Why summon a succubus?

Its not that I think its weird or anything, Im just curious why one might want to summon a succubus, also has anyone thought that a creature such as a succubus might be living a daily life as a person that you might pass on the street just with… certain needs?



At first I did it for sexual reasons, but later it was to have more maid staff

I definitely expected the first part of that, but the second part really caught me off guard.

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They are very handy creatures

Handy ey? I’ll keep that in mind. Though i would say i wouldn’t do any summoning just more of a general curiosity of others thoughts on the subject.


Some people here get angry when I say things like this, but summoning a succubus is like adopting a pet, you have to take care of her. There are succubi that can be summoned just for casual duties, but the one that you summon for yourself is made for you, to love you and to be loved by you, even though sometimes that love is not understood because of people traumatized with Christianity and human women, who are desperately looking for a shelter and can’t endure nor solve some harshnesses, but as the Book says:

I:41 The word of Sin is Restriction. O man! refuse not thy wife, if she will! O lover, if thou wilt, depart! There is no bond that can unite the divided but love: all else is a curse. Accurséd! Accurséd be it to the aeons! Hell.


I mean, sure i could get mad or angry. I could even throw words but in all honesty. Its true, succubi do infact need to be taken care of. There is no way around it they have needs. Also, i super enjoy people who don’t “suger coat” things or try and beat around the subject. Big fan of being blunt.

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To this I say farewell, best be getting home anyway. Thanks for all the input, and all future input from anyone.

It cleanses the Aura by sucking the bad shit out of us apparently. It can be a transmutable thing between both parties

Which actually means you do think it’s “weird or anything…”, but you thread your thoughts carefully by being politically correct so no one gets offended because you don’t understand the reasoning to call one in the first place?

Whatever reasons you have with your question, it’s totally fine. At least I’m not offended by it.

The obvious reason, for the uninitiated and probably by desperation and misinformation, is sex…or lack there of. This is why some underaged virgins with lack of life experience summon a succubus, or someone with a sex addiction in combination with a huge ego. These kind of people often have various results in summoning a succubus, some good and some less good. But the one thing most of them have in common is regrets.

If there’s no compromises, dedication and life experience, maybe a succubus companion is not for you. Unless she’s in good term with why you called her in the first place…and that’s not as common as you might think, considering how many threads there is about succubus draining energies, or that the succubus is “too clingy” without respecting some privacy. There’s exceptions, of course, but maybe because the terms of interaction was aligned with the mindset and the personality of the succubus.

There’s many reasons to summon a succubus without sex being the main purpose. They are excellent chakra openers, because if they want us to feel them physically and even emotionally, it’s preferable to know how to open chakras if we haven’t opened them in other ways. This knowledge can be two-folded, because they can also use this against us, creating nightmares and horrorful experiences that will make horror movies comedic in comparison.

They have different professions and knowledges. I would say that most of them knows psychology and physiology, because if they didn’t, they would have no idea of sex and what trigger us to be horny.

Other professions are black magic, healing, curses, protection and even creation of other living beings. Most of them have their own hobbies and interests, just like we have.

Succubus is more than sexual beings.

Did you know that there’s 195 countries in our world? 7.5 billion people lives here. Imagine the succubus/incubus equivalent of Earth and their own population. Sure, sex is not as taboo and maybe not as hidden as it is here, and that’s probably one of the biggest differences between them and us. But a functional society can’t be based of carnal pleasures. It needs structure and political hierarchy. It needs knowledge and creativity and citizens that lives peacefully with a free will to maintain their own interests and professions.

Their interactions with humans are often in cooperation with a higher source, call it “The Source”, “The One” or someone that is extremely divine and powerful enough to interfere if the rule of the free will is about to be broken. Lilith herself had to go to that source for permission to enter a marriage with me, just as my succubus spouse did.

Damn, that was a long reply. Well, I hope it gave some answers to the question, at least. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


All the succubus I know were mainly for friendships, they were my first bonds when I started my etheric expeditions, then over time I expanded to other races. Met one who worked as a librarian in the etheric, met one who was more military-like in the sense she would talk about how she aimed to make a name for herself in the infernal’s military. I never met with them for sexual reasons, I honestly despise people who make that a goal to meet entities/succubi, but then again I don’t push that distaste in their face.

I was later met with a bunch of succubus and incubus and we created a PR mainly because the few I did meet in this group was pretty fun, and two of the succubus I met in the Infernal went and joined them. I still visit in projection from time to time.


Finally, someone who understands. For a hot minute i was pretty depressed to here that alot of people see them as objects or like “house keepers” I just, you’re amazing. Its just good to know not all humans think such things. :smile:


Its not that its strange to me by any means really, I was more so just a concept to me I was trying to wrap my head around? I definitely understand contracts for sure but it sounds like this kinda thing is more like an invitation and I just, I only know one succubus, and Don’t get me wrong I would love to meet another but from my understanding its not something planned in my books. Its not what my goddess wants, and I don’t stray from her and I definitely would not want to upset her in anyway. The thought just makes me sad.

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That I never understood, when I see people that treat their ubi, or ANY of their spiritual companions like objects and not like some actual people, I’m like “What the hell, how would you like it if someone treated YOU like an object and not a actual person, it wouldn’t feel good now would it.” I never treat my girls like objects because A. They are family to me. And B. If I mistreated them they’d probably kick my ass and then leave.

Hell, my ubi and other spirits usually hang out together with me like a family and we are all happy, it’s just a total mutual feeling for us.


I try, and continue to try to give my all

Hell… my succubus is more mindful and loving than most "living people " I have met. Not to mention really proactive and protective in keeping the house safe then most people I’ve dated…


@succupedia can you give me your most efficient way of summoning a succubus, I’ve never summoned anything before, I’m a true noobie.

I can give some tips on doing it the right way. I, like you, was inexperienced and left a few things undone. Could have gone really bad for me, I got lucky.