Why there's no result when I invoke the demons?

@aBetterHuman I will try what you said.

@Schattenmond Yes it is

So what I should do is read more spell books

so the next question would be. are you sure its not in your head? because many people who don’t have grounded foundation say they see them too and have unrealistic thoughts. Some even later find out it’s their wild imagination due to expectation from wild stories by others. It’s called self hypnosis by way of hearing of other’s experience.

and if you can see the ghost and demons as you say and it’s true. then it would be easier for you to communicate to them which makes it easier to dialogue with them to get info. Unless it’s in your head and it’s not actual entity your seeing.

there are some that claim to see demons and communicate with them as well , however, they don’t have unrealistic demand of results time frame. they work at it diligently learning the craft observing rather than demanding results. They are patient and are realistic. so they get their results and have better understanding of magick than those who have unrealistic expectations. They are grounded in the mundane world too. they know to live life and take action in the physical world to help with their magick. They don’t depend on magick expectation alone.

I’m not saying it’s fairy tale to you. I’m saying your not being realistic like a scientist would be being objective. The fact that you demand results in short time or demand results from demons shows that your not realistic or have understanding of magick. U have unrealistic expectations. your mind isn’t in the proper frame of mind for magick to do it’s thing.

You don’t need to say an enn
Silence your mind repeat the name of the demon repeat the name over and over It’s a simple easy invocation

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When I first came to magick I didn’t know where to start … it’s like a sweet shop with everyone saying try that one, then someone else says no that one is better, and then someone else saying careful as that one made me really sick and someone else goes oh well it had no effect on me :joy:

Firstly we all have different tastes and needs… what is one persons way of working won’t necessarily work for you.

Secondly YOU are the magick… whatever methods you choose, the magick is within you and it’s just about finding a way you can harness that

For beginners- I’m an advocate of the NAP system… it cuts out a lot of the more complicated lingo and yet works just fine and it’s a system that can grow as you do… many people myself included adapt it as they go

GOM is good too in that it is easy to use, but I found NAP gives the basic tools to get going and then I’ve added in GOM rituals along the way at times amongst my NAP

I’m also definitely going to reiterate above about wim hof … I find it the shortest cut I’ve ever found to my subconscious!


I have been suffering without getting any way out im getting opportunity that based on my ccarrier but I’m also getting many troubles from those opportunity :grimacing: I feel like no demon wnt to help me sometimes but in I’m still hoping that AZAZEL can guide me I still believe

You didn’t got a job because you didn’t went to the job fair. If you went you might had got a job but I suppose we’ll never know now.

Love spells and break up spells are tricky since you’re trying to force your will over someone else’s will and that requires a certain amount of energy especially if there are some strong feelings from the other side for not being with you.

What did you do to attract women? No spirit will grand you what you want if you don’t put an effort inside and outside.

If you want a job, actively search for one and actually go to the interviews.
If you want to succeed in your studies, you still will have to study.

For starters, don’t expect miracles within such a short time, especially as a beginner.

Then stop lusting for results, learn to let go, meditation helps.

Set more realistic goals. You were annoyed from someone who bothered you everyday, and he stopped bothering you. That’s a success. A realistic success. Trying to make him leave the country out of the blue, is not.

And most important: Remember that the spirits will help you, they won’t do the job for you. You will always have to put personal and actual effort into things.


There’s no result because you’re repeating the same shit over and over again why not try a variety of method and clear your head of all those obstacles and distractions and attempt it again. Does everyone write the same? No: Questioning results is a detractor of success. Just wait for the results

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Invocation allows you to channel a spirit’s knowledge and power, that’s an approach that personally I’ll have to try myself i.e. more than asking for a goal, getting the entity’s help in order to reach it more “easily”.

@anon69037110 Yeah I really dont know which I should follow Wicca, Right Hand path, Left Hand path and so on.

What’s NAP system and GOM? Can’t find a result on Google

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NAP is new avatar power by Geoff Cobb Gray and GOM is gallery of magick

Both very beginner friendly

You can find free pdf info online for both… but I wouldn’t bother, the reason being GOM claims to have protected their magick by building something in that it won’t work unless obtained legally and fairly and neither are too expensive for the work put in to seem unfair now. NAP was for a while but it’s been reprinted and I think under £20 rn

@Babona9 feel like no demon want to help me too… So I’m starting to think I should follow the Angels instead but I have a little information on them

Invocation is always up to the entity. They show if and when they heed the call and show.

Ah angels aren’t cutesy and fluffy… at least not the Shem ones, they’re badass - go for it. They can also be combined with demons

@Anassa I didnt went to the job fair because I felt sudden laziness for no reason.
I was so confuse until now I had an opposite effect.

Im done with the love spells and breakup spells…

I approach woman and they felt shy around me and a bit nervous. Especially asian women.

I’ll try not to lust for the results

@Whitehowlite I will attempt to try it again. After tons of meditating then

@fapa79 Thank you for telling me

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@Dusk I hope it will not take a month to them to heed my call

@anon69037110 What other angels which not from Shem?