Why does my feet twitch after wearing gemstone?

Has anyone else noticed that their any part of body(feet in this case) twitches after wearing gemstone(in form of ring) or any keeping any crystal near their body?
Since I began wearing ruby gemstone in August 2020,my feet has been constantly twitching at random moments of the days lasting as long as like 15-20 minutes non-stop.
Is there like any treatment to this?
Any aura cleansing or any other thing I should do?


It’s your spirit having an orgasm.

Jk I’ve never heard of this issue personally.


Yeah, also sometimes it adversely effects my ability to sleep with all that feet twitching violently.
And even after removing the gemstone for multiple days, the twitches still continue.

Oh,no problem

Sounds like energy unable to flow properly.
Are the energy points in your feet open so the energy can ground well?

We just had a conversation about this and how to open the Kidney 1 points stone here if you want to check into that.

After that look into learning energy balancing exercises that smooth out your field such as the microcosmic orbit from qigong.


Take your thumbs and massage the points of your soles in the circles. (These are the major points for the energy gates in your feet. Some wholistic footwear puts little copper things here to connect and conduct with the earth)

Part of what binds up energy can be physical tension.

Take a hot bath (or do a foot soak…) And work at loosening up your feet.

Get you one of those massage balls and use it to roll and stretch, and loosen your feet.

(I suppose you could get professional foot massages as well)

Walk outside barefoot to ground and let your feet connect energetically with earth.

In addition to this, it would be good to practice some kind of energy exercise that’ll move the energy.

You can take your hands and having them facedown move them up and down with your breath (up=inhale, down=exhale, I wouldn’t move them above the navel or chest cuz were focusing on the lower centers and gates of the feet) and if you’re doing it right you should feel a heaviness and maybe a sort of weight take place in your feet (groundedness) and your hands will feel like they’re getting pulled down when you’re trying to move them up. Think like you’re pumping the energy up and down through your legs and feet.

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That diagram isn’t showing the correct locations for Kidney 1, those are a different acupressure point to do with the tendons.

There’s a lot of points in the feet, also the ears, you can do a kind of whole body massage just with either for this reason.

Massaging like this is still going to help. During the normal day when you can’t just take your shoes off, just put your mind in these points, it will help open them and ground via your intention. Qigong is magick like that.

Kidney 1 is lower down and more central: nearer the center of gravity. It’s the start of the Kidney meridian and is hence connected up into your torso, and can direct energy from the whole body because of this. (The meridians are all connected via the dumai meridians)


Even if you don’t find the exact spot, it’s not a big deal, qi in sentient an follows mind, so making sure your intention is to open K1 and ground will get it to go where it needs to, it’ll self-adjust, but it will be faster and more effective to be on point (sorry, had to :slight_smile: ). A bit like you can have the wrong sigil and still connect with the right spirit.


Sometimes my leg muscles twitch. Energy is not flowing as it should. It happens when i listen to various frequencies or those people on Tiktok who are vibing… You have some blockage. Some of the crystals are forcing the energy flow. Cleanse your aura. Walk barefoot on different natural surfaces.

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There is some kind of problem concerning base chakra… Ruby tries to adjust it but your thoughts probably deny its action? Maybe you refuse accepting some aspects of daily life like sex, job, family?