Why is kundalini energy dangerous?

Puzzling your own chakra energy would be harming


Harmful? No. Destructive? Yes, in the sense it breaks your illusions


Do you think it would be at least a bit dangerous if your body heated up intensely and was essentially burning? Ever see the movie “Firestarter?”


Love that movie. Which btw just announced firestarter is getting a remake. And Stephen king said all his stories are connected in some way… I theroize that Carrie White’s father was part of the same experiment Charlie’s father and mother were Apart of(firestarter). :slight_smile:


yeah that was my favorite movie as a kid. Now I am going to have to go see the remake.


And noticed both Carlie’s Parents were part of the experiments why Charlie could create fires at such a young age since birth… Where as carries FATHER was part of the experiment but her MOTHER wasn’t. Hence why she developed her abilities only when her emotions took over at the age of PUPERTY (16) FOR HER :slight_smile:


Omg RIGHT! :slight_smile:

As u can see when Stephen king announced this year all his stories were connected I had to dig future in fact I can go back to every unexplained psychic child from Stephen king and POSSIBLY find a realistic connection. But of course. Firestarter is where they all would have inner connected

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#You mean…like that?

Anyway; back to the topic!
~The book of light (christian anders) tells, that in pre-ancient times -that fought each other with pure kundalini. That everyone holded energy, greater than dozens of nukes!

Idk if that is in any way true.


With the Kundalini, you are taking the sexual energy of the body, and bringing it up your spine, and shoving it into your brain. That is where the danger lies. If you want to know what could happen when you do that, read the works of Krishnamurti. If you want a Western view on it, read path notes of An American Ninja Master by Glenn Morris.Both authors didn’t do it properly and suffered some major trauma.


Dangers of Kundalini Rising = a Religious Nut going apeshit crazy


In Hinduism, the Third Eye is a destructive beam of fire.

[quote]When the goddess Durga wanted to marry, she went to the Trimurthis (Trinity of Hindu major gods); Among them, Vishnu and Brahma were afraid of marrying Durga and believed they were inadequate for such a great goddess. But Shiva said that he will marry her if she gives him her third eye and trident. She gives them to him but tells him that he can only use it once on her…

Shiva uses the third eye to turn her into ash. Brahma divides the ash into three parts and creates Kali, Lakshmi and Saraswati out of them and the Sudarshana Chakra (The discus of Vishnu). So goes one story.[/quote]


I see the danger in how u use the knowledge once you recieve it. Are you tapping into that power and harnessing it for use. Or do you start off with good intentions and just get so obsessed with sex magic and give into lust and just run around having wild sex orgies. And completely forget the path u were on.

I’m forever greatful to my advisor in college who was a biblical scholar and always taught in his classes that the serpent in the garden of eden wasnt evil and represented kundalini force. And sammael was with eve in the garden along with the serpent. And sammael and the serpent were combined and demonized to hide the truth from the masses to keep them from achieving the godhood and knowlege that is the birthright of every human.

Although i didnt believe in most of what he taught i started studying magic more seriously because of him.


Kundalini energy isn’t just psychological, it’s very physical. You’ll be feeling chills in your feet while you have a headache and feel burning in your head… Or, more likely burning in your spine. A Kundalini awakening isn’t a kind spiritual experience and, based on what I’ve experienced and read, it’s never finished. The first weeks of a full awakening is the most intense though. I wasn’t able to sleep for 4-5 days at a time. But I made all the trademark mistakes with my awakening. I drank cola, and smoked weed heavily, before and during the most intense stages of the awakening.

On occasion, my Kundalini wil start rising up my spine- Unprovoked. And it’s not a very comfortable feeling. It’s been seven years since and I still suffer some of the symptoms of awakening.

Perhaps because of blockages in my chakras- but that has another cause. I believe someone in my past may have called servitors or used necromancy of some kind to fuck with my chakras and drain my energy.

That being said, I believe you can receive a Shaktipat from a spirit, or spirits.
The day before my awakening began, I felt the presence of a Dakini and asked it to bless me and further my spiritual ascent. The next day, randomly, BOOM! I was fucked for years and on a spiritual high that only meds could bring me down from. I believe my meds help keep my current Kundalini energy from rising and help to keep me out of that spiritual high that made it hard to live in normal reality.

