Have you ever been made feel weak... after feeling STRONG for a long time?

Have you ever been made feel weak after feeling really power and capable for long time??
I was feeling really powerful and capable… bending people to my will and manifesting stuff with nearly no effort… Then i posted on a topic about what i had to deal with growing up (Why do people curse out of anger without a just reason)… i started to go through this process of a bunch fears i didnt know i had and things i thought i had already dealt with (from which i was made realize i had more like pushed it down and put a lid over it than actually dealt with it) being brought to surface. Even my servitors seems to have gone AWOL in the past couple of days.
In the past couple of days i’ve been brought to tears and sadness like i haven’t felt in many many years. I feel like disappointed… in myself, in my magick… i dont know what it is.
This whole thing (even me feeling like posting what i had to deal in the past in that other topic) happened after i have asked Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael and Lord Lucifer to help me with some healing of my chakras and my energy centers.
I had worked so hard in push this crap down and lock it up so i didnt have to look at it or deal with it. And things where going pretty good. The money was flowing in greater quantities… People where just bending over for me calling me master with nearly no effort of my part. Wasn’t perfect… but i was having a lot of fun…
Why do i’ve to deal with this? Why do i’ve to feel like this? Like utterly bullshiter fake ass crap! Weak!
Have you ever had to deal with anything like this?
I will go through this (the only good thing of have being through worse)… but it SUCKS!!
I dont wanna have to kill my servitors and start all over again either… oof

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Well yes but on another way. I was giving perfect readings for people but today when I did my free readings they were almost all off in some way. One of them was horribly wrong. It’s strange how this happens. I had to clear out all the energy in my cards and ground myself. I guess I’ll see if it worked.


This is unhealthy and gives a false sense of control.

In my opinion, the spirits you petitioned for help are doing just that, and making you face all the things you have suppressed in order to help you grow and to facilitate the healing. All the emotions you pushed down are blocks in your energy field, so in order for the healing you requested to take place, they have to be removed, and that means facing them.

I am currently dealing with something similar, having experienced a traumatic experience last year that has imprinted into my energy field because I have not adequately dealt with the stress and emotional turmoil I went through. I did as you did, and pushed down what I didn’t want to deal with so it is lodged inside my energy body.

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Well, they clearly seem to be doing what you asked for, but that doesn’t help how you feel.

Periodically, I have some similar things happen, but I don’t ask for it. Normally, the cause “seems” to be that I’m about to go into a different direction and I’m likely not seeing it and trying to go another way. Nothing will work or there’s an inordinate amount of resistance to things in magic or life in general.

The only thing that seems to work for me is to “surrender” to it. To stop fighting and instead, marshal my resources for the path I should be taking (shortly).

In your case, it may be that you’re going to change direction slightly and should, if they help clear some of the blockages for you.

Another thing I did think of was to ask them to keep your servitors alive for you while you’re going through this. That would seem to be a lot simpler than helping clear years of clutter chakras.

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Idk, this period of time seems very wrong. Even people who aren’t involved with magick have told me that they’ve started to get really weird dreams and all of that stuff.


You won’t like it, but the answer is:

You asked for help to clean the body and the spirits can only guide you into it, you have to take the responsibility they can’t do it for you.

Taking responsibility is to face your hardships, hope you are ready so you arent faced with an unwilling sacrifice down the line.

its an omen, ive heard this easily a dozen times now in the last two weeks, from numerously different people.

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oh my dreams have been shitty in the past 2 days too. But somewhat in alignment with the things i’ve been avoiding… im basically been made face disgusting situations and people that i had shut out of my mind and of my life…
Everything considered is somewhat kind that i’m being made to face worse of it in dreams… but i end up waking up feeling like shit


I went through the same thing my friend! I for years had powers, that I shunned, pretended that I didn’t have, I didn’t want them! And when I began to accept them, they were stripped away! Back to basics! There is a lesson to be learnt!