Why are humans or any other living beings stuck here on planet Earth?

Greetings to all on the forum, I am hoping all is well with you guys.
Can someone assist me with information on the question listed below.

  1. With all the types of magic available to all living beings and the availability of ways to contact entities. Why are human or any other living being stuck here on planet Earth try to survive instead of using magic to advance.
    Most of us we stuck at offices of employers, busy at churches,basically busy trying to empress someone somehow. If we all new magic, will the day to day life be same like now?.
    Basically where are we coming from and where are we going as human beings.
    Were we immortal at some point and then deteriorated and now we try to get back to the all? I am struggling to understand please assist.
  2. Who has brought us here and why. Are we embodying within us some spirits that were created to obey or believe all we hear from others. Why are we ignorant and weak?
  3. Is it some spirits or someone doing this intentionally? and what do they possibly standing to gain in all this. And why are they not receiving some sort of punishment for misleading us.
  4. What is the point of being human here on earth, what am I doing here, Is this some type of a journey towards to be divine, what if I do not want this journey , Cant I shoot straight to the point of whatever I need to do or need to be.
    5.If there is some spirits or someone intentionally misleading us all, how do they able to do this so undetected and what do they want to gain. Because from my point of view we are all capable of doing all this magic and rituals to engineer our-self to be advanced beings. Can we say No one should be ordered around by anyone anywhere just in terms of say for example, working for someone or needing favors … One can just do magic and get all they need.
  5. Lastly but not least, Are we something like Servitors spirits because If we are spiritual beings why are we so easy to full always we must read or learn to know something. Cant we know thing or have knowledge naturally.
  6. If I am not interested in mixing myself with daily survival say doing spells and rituals, what would straight way or method to divinity or immortality be.

I hope you guys assist. Thanks.

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1.Why is anything stuck anywhere? I’m certain that there are similar beings that are in the same position as us, asserting the same question.

2.Possibly, although I must add that everyone has the potential to utilize magick, even if they aren’t blatantly aware of it.

3-4. Ah, philosophies greatest conundrum! Why are we here, and what’s the purpose and meaning of it all? I suppose depending on who you talk the answer will vary greatly based off perspective. Ultimately, we’ll never truly know until the end. One might even say, it is better to find/create your own. (existentialism)

5.Well, technically we do retain some knowledge instilled in our genetics including certain responses/behaviors/instincts that we emit in our daily lives. However, I am a firm believer no one is truly omnipotent including a plethora of hailed spirits- but that is my personal belief. Either way even if the possibility were there, where would be the fun in that?

6.I’m not entirely sure how to process this question.

1.I dont think no one is doing spells every single fucking day to survive.

2.And you are one of those give everything to me types arent you Mr. Straight Way To Immortality?

No man I would not say I am give everything to me types of person. I believe that if one attain Immortality, one would be more advanced and doing spells and rituals might not be necessary. For me that would be cool. Or is time meant to be spent first with learning and you can achieve Immortality. I just have a feeling that there should be some backdoor or hacks.

Yeah, so is how it should be to do spells frequently. Cant we have something like doing a once off spell for good.

I mean if you were powerful enough it would not be necessary to work to survive.

I dont think so honestly, magick isnt a true reality hack that everything can be fixed at once,same with immortality, but if you bump into this hypotetical door let me know.

I mean is there one thing (spell, ritual or summoning) that could take one straight to immortality than going through like stages as in like step by step learning. Bearing in mind that we know and believe that spell, ritual or summoning do work and can be used to achieve anything.

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Nope. Just get good at energy work. That is all you really need to become immortal. If you can get good at trying new breathing patterns, that would help a lot as well.

Yeah, Is there one thing (spell, ritual or summoning) that could take one straight to immortality than going through like stages as in like step by step learning. Bearing in mind that we know and believe that spell, ritual or summoning do work and can be used to achieve anything.

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it can depending on how much power is in your ritual.

I remember there is one ritual like that in Onmyodo, but I dont remember whats the name of it.

OK note, That is giving some sense of direction. With many secrets, I have a gut-feel that there must be one something out there man.

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Try evoking 1000000 very powerful spirits all in one ritual who are willing to do energy work for you.

Cool man , will definitely do. Thanks for your input.

Yeah, I am hoping to get that ritual and I hope its simple to do.

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That sound more like it. Will try because I definitely have to find it. I know its there man.

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Yeah, That’s exactly what I need to know. Who decided all this. Or are we just another thought form spirits and we do not know created by someone.

Human beings are not “Stuck Here”, this is the environment you created and you currently thrive in. If your not thriving, something needs to change on your part. Magick works in harmony with will and intention but requires a deep understanding of self and that of everything around you.

Well basically dads sperm and moms egg mixed and created YOU. The beliefs you hold are your own, no one forces you to worship them or obey them unless your consenting. I am certainly not ignorant or weak. I am aware of who I am and what I am and how I fit in to the big picture and the life I have is my own and I am happy with it. It’s a difficult place to find and it sound like you started the process.

This question I don’t understand. The first part of your question is an assumption followed by a swift judgement. How are you feeling mislead? You make the choices so ultimately you allow it to happen. I like the human nature you so glowingly reveal :slight_smile: The LHP is just as equally misleading if you let it, full of unproven theories, assumptions, enemies but it also has an opportunity for deeper understanding, untapped power, knowledge of self, it’s all very personal and experiential but in the end its up to you.

Kind of a repeat, but all up to you. Survive and Thrive. You cannot escape the journey. Every moment is your choice, your design.

Then I would challenge you to start a company, work for yourself. Fulfilling your own needs requires favors from no one, but all relationships are built on give and take for them to work.

Yes some do and some don’t. If you did, you would know it. Not to point fingers but there are many on here that claim to be gods or divine in nature and if you read their posts, they still require help, validation, information which just red flags me every time I read them.

Your looking for the shortcut, put in the time, do the work, build yourself with knowledge and you will figure it out. If anyone here knew the answer to that question you would be worshipping them already LOL It’s human nature. But, if someone did know, what makes you think your ready for that knowledge, most are not.

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Nope it created your body. Not you