Why are so many heathens working with demons?


So I am assuming that you then work results magic with runes or galdirstaffir?


A bunch of chaos magicians years ago tried to jam the Norse deities into the tree of life and failed miserably. Lol


“A gift demands a gift”

The gifting cycle doesn’t flow one way. When we give them gifts they return them as well. Even if it’s giving them an offering to petition their aid.


You do what you like. I don’t ask for favors or blessings. Never have. Not going to start now.


I’m not really sure what you’re asking?


I think part of it, too, is that Norse magic has the same feel as demonic magic. Many of the practices are very similar, and many of the entities have a similar feel to them. It makes it easier to blend, or at the very least switch, from using one current to the other.


He was asking if you use runes in your craft.


Very often, yes.


I suppose I’d ask what’s more odd, Heathens moving towards occult, or the way Lutheranism took over the Nordic countries? I’d agree with anyone saying the eddas are riddles that served multiple purposes led by the elders and druids. Religion wasn’t one of them because it wasn’t even a word, and “Heathen” is a loaded perspective. There was only the way things are, Odin is you, the goetic spirits are the same as they always have been. Whether you use decide to use runes or sigils, or what they ask you to call them is a personal path. That’s my take anyway.


Let me give you the words of a very experienced necromancer I have contact with:

““Demon” is merely the title that conquerors give to the gods of those they conquer. No “demon” is inherently malicious, any who tell you otherwise are too caught up in fantasy to have truly practiced conjuration.”

By definition our gods(the Norse gods) would be demons to Christians, and because of that there interaction with Christians is entirely different than with there own people(would you be buddies and super nice to your worse enemy?). Actually since the 15th century, Norse magicians have known and accepted the idea that Loki is Lucifer and Thor is Beelzebub and when you want to conjure or interact with any of them, the names are interchangeable. Makes sense to when you think about it.

Long story short, do not get caught up in the fact they are called “Demons” by some people.



I have a new question:

Are there any people here that combine Demonic Magick with Norse Magick?

For instance, using tools that have been charged and used for Rune Magick (though for results that span the traditions like power, inspiration) still presently used in Demonic Magick? Like a carved drinking horn, carved dagger, etc

I want to use a drinking horn that I’m going to carve to give it new life but it would be amazing to use the horn with my Magick during offerings to king Paimon etc


Always been a thing-look at the Galdrabok, a book about runestaves and in it there are spells that call upon even the demons


For instance there is a curse known as the fart curse which

“which are to afflict your belly with great shitting and shooting pains, and all these may afflict your belly with very great farting. May your bones split asunder, may your guts burst, may your farting never stop, neither day nor night. May you become as weak as the Wend, Loki, who was snared by all the gods. In your mightiest name Lord God, Spirit, Creator, Oðinn, þor, Savior, Freyr, Freyja, Oper, Satan, Beelzebub, helper, mighty God, you who protect your followers Uteos, Morss, Nokte, Vitales.”



Wodanaz gave his eye for knowledge and he himself was a sorcerer. Lots of people who come back to their ancestral roots are still very much indoctrinated with a judeo-christian worldview and project it unto the pantheon. Wodan is “father”, Loki is “the devil”, Baldr is “jesus”, the same duality bs etc. Wodanaz is very much a trickster god, he’s not your daddy in the sky. Others would call him a “demon”. One man’s terrorist, is another man’s freedom fighter. It’s in the eye of the beholder. I feel like with the “Demon” King I made a pact with, it was a simple trade off. My ancestral Gods I love, need and am grateful to. They are a part of me and my line, through an ancient pact that I feel I need to honor.


Loki’s great he teaches the rule of Self-knowledge which is to know yourself regardless of the lies people tell you or the lies you tell yourself. He is a great fundemental in the left hand of norse magick as he did everything himself. He went to the dwarves himself to get the items he wanted crafted and fetched what the aesir wanted as well.


Thank you, this happens so much, drives me nuts!

The things Odin is chronicled as doing are far from fluffy or moralistic sky-daddy stuff.


Maybe its because Heathens are black magicians and they have the right to work with whatever the hell they wanna work with? At any point in time?

But I’m just a 21 yr old black guy in Texas so…


Because they have much to teach, and i have much to learn. Growing up as a with strict Catholicism is stifling. Besides. Lucifer has always felt comforting to me. And i have always had dream demons come to me in my deeams.


The problem comes when generally speaking, heathens consider themselves from the RHP, whereas people who work with demons TEND to go to the LHP. Personally I believe that you cannot be in the middle. You either are from one path or another, now that they are exactly the opposite.


The funny thing about that is that most heathens act LHP even when they say they are RHP.