Why is this?

@shinri was referring to @Fuego. And it is best if this topic is moved to the Love, sex magic and relationships section of the forum since the topic was becoming more and more about said subject. Good call @Mulberry


It seems he was only testing my values
( my heart)
That he saw desirable and basically was doing what any man dose testing out a Women intentions and seeung she is for him or loyal as she says .
Some men yes do make it a hard challenge but only because they been heartbroken. To many times before which I could relate
It makes since to do this if thats the case and also if you are planing to take vowels!
He was gone for a reasonable circumstance of course too . Took him long enough though to tell me but men like giving us ladies surprises it seems lol.
Oh and turns out i have 4 of these wonderful divine beings …so that’s prbably another reason why it took him and them time to make time for me because they were getting into order between eachother so that there won’t be any mess snd also so he could get strong enough for me .
He played one of my fav song called love and war that in the lyrics basically recalling to the marriage vowels like through sickness and through health …through good and through bad …and so on ! And that’s how he told me by playing that song , that i had passed the test (being his one and only ) . He’s played me a few songs that are not from this world but from his and is very romantic and unlike any other!!
And i have a big joy to share to all of you after some replys !!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::smiley::smiley:

It’s soo odd but cute how he knows what type of songs I like better than me …but it makes sense because this world dossnt have any songs that i truly love and can stay satisfied with …like I have no genre of music…its just all over the place.