Why most of the occult community is focused on Infernals?

I’m curious why most of the modern occultists/black magicians/LHP followers etc. are mainly focused on working with Infernals or just Goetic Spirits?

When you search for Belial, Paimon, Lucifer, Satan, Clauneck, Sitri, Salasash, Abaddon etc. there are milions of posts and stories. Also Demonolatry is a popular pathway

But when considering for example Enochain Angels or Celestials like Michael, Nathaniel, Sophiel, Iachadiel, Lukorst, Raziel, Yenphorim, Miraqua, Spipher, Sandalphon, Lavyah, Yeyoiah there are very few sources. Of course there are exceptions like Samael, Raphael or Haniel, but generally speaking people tend to like work with Infernal Spirits.


I’m not sure this is the case.
Do you mean just on BALG forums, or are you on many other magick forums to make this assessment? Birds of a feather flock together. There are other forums where other entities are discussed more.


The key of Solomon is popular and a lot has been written about it. Also, lots of people come into magick after being raised christians and are fed up with it.

Nevertheless, lots and lots of people work with angels and other pantheons.


I mean worldwide occult community around the world. Not only on this forum but on other sources, fb groups etc.

A simple answer They are not.

I guess it depends on what you consider to be “LHP?” :thinking:

There is a strong belief, most likely heavily influenced by Christianity, that the Left Hand Path is automatically about worshipping demons, However, that shows a complete misunderstanding about what, exactly, the LHP is. It’s a theoretical and philosophical approach more than anything else.

For example, I consider myself a black magician but I currently work with angels.


well I thought I’m going discuss topic or get to know something new, but again its the same discussion about discussion and about terminology itself. Looks like I don’t get any answer in this topic.

What are you talking about? You asked for an answer as to why the focus on demons, and you got several replies.


The only specific answer I got its just Goetia is popular, which is obvious. All others are not related to question I gave in the title.

Have you asked this question with those other sources as well? What were some of the answers they gave you?

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Here we go again. Instead of answer, I received question on the question. Looks like just waste of time.

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No need to lash out. I was genuinely curious about what you may have been told on other forums or in the FB groups, because I myself have wondered why it seems people gravitate towards demons.

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It’s just a trend, like a viral internet phenomenon and with all trends, it will change to something else for a while. Next big thing will be Lilith and succubus and incubus entities once again until that fades out to something else. The more people talk about specific topics, the more popularity it gains.

Right now, it’s the Infernals that rules the top of the charts. :man_shrugging:


You seem to be looking for a specific answer you want, then, because people have given you answers.

These forums will naturally trend towards EA’s stuff.

Reddit Occult hasn’t trended significantly towards infernals that I ever recall.

You’ll find more about Angels than Belial on Youtube.


Most of the Facebook groups I am in are very far away from the infernals. It’s all herbal, Fae and kitchen/hearth Magick. You are just seeing the i deal stuff because it’s what you are looking for but really I have a hard time finding demonology out side groups like this like @anon39079500 said I see more angel and Wiccan stuff out in the wild


You got my answer, which is, to put it more bluntly, it’s in your imagination. There aren’t any explanations we can give you for something you made up. I don’t think it’s even fair to say BALG is “focused” in Infernals either: because it isn’t.

I am on other magick forums, and none of them go on about “Infernals”. That’s why I asked you about it. “Infernals” is an EA thing, and this forum get a lot of people through his channels.

Play silly games, get silly prizes. :woman_shrugging:

You don’t like it, I’m sorry but that’s on you. Maybe if you provided some evidence for your argument and asked clearer questions you’d get what you’re really asking for?

I think we’ve given the OP enough good answers on this one and it won’t get any better from here, so I’m going to go ahead and close this thread.

Thank you to all who contributed :slight_smile: :+1: