Why do people feel MORE drawn/pulled to some spirits/etc then others?

I was wondering, why is it that people are more drawn to some spirits/etc then to others, and some not even thinking/considering them? I’m sure there are several reasons probably, but I’m curious as to what some of these might be.


First, we are beings of energy. And if we come into contact with energies similar to our own we feel immediately connected and we have the desire to deal with these spirits. Then in some cases, in one or more previous reincarnations there may have been relationships. There are links and feelings that can never be broken, neither by time nor by matter.


So, then we are attracted to energies/beings like ourselves (in terms of energy), but also the bonds/ties/relationships we make, have made?

Now alot of people say that they are being called by said entity/demon/spirit. Is this something that happens, or is it meant more figuratively? If meant literally, do the spirits/demons feel drawn to us to? For similar/same reasons as we are to them?

I honestly believe a lot of factors go into this, I wasn’t drawn to any particular group of entities starting out, I vibed with every group I came across, showed respect to every group I came across, but as I got to learn about myself, what my soul is and such I started to gravitate towards a specific group.

However, that’s not always the case, some gravitate to some groups for mundane reasons such as “they sound cool” or because they watched animes and cartoons and their mind draws them towards them from a purely fantasy point of view.

Some like myself are attracted the “soul groups/races/beings” we’re part of.


Because I resonate And am drawn to Dark Demonic energy beings

I was always drawn to fae, and recently into demons or just dark energy in general. I feel drawn to Lilith in particular. So I just like to try and figure this stuff out. I’m a thinker, I like to know the why/how behind everything. Then learn some more lol.


if spirits want to talk to certain people, they call out to them. that’s why you’d feel drawn to a certain spirit. they’d give you signs and messages that they want to work with you. they want to work with your energy. they feel you would be a good student and channeler for them. what you’re drawn to is what you’re best at or what your abilities would best be able to match. everything that’s supposed to be on your path is drawn to you. it’s what you need for your soul to develop in this life. they might also feel you might be a challenge and they like challenges. think about it. what do demons really want to do in this world ? crazy, stupid shit ofc. so that’s what they want. another possibility is past life connections. you may have a soul tie or even karmic connection with the spirit. just ask them.

I think there is also an element of balance that can play a role in it as well. For example, I have always been attracted to spirits associated with war and death. At the same time, I have had an attraction to those associated with crafts and beauty of every kind. Seems a bit strange for someone who is attracted to intense and often chaotic aspects of life would also be attracted to more peaceful ones at first glance, right? Well, it is actually very common for warriors, whose entire lives are focused on the art of killing, to also deeply study arts that bring peace. It is a way to balance the horrors of conflict.


Elemental energies do play a role too, someone who has say elemental light in their system are likely to feel a slight disconnect with infernal demons or shadow people, possibly a stronger link to light elementals or angelics, etc.


Well I for example, even when I was young I was drawn to things like Spiderwick (the movie), Avatar (not the airbender one),Narnia, earth, mountains, animals, etc.

I’ve always hated technology (though got used to it), and HATED cities. Needed to be out in nature and honestly wished things were like the old days, when there was less building’s/cities/etc.

Although for some reason I hate swimming/water… And fire…hate fire. I do like air/wind but unfortunately I’m afraid of heights so you won’t see me very high up in the air or skydiving lol.

I’ve never felt drawn to angels though. I resonate with dark/earthy energies and it’s shown throughout my life. Even though it means nothing, my room is the darkest in my whole house and im comfortable/happy that way. Plus I always feel rejuvenated at night but that doesn’t really count.

I’ve always felt drawn to my shadow though. Did alot of shadow people drawings as a kid, and was fascinated by my shadow.

:woman_shrugging: It’s a mystery. Maybe it just comes down to where you are on your personal journey and a feeling of who can help you the most.

There are some entities that seem more popular than others (for lack of a better word). There are several entities mentioned time and time again on this forum that I feel no particular draw to despite their power and proficiency being exalted by others, but it doesn’t make me feel drawn to reach out to them. Then there are some extremely obscure spirits who may get stuck in my head and despite being able to find barely any information on them online, I still feel drawn by their aura.

I don’t know if anyone will ever be able to conclusively answer why that’s so.

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Interesting, you made me realise what I am drawn to. Fire (a lot) and air (less).

I always loved to stare at fire. But never let it touch me. It hypnotizes me.

I just realised that I used to be a problematic kid in the sense that I liked to set things on fire and my parents had to be really careful.
I set a radio on fire once. A radio. Just for fun. Lol

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Lol I use to be drawn to fire so much I would set stuff on fire to watch it burn :laughing: or do the alcohol trick where you pour rubbing alcohol on your hand and light it on fire lmao I was a kid then like 12-13 lol


You’re not the only one lol


I’m very much drawn to water. I love baths and swimming. Fire can make me uneasy, because I worry about it getting out of control. I’m not a fan of fans, as I told my son like 100 times, I don’t really like air blowing in my face. As for earth, I like it, I guess, although I don’t really like the feel of dried out mud or sand on my hands.
I’ve always felt a pull to demons, I think, and certain ones have stood out for me. I spent a lot of time wondering what was wrong with me, and why certain religious practices didn’t work for me, or made me feel worse. I wondered if that made me a bad person like some inherently evil thing by nature. It took me a long time to realize that evil isn’t an inherent quality in something, but rather a description of a detrimental relationship between two or more things.


You lit your hand on fire? How did that go…

I’m the opposite, I have to have a fan right by my bed/blowing on me/my face to sleep. Although I’ve been that way since I was little.

It didn’t burn because the rubbing alcohol was on it

Oh. Well then clearly I have not heard of this trick…

I thought alcohol was flammable.

It is but the fire was burning the alcohol not me.

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