But, at the same time, I believe I’ve also gained the ability to do much with very little. It’s not hard for me to call on a spirit, hear it, see it if I try, and pull magickal workings with the snap of a finger(which may or may not be a good thing).

All that said, I think it can help spiritual workings but also acts as a painful curse. It’s all about how you handle it and how strong the Shaktipat and following awakening are.


Thankyou blueaserth…I know this happened to me too…v interesting to hear another’s details…can’t write much now…but I had to comment…will return
To ask questions another day…v supportive to hear another’s experiences…and v helpful…

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Unregulated , unharnessed kundalini is dangerous as probably it is thicker and gross .
Build your chakras and then bring it up and it will do wonders. Do not force it to rise . Prepare for it and raise it up.


I am saying out of pure experience that the answer is YES. It can most definitely be dangerous. Luckly, and I am only assuming that, most people on this forum that have practiced energy workings did so with a book or a mentor to somewhat guide them. My very first magickal experience was without any prior knowledge of what energy even was. I bought my first book called The Completea Magical Path Magical Lessons. I did as most newbies do and skipped past a bunch of sections. If I would have read, I would have seen that he tells you practice each step for a couple of weeks before moving on.

Well I did not and I started practicing visualization techniques. For some reason the first thing that popped into my mind was an image of an orange. I was laying down and pictured the orange, trying to make it more clear and detailed, after 5 minutes the mental image of the orange got pretty good, and I stared to feel a buzz in my ear. Thought nothing of it. I concentrated harder on the orange, more focused, more detail and began to move it around. Then my temples started to spasm a little.

It startled me a bit, and I opened my eyes thinking oh wow this must be doing something. So I closed my eyes and the second I visualized the orange again my temples began to vibrate again, but I mean move like if I put my finger on your temples and shook them back and forth. In my excited that I was doing something amazing I concentrated harder on the orange, and increased what I now know as the energy around my head. Holy fricken crap, I’m telling you by the time I was done every little muscle from my forehead to my ears to my chin was spasming and vibrating like crazy and I thought omg omg omg this is awesome. I did this for 3 nights, and even when I would close my eyes to simply practice a 2 second visualization at work, I would feel a jolt in my temples again. The 3rd night I did this for about 15 minutes straight and when I turned my lights on I felt blinded, dazed, dizzy, euphoric, extremely confused at what was happening. I felt sick and went to sleep. I woke up the next day still like that and driving, doing my work at my job was difficult. Like I fried myself, like legit. A few days later I met a guy on Facebook who is still somewhat of a mentor for me and explained to me to stop it immediately. He taught me how to properly meditate and to do less visualizing and more feeling, and to harness the energy into the gut energy center, as the head cant handle a large amount of energy.

So Yes, I say this bias as hell, you can hurt yourself physically. I do energy work nightly, but if it’s your first time make sure you follow someone or a book that tells you how to properly start off. :slight_smile:


So within the past month one of “The Gods” had visited me. He knows that I have a tendency and to even take pleasure in going Overboard. Said that I was working with “too much energy.” I know it takes alot of energy to get big things to happen, but sometimes I go overboard and picture Vaste amounts of energy (this is just naturally who I am, its part of my Astrological Makeup) like a Tsunami completely engulfing things.

But yeah, I would defintely vouch for Mastering Energy Control. You should also have a way to Store Energy as Potential Power, so you can smartly control the right amounts where they need to go. You can create a Thoughtform/Tulpa to store energy.


I suspect something like this was happening to me when I was studying Tibetan Buddhism in my early 20s. It started off with weird visions (such as seeing spirits in 3d) and ended up running off on a wild quest of sexual and identity based experimentation (which I struggled with until the recent last few years - interestingly, my energy healing work brought that to an end), and coming down with Graves’ Disease (which is what a lot of kundalini symptoms remind me of, tbh), and eventually, other autoimmune conditions. I also started to struggle with erotomania based obsessive infatuations, which I hadn’t experienced previously (normally socially skilled person who had been a normal dater prior to any of this happening). My path these days is much, much more grounded and I used spirit work to help heal myself, but it involved a lot of learning to ground my energy. The spirits that I work with in fact told me I was doing too much high energy work and started showing me how to deal with my energy in a more productive way. My health has gradually been returning.


VERY useful​:heart::heart::heart: