Why do people curse out of anger without a just reason

Define “just reason”, in your perspective.


Simply because they can…


Nearly most of people come to black magick (I dont believe in colors tho) for emotional/psychological problems.Some for exes, some for curses.Some for various reasons but still.

More people would commit crimes if there were no laws and punishment. Its hard to get punished in magick.

My conclusion: Various problems and freedom magick can give to you.


Take care of your own needs and do not care why other people do or don’t do whatever. I guess anyone has got his own reasons.


People do it because it’s human nature and some jack asses here encourage it

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Oh wanna hear something cool?
So… my mother (who was a born again christian lady) had some troubles with a client… you know… the normal beef sometimes you’ve with a client in a business that deals with people. Well… the lady was a witch… in her yearly 20’s maybe… so she cursed my mom. Which i understand… you do what you’ve to do to deal with how you’re feeling…
So… Maybe out of desperation of not seeing my mom suffer fast enough she kept cursing and cursing… till one day ending up cursing my teenage self… Since she apparently couldn’t kill my mom or ruin her business to the ground (and she tried) it at some point had hit me… whatever if it was intentional or just the path of least resistance… i went through almost 15 years of suicidal thoughts and depression to the point where sometimes (at the worst of it) i didn’t even want to shower or to eat or to even leave the bed… i just wanted to stay in a dark room and cry from the moment i woke up to the moment i felt asleep again… I left school, I spent 2 YEARS without talking… i lost all my friends over time…
I had a knife to my wrists or to my neck so many times… and every time i kept thinking of the suffering i’d cause my mom… and my grandmother… and (because i was raised a catholic) the thought i had planted in me, the idea that if i killed myself i’d end up in hell where the suffering wouldnt end… but just increase and be for ever… would kick in and stop m. That’s what i was taught about suicide (for some reason), that only GAWD have the right to decide when you die… and if you kill yourself you’re SINNING against the will and right of GAWD to decide…
So in a very twisted way… it kept me alive (empathy, guilty… and fear… kept me alive) … suffering constantly yes… but alive.

After like 5~6 years or so of her cursing my mom… my mom eventually developed cancer… it spreaded extremely fast and my mom died withing 15 days after the diagnostic. A horrible looking death that haunted me for years.

So yes… i’ve made peace with the fact that people… will do what they do.
…what they feel like doing.
It was an important lesson if nothing else. Our morals… rights and wrongs… they dont mean much… They might mean the world to us… but they dont mean anything to someone else… and they definitely wont stop someone else of trying to hurt you. Those who have power will eventually step on the neck of those who have not… It seems to be the sad reality of this place. I completely understand why spiritualists would get to the conclusion that THIS PLACE… this earth of us… is hell. And the cycle of reincarnation as the “atonement” for the wrongs we have done… that you’ve to keep coming “to hell” until you “balance the scales”… until you “pay your bill”. Regardless of what i think of that, i can see why so many people believe that to be true.
Well… i’m awake now. A rude awakening at that… But no one is stepping on my neck again.


unpleasant story. And it’s not cool!!! for crazy lady cursing you folks for normal everyday stuff.


This is exactly how I view reincarnation and karma. If people realized that earth is hell and that we are all one and that hurting one another is hurting yourself and you will keep coming back to “hell” until you wake up and remember who you are.

You are your arm. If you cut it and it bleeds it is you who is bleeding, not your arm. If people realized that the whole of existence is their entire body they would stop cutting themselves.

Yeah I agree. It’s definitely not “cool”, imo.

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Sometimes you gotta cut the parasite to heal. Or remove a limb to survive. It’s infected. =o) So it’s really saving yourself if your cursing with proper reasons. lol Just like certain animals. You cut a part out and new regrowth happens. Sometimes i think of life problems or shitty people that way. Get rid of them for new rebirth. I’m helping the earth heal. Get rid of the infected parasite. haha.

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There is no getting rid of anything. Just transmutation and transformation. That’s is the best we can achieve. To change something from one state to another.

Damnnnn. I feel bad asf now plus I can deeply relate to that no cap. Thank you for opening up my mind with that fr though

I somewhat agree and think this correct but what if they can’t help the circumstances?

A person is allowed to define what is just for them or if they want to, it’s their ability to do so and their capability to carry it out. The world is grey not black and white. To some it’s immature to others it’s them doing it because if it’s in their capability why not? the former is based off some diluted sense of self and the latter is simply live and let live even if it’s involving others.

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Funny enough nonhumans will curse you too so it’s not human nature, a fae will kick your ass simply because you made the mistake of looking at them the wrong way. It doesn’t make a person a jackass for not shoving their whiny sense of morality onto others.

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I never thought about it that way. It might because I’m legitmitally autistic but why do people judge me when I try look at things with a very similar perspective? Is it just me?

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Some people are just heavily white knighish to a point they’re pick and choosy. Basically PETA on steroids lol.

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Like if the action/verbal dialouge commited against the accusor’s wasnt insulting or disrespectful or just never took place. Or a random evil eye or…just out of hate.

@jalen666 sure there are some circumstance that can’t be help like getting rob. No one can foretold that. It could of been prevented by being aware of surrounding and not going near people or learning self defense to act properly to avoid. There’s a theory that bad things happen cuz you attract them which i can’t totally say it’s true not isn’t true. The energy you create is the situation you attract. There were interviews of people who had criminal victim activity on them. Most of them were living in fear even before being target. They allow criminals to smell fear. They always thinking bad stuff will happen to them. Law of expectancy.

If bad things do happen then you just make the most and move on. Some things you can’t help it yet you can lessen the damage or learn to avoid for future. You make the most of whatever situation. For example everyone is getting mess up with this virus cirucumstance. We make the most of it. Lots of stuff is beyond our control. Such as noisy homeless blasting music all day and nite irritating you cuz the city allow them to put up tent 24/7. So the city got sued from business and residence and now they are to remove 70% of them in my neighborhood. They just didnt’ do their jobs. Who wants to live in a neighborhood where it’s dirty unsanitary in every block. That’s basically what’s going on right now in my neighborhood cuz the city don’t do their jobs. All the poor segregate here cuz it’s where the addicts are and the government free food service is. Hopefully the city do their job and get rid of the disrespectful homeless. If they blasting music all nite they gotta go. I have no pity for them as they break the law. People need their sleep to function right. They can die for all i care.

U do what you can with whatever happens.

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Revenge or justice, depending on the circumstances. Yes, there is a big difference between the two. Depending on the path, it is also a cultural means of accountability, such as with Haitian Vodoun where some the curses are broken by the victim apologizing to who they did wrong to. Anger is a response to pain, which can arise from serious or “petty” situations. The difference between the two is really up to the individual.

Same as the first question, but it can also serve as a means to advance oneself, depending on what is being done. Or removing a problem from one’s work place, although I have found banishments to be more efficient.

Do you mean has anyone cursed another for any reason beyond their lens of morality? If so, sure. There are and have been many reasons to throw a curse at another, ranging from revenge on a unfaithful lover to overthrowing a king. Cursing is just a small aspect of a grander tool that has been used to help enrich life for millennia