Why not

I’ve read somewhere that Lucifer is the “Morning Star” and mistakenly equated to Venus.
But Venus is a planet, not a star.
So that author says that the real Morning Star is Sirius.
This is why in Masonic Temple we can found the eight-point star.

Any thoughts?

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Venus is called both the Morning- and the Evening Star, given it’s different locations (and thus visibility) in the sky depending on the season, and given that it’s one of the brightest celestial bodies. At least that’s what I’ve learned…

Now whether Sirius is the “real” mornings star I have no idea - haven’t researched that.

Venus has that movement on the sky. So it looks like a star

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It’s interesting you bring Masonry into it: it’s all symbolic and you can assign any meaning ( :slight_smile: or not :slight_smile: ) as you like. Just don’t lose sight of the real power in all of this, i.e. your consciousness.

I don’t think there should be penny-pinching, there should be symbolism

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