Why astral projection?

I have got a little interested in astral projection. What is the point with it beside having a OOB experience?

Astral projection is only the first step. You can learn to travel beyond the astral, into the higher planes, and meet with spirits on their own turf. You can also go further, to Sat Nam, and dissolve all form to become pure consciousness.


Also I might add that just for fun or whatever, you can probably do out of body stuff to explore the ocean and outer space more than science has.

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You can experiment with changing your form (shapeshifting). I find it much easier to communicate with spirits when I am out of my body. And it is fun to explore. You meet things, see things, have new experiences. It may help you with your clairs, depending on where you go. You can spy on people if you want.


Same as the point of anything else. Having experiences and learning is the point of anything and everything.


All of that is really awesome in my opinion.

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@Mulberry Yes I agree.

Knowledge is power and some knowledge can be incredibly interesting too.

Plus being able to freely explore all of existence outside the physical body must be an absolutely wonderful adventure unlike any other.