Why trust demons?

why should i trust demons? not to say i trust the church by any stretch of the imagination but still, there demons.


because they know that a truly experienced magician or a skeptic like yourself will ferret out all lies and bullshit.

some foolish, weak, lesser spirits will try to trick you…but for an entity like a demonic king or gatekeeper, they gain nothing by lying to us.




Why should you trust any god? Why should you trust anything?
Being healthy skeptical is a good quality, take the information you gain and then verifie it through your own work and experience.
Why would demons lie to you anymore then any god or any person for that matter?


why do you say that? explain please

Basically this.



well, our souls for one thing.

Why not?

well, they’re entities with god like power from a higher plane of existence who have no reason to think of us anything more than germs and help us out for unknown reasons and we know that at least some of them like to torture for fun and that they have good reason to want our souls.


You did know that Dante’s inferno is fiction right?


And if we follow the church than a lot of good people I know would now burn in hell because of suicide or loving someone.


Oeps most people would be tortured in hell because they use condoms or masturbate.
Only if you are a Priest than it’s no problem to touch young choir boys against their will


i’m not talking about the church. im talking about trust. what made you think i was talking about church?

I think the question is what you’re ultimately trusting them with. Are you talking about making pacts or asking them questions about your life? I agree with what @wisemanecho says, demons gain nothing from lying or deceiving you; you have to keep in mind that Satan IS wisdom and power. All of Satan’s demons all operate on the principle of knowledge, free thinking, and independence. This explains why sometimes people have somewhat unpleasant or frightening experiences with demons (I know I have!), sometimes the unexperienced magicians may feel unprepared or overwhelmed by the information they receive. Many times, whether the information is coming from a spiritual entity or not, we are simply afraid or unprepared for the truth of the matter. I work with Sallos, and some of the things he has revealed to me have been hard to swallow or unpleasant, that doesn’t mean he’s trying to harm or deceive me, its just him presenting what I am not able to see or understand at the time. Pacts, on the other hand, are a different story. Can you 100% rely on ANY spiritual entity to carry out everything you’ve asked for? Well, I think the answer to that question is a bit more complicated. If you aren’t holding up your end of the bargain or are in some way hindering the work the spirit is doing for you, you cannot expect real results. Pacts/deals are completely different and whether or not you feel like you can trust a demon to help you achieve your desired goals, is totally dependent on how you feel when you contact the demon you’re working with and whether or not its a relationship you feel will suit your needs.


Dante’s inferno is not from the church

Because you where referring to torture most dogma about burning in hell and torture comes from evangelical churches


“Their demons”

The fundamental parts of your reason seem faulty to me.

For example, what do you define as a demon? If demon to you just means an angry torture machine, then yes, perhaps not trust them until you know them.

“Torture for fun”

Humans do too, as do animals, ever seen a cat play with their food? Or seen children torture animals?

“No reason to think of us as anything more than germs and help us out for unknown reasons”

Why wouldn’t this apply to gods of all kinds from your understanding?

“Good reason to want our souls”

What is this reason? And why don’t any other type of entity have reasons for it?

Basically, why would you trust demons any more or less than anything else?


Please see the following:
Mileage may vary.


That is not what I’ve gotten from any spirit. And they are capable of caring about us. If you look around here you’ll see it happens all the time :+1:

You’re not going to loose your soul. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I see several responses about trusting them being the same as trusting people. Good parallel but I have to add that without trust and making ourselves a little vulnerable we can’t have good relationships with anyone, human or otherwise. The better the relationship, the better the results of your workings .