Why does Azazel scare me more

Ok…this is a question for the experienced magickians , also @Xag_darklight

…why does he scare me to work with more than Belial or Lucifer, I mean, Ive worked with a bunch of spirits for now, granted, King Paimon and Lucifer had a very chill vibe and are perfect for beginners, but then I had an intense experience with Belial, so why does Azazel scare more to work with? If you read my previous post, youd know that after I had a troubling dream which i believe was the succubus trying to psychologically torture me, when I woke up, Azazels sigil popped up in my mind for a second…but why am I too scared for Hells sake…I wasnt scared like this with the others, wtf is going on


Analyzing your writing: You talk about fear.

Fear appears when there is a feeling of anguish in the presence of a real or imaginary danger, if you have not had an encounter with the deity of Azazel where does that feeling come from? Is it real or imaginary in your behavior pattern?

Fear clinically causes a distrust that drives people to believe that an event contrary to what is desired will occur. That feeling not understood will not be the one that limits him to interact with the deity?

As long as he does not get rid of that emotion, his action as an operator will be contradictory. It is an unpleasant emotion, since it makes us feel bad (although not negative, since feeling emotions is always positive, whatever they may be). It is also a passive emotion, as it tries to withdraw from what happens. When we feel fear, it also leads us to feel helpless. What happens when we feel fear is that we retire.

I stress this because the fear itself is positive, it helps us move away from an event for which we are not yet prepared. If we manage our fear dysfunctionally, it will slow us down too much. Remember: fear is not a problem, it just obeys us … The problem is what we do with fear.

Take what you consider, more if this writing is not helpful omit it!


so what is your advice, just do it?

you know what…screw it, lets see what happens

wtf…Azazels sigil is Saturns sigil, they say its a mistake

I say I just see what happens :two_hearts: always be respectful and you should be fine. You can always test the waters and see if you get along firstly :yum:

Do not be afraid of Azazel. When working with him overtime you’ll realise that he does truly watch over humanity and its affair with due diligence.

I am still in the process of developing a much stronger connection and it feels guiding for me, he speaks to me.

Don’t enter something that does not feel right. Or maybe the things we didn’t expect, or had such distrust or uncertainty in initially, ends up becoming a valuable relationship.

Some say expect the unexpected,
Some say expect nothing,
I say expect EVERYTHING.


I think that makes sense, in a significant way. Sacred fear is a huge part of who Azazel is.

The Pan-ic dancer in the flames, who breaks what must be built stronger.
The Black Goat who jumps the Moon, bearing a rider on his back.
The giver of knowledge which destroys whom employs it.

Azazel is wild, and is without veneer. He is scary, because if you do not feel fear, then acting requires no courage. He is alien, because unfamiliar landscapes break you out of the comfort of civility.

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Yes Azazel has a Saturn aspect and this is the correct Sigil.
Why not try this as an introduction:

Oh and fear. I’m a former Catholic and first I feared Lucifer. When I evoked him, my fear went away. Then Lilith was a bridge to far. Feared her. Evoked her the first time, Lucifer was there and it was amazing. So just do it. If you embrace your fear then it will finally go away.

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As far as the sigil goes, the sigil of Saturn works for Azazel but I believe you can use the sigil of the planetary intelligence “Zazel”. It’s just as easy to get an image of him or call out to him by his name and attributes during a ritual or meditation. He will show up.

Have you considered another angle (not angel, LOL) to the appearance of Azazel during your attack? Like for example, what if he wasn’t there to ensure your torment but rather he was there to stop it? I’ve had spirits, including Azazel and Belial, that just pop up on me to stop something or warn me of something that would be harmless. Sure, sometimes they will let you fall so you can learn but other times they won’t allow that which hinders your growth.

My opinion, if Azazel’s sigil popped in your mind after the dream, he may be reaching out to you. I wouldn’t be afraid to work with him. I had a dream Andras reached out to me and wanted to work with me. At first I was terrified, but after the fear settled, I realized he was reaching out because I was too afraid to reach out to him. He was able to help me, but my fear of him prevented my asking for his assistance. After I let go of the fear, I did reach out and he has helped my situation in many ways.

Azazel can do the same for you. I’m sure he can and will help you in ways you couldn’t imagine. Give him a chance.


I can say the same for me I get terrified if I speak to new spirits I’ve never spoke to beforehand recently with bune and orabas took me a few days to speak with them but I just did it screw fear you know they reach out wen we are too afraid to reach them you can’t let fear stop you from your success you got this

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