Why do witches dance naked? - Serious Question

Is there a possibility that when a witch becomes more comfortable with who she is and her path - she becomes more and more comfortable with striping off the layers of herself/himself/themselves?

Do we just get to a point where we say “Fuck It” and just learn to dance naked in every aspect of our life?

I seriously cannot stand my clothes anymore when I’m in my home - but for modesty reasons, still wear a sundress due to my blinds and curtains being open to let the sunshine in. And I don’t need everyone to see the goods. :roll_eyes::sweat_smile:

But, when and why do some witches feel the need to dance naked at the sight of a new or full moon? Is there any historical background for this?


I’ve never heard of witches dancing naked honesty


I’ve never known of any witch who does that, and believe me, if they did, they would post about it, with pictures


Oh. I must be going through something really bizarre then. :crazy_face:


Historically, it was because witches were believed to have sexual congress with the Devil at their Sabbat, so they would dance naked around a fire in celebration and communion before commencing with the orgy.

I don’t think real witches ever actually did so, but it paints a very titillating picture for the sexually repressed Puritans to drool over, does it not?

In modern times, it has become a symbol of body positive feminism and freedom of expression for some neo-pagans and Wiccans to sometimes do so.

Dance itself, however, has always had a spiritual connection, particularly in pagan beliefs, but also in some early Christian sects, before it was deemed “sinful” by the Church and suppressed, along with any sort of sexual expression.

In the animated movie The Prince of Egypt, there is a great scene where Moses, after being driven out of Egypt, comes across a desert people who dance in celebration of life and God.

In the Bible itself there are numerous references to dancing:

Ecclesiastes 3: 4 : [There is[ a time to weep, and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance.

Psalm 30: 11: You turned my wailing into dancing. You removed my sackcloth and filled me with joy

Psalm 149: 3-4 : Let them praise his name with dancing, and make music to Him with timbrel and harp.

Jeremiah 13: Then the young women will dance and be glad, young men and old as well. I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.


Savanna from Black Witch Coven apparently likes to. I saw a documentary that’s probably 20+ years old at this point where they claimed to (British Traditional Witchcraft, iirc). I do recall some covens being nude under their cloaks, but don’t even remember the coven or documentary name at this point.

Given how most people aren’t hanging out (couldn’t help it) in nudist colonies most weekends, I’d say it comes down to personal preference. I can’t imagine the deities care, but the mosquitoes might…




buuuuuuuuuuuug spray!

@DarkestKnight - thank you! I’m not familiar with the Bible though. Soooooooooo, but I like the quotes!


I’ve known about that, it is also a common artistic concept

Actually, a spirit might like to see you naked and being naked during the operation with him/her actually enhances the ritual, specially sex rituals, because there would be more contact surface


Sex rituals? Whaaaaaaat?

I’ll research this. But :thinking::face_with_monocle: sex rituals? Like with whom?


When I first started I was Wiccan and came across a ritual in book of that called what your asking about, skyclad


There is sex magick, you can practice it alone, or with a partner, or with many partners (of the opposite sex, or of the same sex) or with spirits


@Julius_Arcane - thank you. I am bookmarking your post to reference this when I have more time.


I’ve attend a few rituals where fellow Witches have been Skyclad (naked). Especially at the Solstice celebrations they have danced naked under a full moon (round a big fire pit) drawing down energies.


Oh. Okay. :sweat_smile: Not sure who I would have a sex connection with at the moment.

I’m banned by the ancestors from doing any love spells, as I’ve seen them burn other people like fire on a dry patch of land. I don’t need that drama!

But, then again, I’ve been reading about this Amodoues demon. No idea who this person is, at all! And I have this vision in my head where he’s trying to knock down my front door and I’m like - “Whaddya want?” And he’s like: “A sandwich!”

A sandwich? This witchy - meaning me - was dumb founded at that one. A demon who wants to eat a sandwich. Like roast or turkey? What bread do you want? Seriously, a sandwich?

Okay - I went off on a tangent. I’m sorry. But it just proves where I am at. The most powerful, lustful demon in all of history wants a sandwich and a nap? Apparently, woooooow. So sorry for my tangent. But…this proves what I think of sexual relations right now - but anyhoo -

But, okay, will research these sexual rituals.


Oh! Very interesting.

I find it interesting only men have posted and no women.


An example of sex ritual is Liber NV

There I explain it



Thanks! Bookmarking.

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Wow! Can’t say I’ve seen that on here before. Interesting (not that I disagree).

I posted the other day about how I’ve started connecting with the Norse Pantheon (not limited to Asatru) and I was making some corn muffins for a dinner I was making the following night. It popped into my head that they would love one of these corn muffins. It’s a simple corn muffin. I thought I was misunderstanding.

So, I called out to the Gods and the Wights and asked if they’d appreciate a corn muffin and I’ll be damned… I chose the best muffin of the dozen, made some excuse for going outside, offered it, and felt the gratitude. An f-ing piping hot corn muffin. Sometimes we don’t understand, but I’ll be damned if they don’t appreciate it.

I’d make him a sandwich.


Posting, yes. Doing…maybe 20 years ago :slight_smile: