Why do some Angels have an EL at the end of their name

I’ve worked with Angels in the past but this never really occurred to me.

Why do angels or at least some of them have an EL at the end of their name?

Even some Daemons like Azazel have an el?

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El loosely translated means " of god" like Samael means “poison of god” if I remember correctly


My findings so far, don’t take them as absolute though: Hoover, Jacuzzi, Photoshop - El? And Other Trademarked Godnames.

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That Elohim name really bothers me.

So there are other ways of pronouncing angelic names right?
Like taking out the EL and adding aeheh?

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That’s what they told me, though this is also relevant of course:

Hogging sacred syllable that way fits with my own UPG of the troll god, and also with what @anon31277086 describes there.

It all, also, fits with the experience I had smashing the core of it, and liberating energies afterwards: My 9/11 Work - Part 1.

People may continue to generate a mini-lampshade (to use Sultitan_Itan’s metaphor) by using the forms of worship, but “Team Ascent” forces are active in slowly changing things so that no more payments get made into its accounts, so to speak. :thinking:

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Here’s my take on it. The Abrahamic systems basically have convoluted Elohim with Yaweh. Essentially they want you to think Yaweh is the Elohim, when in actuality I do not believe it to be so. Elohim basically means the ultimate creator god or source or origin of all, what some call zero, most likely existing outside of our sphere or the entity known as Yaweh’s. It is just another deific name that has been bastardized by the Abrahamic traditions.

Elohim is shortened to El in many cases, especially in names of Hebrew origin. It’s basically an addendum to the name that means ‘of Elohim’, kind of like the addendum ‘son’ on many European names. Samuel, Rachel, etc.

Now consider this. Azazel. Raphael. Michael. Samael. All with the addendum El. If you consider these beings to embody different energetic aspects of the ultimate source, and you make sure you note the difference between the elohim of the Abrahamic cults and the actual Elohim, it is not such a far stretch, is it? It is actually quite fitting.

So think of names like Azazel or Michael as meaning “this aspect of source” or “that aspect of source”. Nothing sinister, lol.