Why love magic doesn't work

“In the story of Aladdin, the rules for making wishes were that the genie (Jinn/Djinn/Demon) could grant three wishes to whoever possessed the magic lamp. The wishes could be for anything the person desired, but the genie could not grant wishes for more wishes or for someone to fall in love with the wisher. Additionally, once the three wishes were used up, the genie would be free from the lamp and the person who possessed the lamp would no longer have access to the genie’s power.”

The four things Aladdin could not wish for:

  1. Someone to fall in love with him

  2. Bring someone back from the dead

  3. Someone to die

  4. The limit was three wishes and he could not wish for more

Let’s be honest. Love magic is very hard and tricky. There may be a kernel of truth in the story.


I can think of harder things to achieve with magick. Building a palace out of nothing is pretty impressive.

But here all three violate free will. I suspect it’s a basic moral authority question.


I’m not sure if the OP is aware of this, but in the original tale of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, there were no such limits on the genie. The limits discussed above are basically Disney’s creation in order to make the story more family friendly and to make Aladdin the likeable hero (he’s actually kind of a dick).

In the actual story, Aladdin had two genies, not just one (he not only had the lamp, but a magic ring that also held a genie, though a lesser one) and he murders the two sorcerers who try to take them from him. He also literally abducts the princess on her wedding night (she married someone else) and terrorizes her and the groom until her father annuls the marriage and agrees to let Aladdin have her. At the time in which the story is placed, love really had nothing to do with marriage as women were seen as the property of their fathers and were often betrothed to whomever he wanted them to be so it cannot really be said whether or not the genies could make someone fall in love as in the story Aladdin only gets the princess because of the wealth the genie provided him and he is not at all concerned with how the princess herself feels in the matter.

Edit to add: Also there was no limit on the number of wishes. I’m not sure where the limit of three first came from but the genie just provided Aladdin with everything he wanted, fulfilling anything he asked.

That’s exactly what the genie does for Aladdin in the original story lol


I totally forgot this was based off of a book and like all other stories they are kinda dark. Now I want to read this.


A reminder for me to revisit Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales. Indeed, most of these commercialized fairy tales give meaning to the phrase tall tales and are in some instances heavily removed from the originals. I will say though that for some people love magick is incredibly easy; while for many of those same people they have difficulty achieving success in other areas with magick. Then of course there are those that pretty much everything they touch with magick is a success.

From listening to other magicians on this topic we have to also realize that many people have different concepts of love and some forms of love magick are easier from a magickal perspective.

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Exactly. For example, some people think that using magick to ruin their ex’s relationships is showing their love, but it really just shows that they see them as an object to possess, not someone they actually care about. Aladdin in the original story didn’t give one whit for what the princess wanted. He decided he would have her regardless of her own desires. He tortured her and her new husband until her father acquieced to his demands and annulled the marriage. Kind of like what Asmodeus did to Sarah, except he didn’t kill her husband on their wedding night.


Not with that attitude! With magick…that IS possible
It’s a disney story…the original was worse and in both versions he manipulated reality until he got the princess…

Puts my fingers in my ears, spin around in a circle 3 times
Okay. that got rid of the bad juju. We have got to stay positive.

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It should be noted that this, I think, was more of the genie’s own rule than any sort of actual limit to his power. In the Disney movie he tells Aladdin that “It’s not a pretty picture and I don’t like doing it so don’t ask” which, in my opinion, hints that he can, in fact, bring someone back from the dead but the result is…less than one would want ie a walking corpse rather than the person as they were prior to death.

When looked at in that light, then it might be reasonable to assume that the rule against making someone fall in love also isn’t because he can’t do it, but because it tends to have a similar negative result, like extreme possessiveness or obsession that leads to violence, for example.

This is always what I thought. A zombie over a resurrected human being.

What did Asmodeus do to Sarah? Sarah, the wife of Abraham?? This I need to know. Where can I find this information? Cuz it ain’t in the current bible. (Which I have come to realize has been horribly adulterated by the patriarchy over millenia. Recommendations for more accurate accounts would be gratefully welcomed.) Thanks, DK.

This was a different Sarah, the daughter of Raguel.

Asmodeus was smitten with her so he murdered each of her husbands on their wedding night before they could consummate (she married seven times and he killed all seven). Her 8th and final husband, Tobias, was able to overcome Asmodeus with the help of the archangel Raphael and successfully consummate his marriage.

It’s in the Book of Tobit. It’s a Judaic legend, not Christian, though it did find its way into Catholicism, much like the legend of King Solomon did.

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Many thanks, @DarkestKnight. :black_heart:

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From what I learned with love magic ect. is it must be really needed want, and must be a true desire, without doubt, and really want it to work, not a thing where you are not convinced what you want, then the universe wont be convinced either when you do the magic.

Killed Seven Husbands? Girl must’ve been Fine as Fawk.

Alrighty…my Midnight Zoomie is over.