Why there's no result when I invoke the demons?

No I mean I recommend working with Shem ones…

Please tell me how to Invoke step by step! Yeah i know now i need to meditate clear my head etc. And reciting enn is not invoking itself.

First I want to know about sigil, should i print it or draw one or just on my laptop screen.
Do i need more apparatus like candle, jars and so on

the demon of magick books or any galleryofmagick.com publisher books will tell you step by step. asking here is no use as your not getting the whole big picture of magick. just get them affordable books.

@pazunia is saying your unrealistic to think entity will put results on the platter for you. You need actual mundane efforts . entity just help you get opportunity. It’s your action and learning in real world that makes change.

that’s the mistake many newbies here make . they think entity spirits will give you a handout . For example you want food? the spirits will help with you getting a job to get the food by way of opportunity to land that job. they won’t give you the food. In order to get the job. you still need to learn the job skills and do the interview and actually go to work. Then you use that money to buy the food. Not only that. you have to cook the food. them entity spirit is not going to cook the food and hand it to you. That’s what you newbies are doing. You go to the last step of handout to you from demons/entity. You forgot all the steps before it that is required of everyday living effots.

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excuses. you not willing to do that necessary steps to get the job. rule number 1 of anything is BE PRESENT. if you can’t you can’t receive good things.

As to relationships. demons put someone in front of you. Do your job to learn how to socialize properly. don’t blame it on lady cuz they shy. Everyone is shy. especially asian ladies as it’s part of culture. part of interaction. You expect lady to take charge to bed you? that’s illusion in your head vs reality. Social skills is a learn thing as well as communication. If you interact proper in a way that they are comfortable, they will not be shy and open up.

demanding results on demons is an excuse. cop out. being lazy. Only you have the power to make change cuz your the one interactiing with your physical life. not the demons.

We all seem to do it slightly differently if I’m being honest… for some it might be meditation on a sigil and chanting an enn

For others it’s as simple as asking them to appear and they do

And others like the whole ritual with robes and tools and candles and altars etc

I can’t give you a step by step that’s going to work for you

I can tell you that the systems I’m mentioning are very beginner friendly and tell you how - but even if I copied out the words they say… well how do I know that the supposed built in magick to stop it if not purchased via them won’t nullify it anyway?

I’m going to suggest you look for those free pdfs online… have a little read, see if it resonates in any way and if it does go purchase it rather than trying to do it right away

Dude? was this reply actually meant for me? I don’t get it.

No, reread wisepup’s response…that reply was to someone else…wisepup was just elaborating on something you said.

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what @QueenMustang said =o)