Why there's no result when I invoke the demons?

I listened to demonic Enn on YouTube.
I did meditate and recite the enn
I just felt the presence of them but no result that I wanted.

Money, job searching, love, sex demons were not helping me…
I invoked Paimon, clauneck, Astrarte, Sargatanas, Lilith I just felt their presence but no result…

Happened to me, too.

How long have you been at it? It takes time and people’s time is different.

Also, try to get into trance before starting with whatever method you’re using. Have faith. Do not doubt yourself. Do not lust for results. I know, all of that is easier said than done, but it is what it is.


The first time invoked was Paimon i did it one day cause the next day I was looking for a job… But I didn’t get a job… The only thing he did was disturby my sleep by his presence.

Last time was 2 days ago I invoked Sargatanas coz i just read on other post he can make a women obsessed with you… I inovked him for 2 days and i went to the club a while ago and tje women didnt obsessed with me

Yeah, buddy, the problem is that you’re waiting for it to work too quick. Give it more time. Magick doesn’t always work the second you perform a ritual or cast a spell. Some inner change or some increased productivity may happen that way, but more often than not, your magick will need at least some time.


How long should the estimated time to see the result? Should I focus in one demon?

For now, yes. You can work with several in a pathworking later.

Some people say there is a rule of three of sorts (three hours, three days, three weeks, etc). But I would say “A reasonable time”. Some here have waited a year for what they want. So I really don’t have a time frame for you, except that… wait more than two days, mate.

Is it sufficient when I listened to there enn music meditate and recite it? play the music enn while sleeping… am i missing something?

Enns are used to align yourself to their energy not invoke or evoke the actual entity.


Yeah, it seems like there is another issue here. I didn’t see it before.

I think you should pick a working system, @jsensei, and learn it from scratch. The enn alone won’t do much, since isn’t an evokation method itself. Also, you would do better by starting smalling, trying to opening the sigils to task the spirit instead of going for evokation.

You mean the Enn videos from Satan & Sons? I felt a strange energy while watching the video with Uphir’s Enn.

@anon48079295 How to do the actual invoke or evoke?

@ReyCuervo I’m new to magic… How to do it from the scratch?

@Schattenmond Yeah from them also from Satania

You can use their sigil or an actual evocation/invocation spell/ritual.

In this case start by practicing meditation and learn how to banish. Otherwise, you may expose yourself to some nasty things further along the way.

this is not movie magick. I think your confuse with all the stories people tell on here. Get a book like demons of magick by damond brand and read it and understand it to give you a more realistic foundation and understanding. Most people here exaggerate. You are missing lots by not getting a good book. searching for pieces here and there online and youtube isn’t the best way to understand magick.
Or go read all the free info on galleryofmagick.com site to get better understanding.


I notice, from personal experience, evocations and invocations work better once i started doing the Wim Hof method, ice showers, prior to meditation and rituals. i also tend to say a mantra as I do this, like a positive affirmation of cleaning away not just dirt, but doubt and desire. I’ve told a few people about this method, not for magickal purposes but to clear their minds over stressful situations in their own lives, it seems to help them out.

Also to add to @anon37593562 the gallery of magick library is very affordable and just chocked full of easy to digest well written ritual and workings, demons of magick is top notch.
Another book to recommend to beginners, check out Miracle of the new avatar power by geof gray cobb, worked the rituals plenty of times with success, its an easy system for beginners and helps to establish the meditational and ritual habits. No sigils required for the workings and words of power are written phonetically so its easy to recite and remember.

Sometimes you just can’t rely on spirits to give you what you want, you have to seek that yourself!

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Is that another YouTube channel?

@anon37593562 I don’t think it’s a fairy tale. I can see ghost and demons