Why is meditation before summoning important?

I always thought the only thing you ever really needed to activate a Sigil was blood or semen but other practitioners suggest meditating on the Sigil. Having feelings such as lust, anger or even sadness helps activating the Sigil.

When i first did it, i actually meditated for about a year and that was non stop. I had the sigil in my mind most of the time.

Just trying to figure how it all works and i thought it would be an interesting topic.

You also need to charge your sigil with your intent.

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Activation is the process of firing your sigil into the universe along with the act of allowing the sigil to work in your subconscious.

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Ornias is right - if all you do is put goop on the paper, all you have is a goopy bit of paper. It’s like staring at a phone without dialing the numbers.

Everything important that happens with magick comes from your mind and how it directs your energy - the sigil is less important than and can be done away with, the directed energy, not so much. That’s what meditation is for. You don’t sit in any random meditative state, you specifically think about the entity and what you want, reach out to it and call it using the sigil like a calling card.


Hmmm what’s that??? Meditating on a sigil. Are there any vids of that technique in Youtube? It is far more easier to use a metal under the sigil or a cristal, call the name of the deity. Play with breathing, close eyes breath in, hold, open eyes breath out push the energy in the sigil and say the name, stare at it till glows like up to a minute and if needed repeat it a couple of times. If interested to work with you than you will feel it in the atmosphere and the deity will speak mostly through images. In rare important ocasions will be loud and clear.


^^ this


Meditation isn’t a requirement in order to sunmon, would be good to be relaxed and receptive mentally – but that doesn’t require a long meditation session.

Sigil opening in my opinion requires a very mild meditative state of mind, which can be achieved by the relaxed gaze/focus.

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