Why Spells Fail

For years white magic fails were I went wrong

Expect less, get More.

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It may be important a daily routine, for example an exercise about visualizing a red circle or a blue square. Another one may be to imagine breathing an element e. g. water: the breath going in and out is visualized as a transparent liquid or, if preferred, slightly white/blue.
Waxing moon for health, wealth and love spells; waning moon for disease, poverty spells etc.
Tuesday for hate, violence, Wednesday for health and communication, Thursday and Sunday for wealth and glory, Friday for love…
North and northwest are to be faced for Earth spells (wealth); South and southeast for Fire; West and southwest for Water; East and northeast are related to Air (communication).


Fails spell due to lack of visualizations not a lack of affirmations, OK

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When you had a picture board the spell still failed

By the power of the divine planets the winning live results were 5 13 30 33 34 Thunderball 14 which won the Thunderball game of chance lottery Saturday 25th February 2023

Do this spell for me

Maybe the method you’re using doesn’t work for you.

How do you do your workings? Give an example of a few workings that failed and how you did them.

This is my working

By the power of the divine planets the winning live results were 5 13 30 33 34 Thunderball 14 which won the Thunderball game of chance lottery Saturday 25th February 2023

Alright @Bless208 You have already been asked once to properly introduce yourself but you keep making these silly posts. Before you make any more, CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


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That’s not a spell, a working, or a ritual. That’s not even a conjuration. It’s more like an affirmation.

I know some people will say stating your will is enough to manifest anything but… you claim you got no results for years, and personally I don’t think just stating something is enough to manifest anything, unless the emotion channeled is strong enough (for example, it’s possible to curse someone or at least send the evil eye to a target just stating it with enough rage). When it comes to manifesting money, if your emotion is desperation, lack, or fear, you will only manifest more of that. Manifesting money has to be done from a place of assumption of abundance and joy.

Then there’s also the matter that your will was to win the lottery… which means the odds are not really in your favor. You could be trying the same thing for many more years and still not see results, though I know there are a couple of success stories if you use the search function here in the forums.

Magick takes the path of least resistance. Try making chance money come to you instead, and don’t restrict magick to specific dates, numbers, or circumstances. You’re choking it and the chances of success become too low, if not nullified.

Calling spirits such as Fortuna or Bune can help. Even using the rune Fa/Fehu too.


Write one out for me then.

The law of attraction magical oils and gemstones I use its called Wicca

Demonic pacts I dont really do

I won before the lottery neptune and the sun

Hinduism Yantras

Why? You have to research, study, and do your own homework.

Wicca is a religion.

Ok but what did you do with Neptune and the Sun? Do that again and you’ll win again, I guess :woman_shrugging:

I’d work more with Jupiter and Venus when it comes to money, though.

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Fame and fortune for numbers spell to Lord Varuna and Lord Surya

Once in a blue moon or one hit wonder


Many of those people who you think merely lucky may have made contracts with devils or demons.Always keep in mind however, that the details of the contract matter.