Why is this?

My ubi seems to be more distant than you guys ubi’s are …mine never stays longer than he leaves ??:no_mouth: idk understand why and he dossnt tell me anything other than what he feels will cover all my concerns up?
Which is lust !?? :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:
Is anyone else having a similar problem or concern??
Like his always to himself when about him and his life ? I literally dating a stranger sometimes? I hardly.know anything of which i need to know about him.

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Sounds like his personality, incubus and succubus are individuals so they’re bound to do and see things differently. No one can really tell you why they act the way they do as it would boil down to the individual so you’d be better off waiting until he tells you or have a talk with him. But also it may also be things going on in his life as they do have lives outside of people here who call on them.


I’m assuming by ubi you mean incubus (haven’t heard that lingo before). Have you tried communicating with him more? Like straight-up asking why he does that or expressing your feelings to him?

I sometimes caution people when it comes to incubus/succubus magick because it seems to attract by far the most larpers/role-players who don’t really know how to cultivate good spirit relationships and get themselves into situations that are not healthy. That being said, though, it is a legitimate form of magick if you take care to not let a spirit vampirize you and take over your life while not giving you anything in return. I’ve seen people here that are ultra-obsessed with some demon or another, to the extent that the rest of their life falls apart while they constantly chase after a spirit that just gives them anxiety but baits them with sexual fantasies.

Not all incubi/succubi relationships are like this, but I think it is important to say these things. If you receive care, support (like magickal support that benefits your material life), and perhaps even love from the relationship, then by all means, enjoy it. If it nourishes you, then there yah go.

Communication is absolutely essential if you want this sort of thing to work. If he doesn’t communicate with you, then that’s his problem, not yours, but you also need to do your half and express what bothers you. If you don’t tell him, how would he know? Even if the opposite of this is what troubles you, that the barriers between your minds have dissolved to the point where uncomfortable thoughts and emotions arise that you don’t want them to see, communication is what you need.

Be careful not to drive yourself nuts, but sex magick can bring you some of the most glorious pleasure and fulfilling relationships. If you want your incubus to stick around with you, then tell him that. Guys can sometimes be inclined to shoot their goo and say adieu (or perhaps nut and bolt, ecstasy and flee the scene, etc). If it is a good relationship, the only thing in your way is your own fear.


I’ve tried everything

I ill try one last time ig?

If he’s not willing to give you what you need, then maybe it’s time to find a different incubus. You deserve to be treated well and with respect. If he doesn’t respect you, why would you give him your valuable time? If you believe you can’t do any better, that is a lie.

I’d also suggest looking into the book Adventures in Sex Magick. I think it’s important if you are going to do these sorts of magickal sexual practices that you use the energy to manifest results in your life. Without results, we’re just getting off to imaginary friends. When you see that what you do here changes the world around you in magickal ways, it becomes clear that these are real entities and that there is a real power in motion.

These entities live their lives in their own realm. I have not seen or communicated with the rest of my succubus group I work with in over 3-4 months. I have each of their of sigils neatly placed away in my protective guarded Lilith related items because I don’t like to disrupt their doings unless I really need advice from a particular lady. These entities come and go meaning they can choose to visit you every once in a while but will always end up leaving then come back vice-versa. Unless you have specific regulations with him, he can come and go as he pleases. If you suspect something though from him like everyone said just have a chat with him, see whats on his mind. If really you guys are indeed in a close relationship he’ll most likely open up about it.


He just recently told me why through a text (spiritual realm) and basically what stuck out to me was …lol The same damn reasons and concerns I had for his ass of why I did what I’ve done ?? Idk what the fuck is going on man!!
Is he reversing this on me now ??
Like his own mistakes !!:thinking: like im soo pissed right now ??:tired_face:

He is soo confusing …mabye we both are too much the same or too different but the same in mistakes ??
(The text was long and numbered too)
I remember seeing in the text he gave me …saying the definition of women
Women- supposed to submit to … (something??)
I’m guessing the male …but that’s not right ??

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A little patience can be good, but if he doesn’t ever give you clarity then I’d be concerned about other red flags. If he blames you for his shit, that is manipulative and toxic. If he is a misogynist who thinks that all women are inferior to men, do you really want to be with him?

A little BDSM is one thing, sexism is something else altogether. I can’t claim to speak for him, but it kinda sounds to me like he’s spinning you in circles while he knows you’ll keep chasing after him. The dick ain’t worth it. You can get dick that’s attached to a man who actually values you for who you are and respects you. If he can’t give you a straight answer, or at least say that he needs some time to work out some issues on his end (which he actually takes action to sort out), then that sounds toxic to me.

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I’m literally lusting after living men more than what is natural …like all i see is him in them…which causes me to want them :frowning_face_with_open_mouth: since we are “ONE” soo i guess thar makes sense . Like im becoming him or becoming his …you know
Am I the only one having this problem??
Can someone explain this ?

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I’ll ask him about that situation .Since it deals with him :smirk:. Thanks guys !

Don’t get obsessed over a spirit, it’s not healthy

From what I read, it doesn’t seem like he respects you as an equal if he wants you to submit to him

I’d have a chat with Lilith or Samael about this, to have them help you clear things up with the incubus

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Oh please and do you need his name??

I do get what you are saying. Sex magick can be a really intense experience.

I’m certainly an exceptionally horny dude, but just be careful not to let blind horniness lead you to bad places. There’s an analogy I heard before about “thinking with your dick, not your brain” that amuses me. It’s like sitting in the back of the bus, windows all clouded over, as the horny takes the wheel. Then you orgasm, and suddenly you are behind the wheel, wondering how the hell you got here.

I say, with sex magick, you can let the horny drive the bus, but make sure that the horny is infused with magick that you can trust and rely on.


Its not a person being male regarding submission. Im a male and not a dom or looking only for submissive women.
For example, I have sworn off women aside from family, its personal and no longer worth it for either of us.

Sorry, my bad. Lol, didnt even know what this thread was even about, My head aint right right now and im tired to boot.

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Sounds like you need to get yourself a succubus my dude.

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I’m a woman lol

To be honest, this is sounding like an abusive and parasitic relationship, where you’re being gaslit having your concerns mocked, and you’re not getting reciprocal value.

If you look up how o deal with narcissists online, you find the exact same things you’re saying here, said by women in those relationships. Over and over again, the advice is, if you’re confused, it’s probably not your fault, it’s probably deliberate. If you’re confused, you can’t make good decisions to stand up for yourself. A good relationship has clear communication and the other works to help you understand them and you them. I suggest looking up this kind of education so you can recognise the patterns and at least rule them out, if nothing else.

After that - stop playing it’s games it’s way, it get’s real or you let it know, there’s plenty more fish in the sea and it can be replaced.