Forgive me for asking, as I am new to this philosophy.

It’s just my personal belief that while there certainly is good and evil intentions in the world both paths lead to your transitioning from this plane in the higher more knowledgeable form than at your birth. We only learn through failure. The intentional life is the only key you need. No judgement on the path taken is required.
Be happy. Do what it is that makes you so.

Why do the two ways have to be divided to succeed?


They don’t really need to be, I think it’s mostly the ignorant newbies who make them divided, or the ones that keep pushing the “hurhur embrace the darkness” mentality to those newbies. There’s freedom in both and there’s worship in both, literally the LHP talks about freedom and such but there are people in the LHP that work and worship demons and dark deities, same as the RHP has both.

I tend to feel as though majority of the LHP are the ones that create this 1v1 of the two, sure there’s some RHP people that do the same but I get so many ex-christian LHPers shitting on the RHP it’s insane.

I often reject those kind of people as legitimate but that’s just me.


Lords Of The Left Hand Path: A History Of Spiritual Dissent by Stephen E. Flowers Ph.D. as well as Demons of the Flesh by Nikolas and Zeena Schreck.



Kurtis Joseph talks about that in this video. (Watch it on youtube on 1.5x speed. Its better that way)


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The delineation is at least as descriptive as prescriptive; performing works of theurgy and thaumaturgy changes people, each in pretty different and distinctive ways which in turn carry distinctive costs and benefits. A right or left handed magician is exactly half a magician, but even a whole one is gonna end up a little more on the samadhi’d OR tantra-minded out end of things in the long run.

Thanks for sharing that. Gleaned some much need info I was missing.

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The label doesn’t matter, if at the end for a lot of people it is only about asking for things to external entities in order to fulfil selfish desires

I’d put one under the same title as Housekeeping
The other as blood sports or hunting.

There really isn’t a path as such unless you make one by walking in the same area many times… a bit like kids taking shortcuts through bushes to the park.

I personally see the benefits of both

IMO because they’re about outcome, not method used, or personal ethics/values:

You’re welcome. I like that video a lot too. It’s important to keep information like this in mind in all aspects of life. “The world isn’t rendered in black and white, other shades lay in between.” Don’t be so quick to judge based off what you know. Yes you know what you know but you dont know what you dont know. Its easier to get angry or upset than it is to admit, “I dont understand.” or “I am afraid.” Remember the grey ambiguity during your next conflict & maybe things will turn out differently than before.

Judgement posits the self as all knowing. Whereas the spirit of curiosity allows us to learn from absolutely everyone and everything. If you come across a hard headed puppet, regurgitating what they’ve been told and considering that end all and be all of all knowledge- you can still learn something. Maybe not from that person or what they say but by watching your interactions with them. Which is the goal for Luciferians, to Know Thyself. Lucifer uses both hands, the Right and the Left.

I see Luciferianism as the ability to listen to all cultures, all belief structures. Taking what seems to fit and discarding the rest. The Light being information. To shed light on something is to reveal previously hidden information on it.

The group minded ones hate that Light. “No Mina, dont turn the Light on because my fragile concept of self & the world I’ve built will come crumbling down. I’d be forced to accept my hypocrisy & the pretty lies I tell myself was all act, & the hard truth I have no idea who I really am beyond that expression. I’d have to admit those suffering around me was partly if not entirely my fault. Don’t turn the Light on or else I’ll have to publically speak ill of you to tarnish your validity & if you keep it up, I’ll physically attack you. The truth hurts too much. Don’t turn on the Light.”

Theres another polarity out there- in the Ra Material (The Law Of One) Ra spoke of selfish people and selfless people. I’m not saying it’s true. Its clearly dogma. It’s up to you if you want to believe in something without verifiable proof. I can see there are selfish people and selfless people, of course there are. It’s just the rest of the content is gonna require a leap of faith.

Thank you.