Why i am not getting through in life

Hi, i have been going through a rough time in my life, i have been Hexed, Black magic , and it was all done by a family member , plus i was sent a demon to hurt me by some random person. I got rid of all of these, now i still not getting through in life, can there be a higher power blocking me ? Any advice can someone give me.


Perhaps you are going through a trail right now. It feels rough but you’ll get out of it❤️

Be sure to banish and cleanse often.

You may want to start eliminating the idea of you not gettong through Life. There is a ritual on this Site that can help you.


Hi, thanks for your answer what is the name of this ritual ?


I cannot remember.

@Lady_Eva I recall that you shared that Ritual about bringing change on another discussion. Please can you share it here for this gentleman? Thank you.


Lady eva has helped me before in one of my post, ery helpful person .


But can higher power hold us down and how accurate u have to be to lift it off?

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Agreed :rose:

Yes even lesser Spirits can but once you widraw yourself from their influence they can’t.

Doubt many higher Spirits will do such a thing. I know that Archangels and Demons won’t. Same for numerous Pagan Deities. It’s a waste of their energy.


But i feel some spirit is blocking me, how to find out ? Should i ask Demon belial ?


If you feel the need too then yes.

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Yes, a higher power could have placed a binding on you.

I know this, because it was done to me. My recent past life was a bad man who caused much suffering in his pursuit of wealth and some uppity higher power took offense to his behavior and bound the flow of prosperity, which carried over into this current incarnation.


How doni find out if higher power has held me back ? And did u get rid of it ? And which demon helped u ?

I found out about the binding from other spirits.

Lady-Eva contacted Odin and another spirit (an African shaman if I remember correctly) on my behalf and they gave me some tasks to complete as penance (because the binding was related to wealth, the tasks were related to charity) Once they were done, the binding was released.


Okay, basicaly no ritual but a evocation had to be done to pet u do something for them . And after all of this how did u feel today ? In regards to wealth

I feel fine. My money magick works much better now.

If you want to know if you have been bound in some way, contact a spirit you trust. An ancestor would be best, but any spirit you have a good relationship with should be able to tell you.

Odin was contacted for me because I have an ancestral connection to him. He was the one that told me the why of the binding, and the shaman was the one who told me how to break it.

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I dont do the magic, i have a magician friend to help me out, demon Azazael has told my friend that i was hexed by a family member, which ancestor do u recommend for example Grand parents ?

Any ancestral spirit should be willing to help as they usually have a vested interest in your life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the spirit of a family member though. it could be a god that your ancestors venerated (like Odin was for me), or even a demon or an angel.

You could have your friend contact Azazel again and ask him whether some force bound you. However, it is important to keep in mind that you may not be bound at all. Simply because your life is not going the way you want it to does not automatically mean it is the fault of someone or something else. Be prepared for that possibility.


I agree , but i realize that the money spells dont work out for me as what u said so i am thinking some higher power is out there which is holding me back. But i am hoping i find out my ancestor thing. But it seems my anchestor were very dark cause i also cleared up there side and this was from my father side.

@Lady_Eva need your help on this please.

Thank you, though this post isn’t mine you have made me crack two theories regarding my past lives.

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