil” are more often than not lower Astral entities, nothing even close to a Demonic Lord. By you holding to the concept that “All Demons are bad” you’re subconsciously saying that you either trust the church more than you’d like to admit, OR you are still under the spiritual oppression of the church without realizing it.

That leads me to my next point: Now that you know all of this; why believe anything the church has ever taught? The very word “demon” is just a racist term for Gods of defeated cultures. The Bible is an inaccurate source of information with its blatant lies, partial truths, inverted truths, contradictions, and historical and science inaccuracies, so what makes you think for even a second that it would be correct regarding who the “demons” are?

Do they really want your soul? Because every Demonic God I’ve ever asked about that explicitly states that they don’t care about our souls/spirits, only our Ascent, they do not require nor desire worship of any kind, rather they encourage you to worship yourself (worship itself is a science, like a direct current wire, if you pipe all your energy to something outside of yourself, you are weakened, if you worship yourself and close the circuit your power increases). The one I’d be worried about is the Abrahamic god who demands worship or be burned for all eternity, that’s who wants your soul, he even says it and alludes to it several times throughout the Bible, Tanakh, and Quran.

You say “Well, they’re entities with god like power from a higher plane of existence who have no reason to think of us anything more than germs and help us out for unknown reasons” but this is about half true, they ARE entities with Godlike Power, they ARE from higher planes of existence. The rest of this statement is incorrect; they don’t think of us as germs, they even see some of us as equals to them, as they desire to help us reach our fullest potential. Like what my friend @AlphaC stated; They don’t help us for “unknown reasons” they help us because of the Ancient Covenant they made with us aeons ago (in one light of viewing it, the Covenant is in a way similar to the famous painting La Creazione di Adamo by Michelangelo, if you know what I’m talking about you’ll understand).

In all honesty, being a skeptic isn’t bad, and I’m glad you asked! I hope this answers your question!


Looking at myths and legends from around the world, including the texts of modern day religions, you’ll see that gods can be just as petty, selfish, cowardly, and reckless as humans, if not more so. Some gods are worse off than others. Though all have done both good and bad things. The difference between us is the same difference between a high ranked official vs an average citizen, power and authority. In other words, they can get away with shit. There’s no perceived higher power that holds them to certain moral standards and would bestow consequences to any who break the rules. Who told Yahweh he couldn’t flood the earth? Who told Zeus turning a poor man into a werewolf over a bad hair cut was too extreme of a punishment. No one, that’s who. Like the branches of government, these are the beings who set the laws, who enforce the laws, and who judge those who break the laws. However, I myself, an inexperienced beginner, can’t verify a perceivable force that will keep divine power in check. In which case, what is stopping our protectors from being our predators, like shepherds to sheep?

There are patterns in mythologies. I see spirits being separated into three categories, Celestial/Light spirits (Gods, Angels, Archons), Terrestial/Nature spirits (Fairies, Wights, Elementals), and Cthonic/Dark spirits (Demons, Djinn, Yokai, Generally anything that opposes the gods). Just as gods from ancient myths aren’t always good, which ever race of beings that stands opposite of them aren’t always evil and some can show to be kind to humans, on an individual basis anyway. A similar function exists on the human standpoint. Not every person that holds authority over you will uphold the responsibility placed on them. Along with that, not every criminal is some apathetic sociopath who wants to gain at the expense of others. Some turn to crime because they come from some disenfranchised groups and its the best means they can take to care for their loved ones. In fact, some people turn to crime because they want to fight a noble cause against an uncaring government (the freedom fighter). I often find on this site the perspective that demons are just spiritual freedom fighters opposing an uncaring system. Still I can’t verify it.

However I’d like to present another perspective. Why should you trust any of us? In fact why should any of us trust you? When we think of what is good, we generally think of what is good for humans, or just those within a particular group, and do not think about the good of anything outside that group. Humans are not perfect. Considering what we do to the environment, to animals, to other humans (both within and outside our circles), and even to ourselves, I would not blame any spirit that would refer to us as evil incarnate. However, even we are more complex than that.

So while you ask why trust demons, ask your self these. Why trust fairies? Why trust gods or angels? Why trust humans? Above all, why should any spirit trust you? Skepticism is healthy. However it can lead to inaction. To do anything you need to from time to time take a leap of faith. However, spirits interact with humans. That’s the bottom line. Forge protections, cast circles, create wards. Interact with the spirits but do so under some protection. Recognize just as you have your reasons to be cautious around them they have reason to be cautious around you.


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